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Case Study No. 0901: Unnamed Female Librarian (Desperate Housewives)

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[scene opens in the Fairview Public Library, as Julie is sitting at a table reading a book (while an elderly female librarian pushes a book cart behind her) when her cellphone rings]
JULIE: Hello?
[cut to Susan sitting in her car, speaking into her cellphone]
SUSAN: Hi, it's your mother. Am I interrupting anything?
[cut back to the library (as the librarian is reshelving some books in the background)]
JULIE: Nope, I'm just at the library.
[cut back to Susan, as she rolls her eyes]
SUSAN: Oh, really? The library!
[cut back to the library, as Julie looks at her copy of "Pride and Prejudice"]
JULIE: Yeah, I thought I'd dive into an old favorite.
[cut back to Susan (who believes that her daughter is really with her old boyfriend Nick]
SUSAN: And vice versa, I'm sure ...
[cut back to the library]
SUSAN: [from off camera] Honey, I don't blame you.
[cut back to Susan]
SUSAN: You've gone back to that place because it seems ... safe and comforting, am I right?
[cut back to the library, as Julie looks around with a confused look on her face]
JULIE: I guess.
[cut back to Susan]
SUSAN: But trust me, it's a bad idea!
[cut back to the library]
JULIE: Can we talk about this later? I only have an hour, and I really wanna finish.
[cut back to Susan, as she has a shocked look on her face]
SUSAN: Okay, I want you out of there right now!
[cut back to the library]
JULIE: Mom, I'll see you soon ...
[she hangs up]


From zap2it.com:

"Desperate Housewives" (Season 6, Episode 9) - "Would I Think of Suicide?"

The death of Emily, the waitress from last week, has all of Fairview in a tizzy and the residents of Wisteria Lane even more unnerved since it has to be the same person who got to Julie. During a get together, the women (plus the neighbor responsible for trashing Angie's yard) all discuss taking self defense classes. Susan asks if Julie wants in on taking the classes and Julie states that if someone wants to get you then they will; her example being she was only taking out the trash and got attacked doing that.

Susan tries to get Julie to talk to the police about her relationship with Nic Bolen, but Julie doesn't budge. She defends Nic again saying that he wouldn't hurt a fly and that it wouldn't make sense to hurt her then try to get back with her. Julie must have not seen just about every Lifetime movie known to man. Anyway, Susan asks Julie is back in with Nic and Julie says no, but if she was then it wouldn't be any of Susan's business. Ouch...

Later, Julie is so nervous about the recent murder that she accepts when Karl switches cars with her so she can go to the library.

Susan drives by a hotel and sees Julie's car, thinking it is Julie shacking up with Nic. Susan immediately picks up the phone and calls Julie, who is actually at the library reading. Susan thinks Julie is lying, but Julie doesn't have time for Susan's shenanigans and hangs up. Susan takes matters into her own hand. When she goes and asks the maid if she saw the woman who owns that car, the maid points her to the right room. There is a funny exchange when Susan says that the woman in the room with the man is her daughter and the maid balks. HA!

But Susan doesn't get to have a "hee-hee" moment when she spots Bree and Karl about to go at it like a groupie and a rock star in heat. She is shocked and runs away.

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