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Case Study No. 0902: Jon the Librarian

Friends OR Benefits - Donald & Jon the Librarian
"Friends OR Benefits" is a sketch series about a 'Speed Friending and/or Dating' service for the lonely, desperate and delusional, by Wood Sugars.See all 'Friens OR Bens' episodes on our youtube playlist here: http://bit.ly/ WS-FOB

This episode stars comedian Lisa Laureta http://www.lisalaureta.com & Wolfgang Stein http://steintime.tumblr.com/.
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Wood Sugars Comedy presents
Friends Or Benefits

[scene opens with two men sitting at a table facing each other]
DONALD: So, it's been hard since I lost my stepson ... or, misplaced him.
[the other man (wearing glasses, a bowtie, and holding a sign in front of him reading "Libraries Yes eplfriends dot org" stares at him blankly]
JON: I'm a ... I'm a librarian right now, but I-I'm actually just an assistant librarian. I, but I say "librarian" just because it's easier for people to know.
DONALD: There's room to grow ...
JON: Yeah, and I'm also a self-realized bisexual, so ... there's that, and then I've also realized that I'm--
DONALD: Wuh, what--
JON: Illiterate, I couldn't read until I was--
DONALD: Um ...
JON: I'm like--
DONALD: The thing is, I'm looking for a friend that can, like ... read.
JON: Oh, you're just looking for a friend?
[he pauses, then holds up his sign]
JON: I can read! So this is, uh, this is where I work. And it says ...
[he struggles to read the first word]
JON: "Li--"
DONALD: No, I can read.
JON: "Li ... brar"--
DONALD: It's "Libraries."
JON: "Brah!" "Li-brah" ... "Rise."
DONALD: Just "Libraries" ...
[Jon stops and smiles]
DONALD: Yeah, so books! Man, what have I read lately? A lot of stuff online. Uh, the Huffington Post--
JON: Yeah, okay.
DONALD: It's kind of like a book.
JON: Some people don't know, yeah, what they read. It's a lotta ... That's questions. That's a lotta questions. Uh, I'm illiterate, so I'm working my way up, and now I'm on a lot of Richard Scarry books.
DONALD: Well, I'd love to read those with you someday.
JON: Oh ...
DONALD: Not anytime soon, though.
JON: Thank you.
DONALD: Looking for a more stable friend ... who can read.

Donald - Dnny Rodriguez
Jon - Wolfgang Stein

Film by Eliaz Rodriguez of Wood Sugars
Music by Kyle B. Brauch

Wood Sugars thanks
Chris McCarthy at The Original Mother's
Matt Kubinski

Find more "Friens OR Bens" Episodes at
WoodSugars dot com

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