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Case Study No. 1152: Mr. Davis

Fun At the Library
Me and my friends are trying to annoy our librarian. We tried Talking unecessarily loudly on rosetta stone, applauding for no reason, singing happy birthday to random people, laughing, listening to music, dancing and having fun! None of these things worked! LOL! Comment and tell us what you think might have made him mad!(Nothing too extreme please!)
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["A Failed attempt to annoy the librarian" appears on screen, then the scene opens with four teenage girls sitting in their school library (wearing headphones and typing at the computer terminals), as one of them is filming with a handheld camera]
GIRL 1: Huh?
MR. DAVIS: [from off camera] Don't cover up your mouthpiece when you're talking.
GIRL 1: Oh!
[they all laugh loudly]
GIRL 1: I was putting it in place and talking at the same time!
GIRL 2: Wow, Savannah!
GIRL 3: Let's all give Savannah a big round of applause!
[they all clap loudly, as one starts snapping her fingers]
GIRL 1: Snap! I prefer snapping!
[they continue talking loudly, then cut to the girl with the camera taping the Spanish-language test on her computer terminal]
GIRL 4: Treinta y ocho! Cuarenta y cinco!
["Talking really loudly on rosetta stone ... " appears on screen]
GIRL 4: Cuarenta y siete! Cuarenta y cuatro! Cuarenta y nueve!
[she turns to the girl sitting next to her]
GIRL 4: [whispers] Come on ...
[she focuses the camera on her]
GIRL 4: Cuarenta y seis!
GIRL 2: I love this online game!
GIRL 1: Oh yeah, I got it right!
MR. DAVIS: [from off camera] Vannah ...
GIRL 1: What?
MR. DAVIS: [from off camera] I told you if you do that, you do it quietly.
GIRL 1: Oh!
MR. DAVIS: [from off camera] I shouldn't be hearing you ...
[the girl focuses the camera on the young male librarian at the back of the room (who is lifting a small dumbbell in his right hand)]
GIRL 4: Savannah!
GIRL 1: Did he say something? I can't hear him with my Spanish going on!
["She's actually listening to music!" appears on screen]
GIRL 4: Mister Davis is lifting weights!
GIRL 1: Oh, he is? He's such a muscle man!
[they all laugh loudly]
GIRL 1: Mister Davis, I'm so jealous that you can do that! That's like ... I wanna be able to do that!
MR. DAVIS: [from off camera] After a certain age, you lose muscle every single year ... like, three percent of your muscles. When you're old, you have to do this.
GIRL 1: I wish I could do that!
[the camera focuses back on her computer screen]
GIRL 4: Cuarenta y nueve! Cuarenta y ocho!
["Some Background music to occupy you ... " appears on screen, as Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart" plays over the footage, while the girls continue to talk loudly]
GIRL 4: Cuarenta y quatro!
GIRL 2: [singing] Happy birthday!
GIRL 4: Cuarenta y cinco!
[they continue talking, as "Don't worry ... almost done ... " appears on screen, then the other girl takes the camera and points it at her screen]
["Hey! Lil Guzzy! Give me back the camera!" appears on screen]
GIRL 4: [whispers] Turn it down!
[she takes it back, then the other girl hands her her headphones (playing Taio Cruz's "Dynamite")]
["Oh yeah ... listening to some music ... " appears on screen]
[she takes them back, then cut to another shot of her computer screen]
GIRL 4: Me ... Me habla espanol!

Lil Guzzie!
Zen Master!
Mr. D!
and behind the camera is ... Yoshi!

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