Monday, January 6, 2014

Case Study No. 1153: Lilith

?Lilith Tribute? YamiToBoushi?Fever?
Primer video yuri!!

Siempre senti una cierta simpatia por Lilith (Me caia bien a pesar de ser un poco golfa xD) asi que decidi hacer el primero de Lilith! :D

Anime: Yami To Boushi No Hon To Tabibito
Cancion: Fever (Cascada)

Ni la cancion , ni las imagenes , ni las escenas del anime me pertenecen , solo hice el video ^.^ Muchísimas gracias por ver , voten y comenten =)
Hare mas videos y mejores ok? xD
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"Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito", possibly translated as "Darkness, the Hat, and the Travelers of the Books." This is a non-adult, thirteen episode anime series released by Root and Studio Deen in 2003. The story follows the travels of Hazuki Azuma, a tall, brooding high-school girl, as she searches for her adopted older sister and love interest, Hatsumi, in many different "book worlds". After the disappearance of her sister, a talking parakeet nicknamed Ken-chan introduces Hazuki to Lilith, the caretaker of the Great Library. Each book in the library contains a different world, and the guardian of the library takes on the title Yami.

Lilith (Sanae Kobayashi) is the guardian of the library. She is the third Yami, after Adam, the creator of all the worlds, and Eve. In the anime, Lilith is attracted to Hazuki and flirts relentlessly, though she is always turned down. Lilith appears to dislike Eve and have interest only in her own ends, but her kind and vulnerable sides are sometimes shown, especially when she encounters children in trouble; adults do not seem to move her to compassion as much. Her more childish mannerisms are fairly constant, but Lilith sometimes shows considerable wisdom and knowledge. She claims that Eve left the duty of being Yami and went off to play in the book worlds, and so she wants to find Eve and return her to the library.

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