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Case Study No. 0911: Unnamed Male Librarian (Reading Increases the Imagination)

funny library comercial
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[scene opens with a young male patron entering the public library, then cut to inside the library as he walks up to a young male librarian sitting at the front desk]
PATRON: You got any World War One books?
[the librarian points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, right over on that side.
[he leaves, then cut to the patron walking through the stacks until he stops and grabs a copy of "The Great War 1914-1918"]
[cut to the patron sitting down at a table as he begins to read the book, when the faint sounds of gunfire can suddenly be heard (even though nearby patrons do not react as if they hear anything)]
[the patron looks around nervously, when the scene suddenly changes to an open trench as the patron (now dressed as a WWI soldier) is yelling out orders while under enemy fire]
PATRON: Incoming! Come on, let's go! Go go go! Incoming!
[the patron grabs a rifle, as enemy soldiers begin jumping into the trench]
PATRON: Let's go! Let's go! Take cover!
[an explosion knocks him to the ground, as the scene suddenly changes back to the library (where the patron has fallen out of his chair while everyone else is staring at him on the floor)]
PATRON: Man down! We got a man down! Cover me!
[the patron gets up and runs down the aisle, where he takes "cover" by diving behind some sofa chairs]
[cut to the patron slowly peeking his head out from behind one of the sofa chairs, as "Reading Increases the Imagination" appears on screen]
[the patron ducks his head back down, as "www dot ocpl dot org" appears on screen]



Reading Increases the Imagination
Edited by Spencer Okonski

A commercial i made for OC library!

twitter dot com slash OkonskiFilms
youtube dot com slash user slash thejugglerrr

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