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Case Study No. 1172: Mary and Judy Burkhard

Party Girl TV Show Introduction
TV intro to the short-lived TV series 'Party Girl' which was based on the movie of the same name. The TV series starred Christine Taylor and Swoosie Kurtz. Enjoy!

(C)1996 20th Century Fox
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From wikipedia.org:

Party Girl is an American sitcom based on the 1995 film of the same name that aired on Fox in September 1996. The series stars Christine Taylor, Swoosie Kurtz, and John Cameron Mitchell.

Christine Taylor stars as Mary, a girl whose mother has died leaving her to find herself in the clubs and parties of New York City. She is finally given a chance to prove herself thanks to Godmother Judy (Kurtz), who hires her to work in a library.

Marketing of the series centered around Taylor's recent popularity for her portrayal of Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie. One television commercial featured a parody of the opening/closing credits of The Brady Bunch, but Taylor appeared (as Mary) in each box. Although six episodes were filmed (with a seventh one already planned), only four were aired and the show was quickly cancelled.

* Christine Taylor ... Mary
* Swoosie Kurtz ... Judy Burkhard
* John Cameron Mitchell ... Derrick
* Merrin Dungey ... Wanda
* Matt Borlenghi ... Oneal


From tv.com:

The half-hour comedy inspired by last year's independent feature film of the same name stars Christine Taylor as Mary, the toast of the New York party scene. There is only one place in the city where Mary feels she seems to be out of her element - The New York Public Library, where she works. Tormented by her godmother and boss, Judy, Mary is challenged to master the madness of the Dewey decimal system. With the help of friends, and in spite of her bitter, disgruntled co-worker, Wanda, Mary sets out to conquer all.

S 1 : Ep 1 (Pilot) Aired 9/9/96
S 1 : Ep 2 (Virgin Mary) Aired 9/16/96
S 1 : Ep 3 (Just Say No) Aired 9/23/96
S 1 : Ep 4 (A Charming Tale) Aired 9/30/96
S 1 : Ep 5 (Art History)
S 1 : Ep 6 (The Falafel Guy)


From avclub.com:

Party Girl (1996)
In spite of the heat Daisy von Scherler Mayer's feature-length directorial debut Party Girl generated at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival, the subsequent TV version seemingly ached to sell itself on the merits of other films. Promos for the show touted the minor splash Parker Posey surrogate Christine Taylor made in The Brady Bunch Movie, while the series' intro sequence dolled up its librarian-by-day, downtown-scenester-by-night protagonist in Holly Golightly drag. Given the way the series busied itself with providing a social life for Taylor's mother-figure/boss (Swoosie Kurtz, replacing Sasha von Scherler) and whittled the movie's cast of colorful cool kids down to man-eater Derrick (a pre-Hedwig And The Angry Inch John Cameron Mitchell), the small-screen Party Girl is an extension of Mayer's film in name and premise only.


From nytimes.com:

Whatever anyone imagines about young partygoers in downtown Manhattan, one thing's for sure: they don't come with a hokey Hollywood laugh track. ''Party Girl'' is a sometimes appealing but sanitized sitcom about Mary, party creature by night, library clerk by day. The relentless laugh track is the first clue that the series has more to do with Hollywood than SoHo.

The show (which begins tonight on Fox), is based on a small independent film of the same name, which was never terribly daring to begin with. Any sharpness has been smoothed away for television. Mary and her friends talk endlessly about drinking, but never get drunk; they make knowing references to long-ago loss of virginity, but never seem to have sex. ''Party Girl'' is as sweetly innocent as ''Clueless,'' the film that seems to provide its true inspiration. (ABC's official spinoff, called ''Clueless,'' comes along next week.)

Mary is played with a good deal of charm by Christine Taylor (Marcia in the ''Brady Bunch'' movies), who even looks a bit like Alicia Silverstone in the film version of ''Clueless.'' The characters share a sense that a wardrobe can be an art form.

In tonight's episode, Mary goes to work for her godmother, Judy (Swoosie Kurtz), at a branch library, and has trouble learning the Dewey Decimal System.

''A trained monkey learned it on PBS in a matter of hours,'' Judy says impatiently.

''But you never hear about the monkeys who died trying,'' Mary says, in one of the show's better, fresher lines.

More often, Mary is surrounded by cliched characters. ''I'm tired of fabulous,'' says her friend Derrick (John Cameron Mitchell), a fashion stylist.

Next week's episode is better, suggesting the series has promise. Ms. Kurtz comes into her own as the librarian, with comic body language that reveals her lust for books. Mary gets stuck in a medieval chastity belt on exhibit at the library. All the sexual innuendo is handled in a clean-cut way. The show is most likely to appeal to very young teen-age girls, to whom Mary will seem older and more glamorous than life itself.


From people.com:

After six seasons of playing suburban matron Alex on NBC's Sisters, actress Swoosie Kurtz is cutting loose in Fox-TV's new comedy Party Girl, which premieres Sept. 9.

Kurtz's character Judy Burkhard is a New York City librarian "like you've never seen," says the actress, explaining Judy's uninhibited approach to life.

Kurtz, 52, vividly remembers her own introduction to New York City's main library, whose Fifth Avenue entrance is guarded by two resting stone lions.

"When I think of the library, I think of the old story that every time a virgin walks by, the lions stand up," she says. "Somebody told me that story when I was little, and I went to New York and I totally believed it."

The fictitious Burkhard would probably appreciate the old gag - more so, at least, than Kurtz's library faux pas of not returning books.

"You're bringing up my sordid past," says the actress. "I think I have one from Hollywood High School."

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