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Case Study No. 0935: Frieda Joubert, a White Woman

STATEMENTS "After an arrest under the immorality act"
I recently worked as editor and camera operator along with Calum Milne (Sound Engineer and Director) to help make a short Promo clip for the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa.

Athol Fugard's 1972 provocative landmark play STATEMENTS "After an arrest under the immorality act" Is on at the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa from 24 Jan 2012 to 11 Feb 2012.
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[a clip from the play is shown (where the naked actors are lying in darkness on the floor of the library as flashbulbs sporadically illuminate the scene), then cut to a man ("Director, Kim Kerfoot") speaking directly to the camera]
KIM KERFOOT: The thing about this play, which is fantastic, is ... um, it really shows how th-the system was internalized by the people living under it, and kind of the sytem of denial and the political system and all those structures around them that were imposed on them were taken inside them as well. And it, y'know, comes up in the discussion between the characters and how they relate to each other was very lucky with my cast. Two very experienced, talented actors. Bo Petersen and Jeroen Kranenburg, and a younger but also very talented actor, Malefane Mosuhli.
[cut to a woman ("Actor, Bo Petersen") speaking directly to the camera]
BO PETERSEN: It's, in some ways, one of the ... the most demanding roles I've ever done. Not in that it's difficult to access the character, but I often feel that we are carrying the ghosts of the pain of people. And so emotionally, it's really exhausting.
[cut to Bo being joined by a man ("Actor, Malefane Mosuhli"), who is speaking directly to the camera]
MALEFANE MOSUHLI: They are basically, y'know, the standing pillar against all that is happening, and they've got each other. They've got nothing more, they've got no clothes on. They are literally on the floor, by themselves, together.
[cut to another man ("Actor, Jeroen Kranenburg") speaking directly to the camera]
JEROEN KRANENBURG: It's an exciting piece of theater. It's got wonderful serial elements in it, and the dialogue is brilliant. Um, and the way that it moves through all the escapes of thought is stunning.
[cut back to Malefane speaking directly to the camera]
MALEFANE MOSUHLI: So yeah, I mean, apart from the politics and all that ... um, the love story is really what's so beautiful about it.
["24 Jan - 11 Feb 2012 Fugard Theatre" appears on screen, as the scene fades to black]



Statements after an Arrest under the Immorality Act
A: Athol Fugard
G: Drama in 1 act; prose and free verse
S: Library and other locations, South African town, 1966
C: 2m, 1f

'A Coloured Man' (Errol Philander), a married school principal from the local black township, is lying naked on the floor of the library with 'a White Woman' (Frieda Joubert), a librarian six years older than him.

Their love is threatened not only by the fear of being discovered breaking the law forbidding sex between blacks and whites but also by the tensions between them, owing to the suffering of the black citizens especially during a period of drought. A white neighbour reports her suspicions to the authorities, and two police arrive with torches and a camera with flashbulbs.

Panicked by being discovered, the Woman gabbles an incoherent explanation, while the Man desperately pretends that he has come with a formal request for water for his family. Lit only by the torches, the Woman describes how they became lovers.

Finally, the Man describes in verse how his arrest has dispossessed him of everything: 'there is only the emptiness left'.

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