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Case Study No. 0899: Sheldon

"I'm Here" 2010 a short film by Spike Jonze FULL
I'm Here is a 2010 sci-fi romance short film written and directed by Spike Jonze... wiki/ Spike_Jonze

a remarkable short film...a love story in an absolut world...
really worth to watch...

A library assistant plods through an ordinary life in LA until a chance meeting opens his eyes to a the power of creativity and ultimately, love. When this new life and love begin to fall apart, he discovers he has a lot to give. This short film proves that ordinary is no place to be...
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A 30-minute robot love story directed by Spike Jonze of "Where The Wild Things Are" fame is to be screened online next month.

Financed by Absolut Vodka, "I'm Here" follows a male librarian robot as he discovers a new lease of life thanks to a rather spirited (ha ha) robot lady.

The short premiered at the Sundance Film festival but will be available to a wider audience thanks to a web premiere next month. Film fans can sign up for a ticket via the "I'm Here" website.

"It was a pretty incredible opportunity," says Jonze. "They [Absolut] didn't give me any requirements to make a movie that had anything to do with vodka. They just wanted me to make something that was important to me, and let my imagination take me wherever I wanted. I got to make my first love story. It's about the relationship between two robots living in Los Angeles."



I'm Here is a 2010 sci-fi romance short film written and directed by Spike Jonze. The film is a love story about two robots living in a Los Angeles where humans and robots coexist. The plot is based on The Giving Tree, and the main character is named after Shel Silverstein.

The film was funded by and is a promotion for Absolut Vodka, featuring the tagline 'A Love Story In An Absolut World' on the poster. Music from the band Sleigh Bells is prominently featured. The film made its debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Sheldon (Andrew Garfield) rides the bus home from work in Los Angeles, alongside other robots as well as humans. He is a square angular robot with a head shaped like an old PC tower, and appears depressed as he stares out the window and sees a robot construction worker using a jackhammer, a robot mechanic fixing the motor in a car, and a car accident involving a human driver and a robot (who is shattered in piece in the middle of the road as the human policeman carelessly trips over him).

He enters his apartment building, saying hello to his robot neighbors and asking "How was work today?" (they wave but don't answer), before entering his own apartment. Inside, he drums his fingers on a counter, observing the sparse interior. Then he recharges by plugging himself into an outlet on the wall (as he sits silently on the couch and stares forlornly at the floor).

The next day, he is shown working in the public library, as human patrons quietly read while he pushes a cart and shelves books (he does not look very happy with his job).

As he waits for the bus at the end of the work day, he sees Francesca (Sienna Guillory) driving a car; she has human hair, and her form features a more curved and circular design, as her face and body have the shape and color of an Apple product (sleek and newer-looking than his gray and weathered PC resemblance). She's laughing at something on the radio, and he makes eye contact with her, but a human woman standing next to him at the bus stop reprimands Francesca for driving a car.

Lady at Bus Stop: You can't drive a car! You're not supposed to drive a car!
Francesca: What?
Lady at Bus Stop: You can't drive a car! You're not allowed to drive cars!
Francesca: [smiles at her] I beg your pardon?
Lady at Bus Stop: Get outta that car!
Francesca: [turns up her radio] What?
Lady at Bus Stop: You know you can't be driving a car!
Francesca: [speeds away]
Lady at Bus Stop: [turns to Sheldon] She can't drive a car!
Sheldon: Yes ma'am, you're right.
Lady at Bus Stop: And you! You can't drive a car either!
Sheldon: You're, you're right.

Sheldon smiles, then is shown riding the bus home (with a distant look on his face) and also the next day shelving books at the library (still thinking about Francesca) when he looks out the window and sees an airplane flying overhead (he starts making noises with his mouth like a plane taking off). That night, he's lying in bed charging up, when he starts tapping his feet together.

The next day he's waiting at the bus stop when he sees Francesca once more, this time with a car full of passengers. One of them looks at Sheldon and says "Hey Francesca, it's your new boyfriend!" She starts to drive away, then turns the car around and convinces Sheldon to let her give him a ride home.

Annie: Hey! Where's the party, brah?
Sheldon: Wh-what?
Annie: Where's your party?
Sheldon: What, what party?
Annie: The party where you're gonna invite your pants down to meet your feet.
Sheldon: [looks down at his pants] Oh, yeah. Yeah, they're, they're pretty short, right?
Annie: C'mere!
Sheldon: Um, okay.
Jack: Oh, you wanted to come for a ride?
Sheldon: What?
Jack: There's room.
Annie: Yeah, he really wants to.
Jack: Come on in.
Sheldon: No no no. You, um, you called me over so ... I'm just waiting for the bus.
Annie: Bus.
Francesca: I think the bus driver likes him, I mean it stops right here.
Annie: Right at "Guy Who Thinks He's Hot" corner ...
Sheldon: [laughing] What?
Francesca: Shut up, you guys ... Come on, we'll give you a ride home.
Sheldon: Okay.

The group (two female robots, one male robot, one shirtless male human) taking a liking to Sheldon; one asks if he's ever been to the ocean ("I used to work near there"), while Annie says that she "kinda likes his face." Then the human (who seems intoxicated) lights a match against the side of Sheldon's face.

