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Case Study No. 0910: Ben Chambers

Librarian and Ballet-loving Benny Tackles the Gigantic Qualifier - Winter Wipeout - BBC One
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Will Bolshoi Benny ballet his way past Granny's House on the Qualifier?
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[contestant Ben Chambers and co-host Amanda Byram are dancing in front of the camera]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] This is dance! This is Byram! And this is the show's choreographer ... Benny, a librarian from Hackney.
[the red-headed male librarian (wearing tights) does the splits, as "comical" fart sound effects are played]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Wow, that's really good ... Bravo! I've seen "Phantom" and I actually think this is better!
[he finishes with an awkward backwards roll, as Amanda covers her eyes]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Yeah, okay, I admit ... The end needs a bit of work. There, peters out a bit.
[cut to Benny running the show's obstacle course]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Back to the competition. Bolshoi Benny takes on Granny's House ... So graceful. So dainty. Nice toes.
[he runs past a cardboard cutout of an old-fashioned house, when he slips and falls on his face]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] I believe that was a swan dive ... Naughty toes.
[he gets back up, but a swinging door knocks him off the course and into the water below]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh, that's just gone all wrong there, he just fell in.
[the replay shows Benny vaulting over the fake dog in front of the house, before running into the door]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Benny jumps over Teves, makes a bit of a mess of that ... Bolshoi won't be happy.
[cut to Benny at the next stage of the obstacle course, where the contestant must run across a set of giant rubber spheres to get to the other side]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Bolshoi Benny, Big Balls ... Time for a grand jete.
[Benny bounces off the first Big Ball, slips, hits his head on the third Big Ball, then falls into the water below]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh no! Oh!
[cut to Amanda standing near the pool, speaking directly to the camera]
AMANDA BYRAM: He's in Swan Lake!
[cut to a replay of Benny falling]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Yeah, I think you'll find this is more of a Nut Cracker ...
[cut to Benny preparing to run the Log Jam, where the contestant must make his way across a number of unstable platforms]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] It's time for the final act ...
[he attempts to vault over a blockade to get onto the first platform, and nearly falls]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh, Benny tried some sort of complicated move there ...
[cut to a replay of the move]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Didn't really pull it off ... unless he meant that. Doubt it.
[cut to Benny attempting to move onto the second platform, as the camera zooms in on Amanda watching from the sidelines]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Even the toast rack's a ballet critic ...
AMANDA BYRAM: Oh, look at him pirouette his way to the finish line!
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] So Bolshoi Benny begins the glorious transformation from ugly duckling ...
[he makes it to the second platform, which begins wildly vibrating]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] To beautiful swan!
[he holds on desperately to keep from falling off]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] Oh, that is beautiful. It's ... the elegance! Oh, the grace!
AMANDA BYRAM: Oh, it's all very Bolshoi!
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] There we go ... Any moment now. Are we ready? It's gonna be big, it's gonna be quite a finish.
[the platform finally succeeds in knocking him off and into the water]
RICHARD HAMMOND: [in voice over] It's ... Oh, maybe not.
[cut to Benny, soaking wet, speaking directly to the camera]
BEN CHAMBERS: Well, I'm glad to see that I haven't got mud on me shoes, anyway ... Haven't got any mud on my white tights!



Total Wipeout is a British game show, hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram, which first aired on 3 January 2009. Each week, 20 contestants compete in a series of challenges in an attempt to win 10,000 pounds. These challenges are based in large pools of water or mud and generally involve large assault courses that participants must cross.

A winter series, called Winter Wipeout started on 17 December 2011 still hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram. The brand new series introduces a brand-new snow-covered course, with winter-themed obstacles and seasonal challenges. The new series does include two celebrity specials, plus a Winter Wipeout final at the series' climax.



"Winter Wipeout"
Episode 4 (First broadcast: 07 Jan 2012)

Can Hackney librarian Bolshoi Benny ballet his way over the Big Red Balls in his quest for Qualifier domination or will Granny knock him over at her house before he even gets there?

Presenter ... Richard Hammond

Presenter ... Amanda Byram

Participant ... Ben Chambers

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