They end up at a shopping mall, hanging out in the parking lot. Francesca and Sheldon walk off together, as she sticks a piece of paper over the "E" on an "Exit" sign (the paper has a drawing of long hair and eyebrows with the words "I'm here").

Sheldon: What is that?
Francesca: What do you mean?
Sheldon: What does that mean?
Francesca: [laughing] What? "I'm here," that's all.
Sheldon: Did you make that?
Francesca: Yeah. Made it at work. Y'know, when no one's looking.
Sheldon: Wow.
Francesca: [sticks another piece of paper on a palm tree]
Sheldon: You're really cool.

She laughs and starts to dance around, but falls off the ledge next to the palm tree, injuring her knee. Sheldon repairs her knee with his toolkit ("I have over 1300 spare parts that I found and refurbished"), then they listen to "There Are Many of Us" by The Lost Trees on her car radio.

The next day, Sheldon is in a much better mood while working in the library; he tells one human patron "Just gimmee a shout if you need any help, I'm Sheldon!" while pushing his bookcart, then turns to another human and says "Morning sir, beautiful day!" They don't really react, but it doesn't dampen his spirit, as he takes a book off the cart and flips it behind his back before reshelving it.

Francesca is then shown picking up Sheldon in her car in front of the library after work. They begin to date. At night, they sleep together, sharing the same recharging cable. Francesca tells Sheldon about her dreams, which he thought was clearly impossible for robots.

Sheldon: [plugs cable in the back of her head] Is that, is that okay?
Francesca: Yeah.
Sheldon: Am I doing it right?
Francesca: It's perfect.
Sheldon: [lies down in bed and holds her hand]
Francesca: What do you dream about?
Sheldon: What do you mean? We can't dream.
Francesca: Course you can. You just make it up. I had the scariest dream last night. I was trying to get away, and these plants, they were attacking me. They were chasing me. It was so scary. And the vines were like grabbing at me, and they were trying to kill me, and they were like pulling me down into the ground. They were trying to tear me apart, and right before I died, I woke up.
Sheldon: Oh. You're a good dreamer.

Francesca takes Sheldon to his first rock concert, and he places a bunch of her "I'm here" stickers on top of his head in the shape of a mohawk. At the club, they begin to dance to The Lost Trees' "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal", but she gets separated in the crowd and he eventually finds her with her left arm missing. He brings her out of harm's way to a secluded stairwell, then goes back to retrieve the arm but finds it smashed and stepped on on the floor. Sheldon ends up fixing it by removing his own arm and transplanting it onto her body.

Later, Francesca drives Sheldon to the library, then he takes the bus home and finds that she has created a panorama of life-sized mice made out of papier-mache in his apartment (lying in his bed, sitting on his couch, etc.), with a note reading "Be back soon."

He waits for her until very late at night, then hears her stumbling around in the hallway outside. He opens the door, and discovers that she had an accident and is now missing her right leg. Sheldon transplants his leg, despite Francesca's protests, telling her that he had a dream about it.

Francesca: No, do not do that!
Sheldon: I'm gonna do it!
Francesca: No! Do not do that!
Sheldon: I'm gonna do it!
Francesca: I'm not asking for this!
Sheldon: I don't care.
Francesca: Don't I have a choice?
Sheldon: No you don't, because I had a dream last night. And in my dream, you needed a leg. And everyone in the world was trying to give you their leg, but I really wanted you to have mine. And in my dream, you picked my leg. You made me so happy. And it was the best dream in the history of dreams.

The next day, Francesca (with Sheldon's leg) helps him out of her car, as he has to hop into work using a crutch. They then have a party in Sheldon's apartment with all of their friends, including a magic show.

However, Sheldon is shown waiting in front of the library for his ride from Francesca the next day. She never comes, so he ends up taking the bus. He gets home, then receives a phone call summoning him to the hospital, where he finds Francesca torn in two on an operating table. Sheldon ends up donating the rest of his body to her, leaving only his still functioning head.

Francesca is discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, cradling what remains of Sheldon in her lap. They smile and look out towards the setting sun.

Cast and Crew
Written and Directed by Spike Jonze

Produced by Vincent Landay

Executive Producers
Mark Figliulo
Matt Bijarchi
David Zander

Director of Photography
Adam Kimmel

Eric Zumbrunnen
Stephen Berger

Production Designer
Floyd Albee

Starring Andrew Garfield and Sienna Guillory

Casting by Justine Baddeley & Kim Davis-Wagner

Costume Designer
Casey Storm

Robot Designer
Sonny Gerasimowicz

Sound Designer
Ren Klyce

Original Score by Sam Spiegel

"There Are Many of Us" by Aska Matsumiya

The Lost Trees music
Produced by Nick Zinner

Visual Effects Supervisor
Ben Gibbs

Visual Effects by Method Studios

Cast (in order of appearance)

Andrew Garfield

Robot Neighbor
Lyle Kanouse

Lady at Bus Stop
Nancy Munoz

Sienna Guillory

Annie Hardy

Daniel London

Michael Berry

The Lost Trees Band
Aska Matsumiya
David Kramer
Nathan Johnson
Jason Barclay

Christopher Wonder

Richard Penn

Quinn Sullivan

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