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Case Study No. 1212: Staff of the Ancient Library of Magic

Let's Play Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Bonus 1: The Diary of a Dead Man
He was married after all, Waka Waka.
I read the diary that is on the Head librarians desk back in the Library of Magic.
I also show something that i didn't know about before
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[scene opens in the Ancient Library of Magic, as the player walks up to a table with an open book]
KALAS: This is the journal of some former head librarian. It looks like someone's been flipping through lately. Do you want to read it, Player?
[the player selects "Sure"]
KALAS: It's divided into daily entries. Which day do you wanna read, Player?
[the player selects "Day O"]
DAY O: I'm the head librarian at the Library of Magic. I'm strict and I'm sensible, but I'm still a man. M, the receptionist who started working here the other day, is really cute. I can't possibly let my wife hear of this, but M just drives me wild. When I'm in front of M, I get tongue-tied and turn red, as if I was a young man again. It's as if a good thirty years has been shaved off this old body of mine. I've never been good at keeping secrets or hiding things - especially from my wife. I have to make sure she doesn't find out about my fascination with M. She usually has a keen sense of finding out these kinds of things on her own. Boy oh boy, I know that better than anyone.
[the player selects "Day S"]
DAY S: Am I that bad at hiding things? My wife has been giving me strange looks, and seems a little suspicious. But I don't think she knows anything yet. I finally mustered up the courage to ask M out to dinner. Luckily, I'm a well-educated man. Even an old man like myself, if intellectual, can be attractive to women. I'm sure glad my parents constantly urged me to study day and night.
[the player selects "Day W"]
DAY W: To get more intimate with M, I started sharing a journal with her. I wonder how long it's been since I shared a journal with someone. I'll just write "Falcon's Theorem by Magic Integration" on the title of the journal. If my wife was to find it, she'd probably take one look at the title, and leave it alone. She doesn't like difficult books.
[the player selects "Day M"]
DAY M: K, my brother-in-law and best friend, who works at the School of Magic, paid me a visit today. It had probably been about three months since we last got together. I met my wife through K. It's quite intellectually stimulating to talk the night away with someone who has a deep understanding of magic. He asked me to lend him some good books that he could give to his students, to hopefully spark an interest in reading. I consider myself a generous person - to just about anyone. I promised him he could help himself to any books he wants at any time, since I'm often too busy or unavailable to help him out. It's always a pleasure to do nice things for my brother-in-law.
[the player selects "Day Z"]
DAY Z: This is not good. This is very, very bad. Out of all the books in the library, why did he have to take "Falcon's Theorem by Magical Integration?!" I have to get it back! If K looks it over, there's no doubt that my wife will find out about M. This strict and sensible head librarian at the Library of Magic is exchanging intimate thoughts with a female coworker ... That's simply unacceptable. If the truth leaks out ... I-I will have to resign from my position. What if he lets his students get their little hands on it ... those little piranhas ... I'd be ruined! I'm too anxious to sleep!
[the player selects "Day X"]
KALAS: Nothing is written here.



The Ancient Library of Magic is a location found in the "Baten Kaitos" series of games for the Nintendo GameCube.

A sprawling building that houses many old tomes, some long forgotten. The library is no longer used, and as such has become inhabited by monsters of the undead variety. Strong seals protect the various rooms from invaders.

Role in Baten Kaitos Origins
Here Sagi can relieve a man of chronic stress and he gets so light he flies. Return later for an item. Besides this, it serves no other purpose in the game and the various halls are blocked off preventing Sagi from exploring more of the deserted building

Role in Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings
The library is teeming with demons and enemies. It is the site of the battle with Folon and the first place Kalas and company meet Savyna who saves them.



When the gang leaves the palace, a stranger will inform them of the Ancient Library of Magic, an old library that happens to be the home of a witch. Of course, the party listens to a complete stranger and recommends going there. Well, let's go!

Monsters: Skeleton Warrior, Cursed Spell Book, Cursed Grimoire
Magnus: Zeit Robe, Sforzando, Will O' Wisp Hat, Wave Blade, Kite Shield, Deluxe Shortcake, Falcon Statue, Scarlet Shell, Deluxe Cookies, Magnum Cornet, Silver Sword, Ruby Earrings, Deluxe Bonbon, Fruity Gelatin, Water Mirror Anklet, Taurus

OH YEAH, this place sucks! This place is a dump as if you couldn't already tell, and all of the enemies here are Dark-based. So you know what that means, right? Pack your decks with Light Magnus and set off. Open the chest near the counter for a Zeit Robe, then check the wall behind the counter to find a Geography Section Key.

All of the doors here are blocked off by keys, but at least we have one now! The Geography section is the door closest to the entrance, so take out the enemies and use the key on the force field.

Once inside, push the red bookcase to the left. Walk around it and hug the wall as you go around it. Push the next red bookcase down, but only as much as you need to get by to the left. Once on the left side of the room, walk up to find a chest containing a Will O' Wisp Hat. Go directly south in the corner to find a Philosophy Section Key.

The southern section right below the bookcase holds a chest with Sforzando. Once you have raided the chest, push the bookcase back up and go to the right. Inspect the bookcase to the right to find a Geography Book. Whoo. Now get out of the room and back to the entrance.

From the entrance to the library, go right and up the stairs. Take out the enemies and open the chest all the way to the right for a Wave Blade. Go in the first doorway on the right and inspect the bookcase when you enter. Kalas will knock the bookcase down. Argh. Walk around the tables and open the chest for a Kite Shield. Push the red bookcase to the right, then exit. Walk around again and collect the History Section Key.

Alright, now go back downstairs and head to the last locked room. Enter using the new key. Check the bookcase right above you when entering for a Deluxe Bonbon, then simply walk to the other side of the room. Inspect the bookcase in the southwest corner for a History Book. Open the two chests north of the bookcase for a Taurus Constellation Magnus and a Fruity Gelatin. Exit the room and head back upstairs.

Once in the hallway, go in the first room on the left. Once in, ignore the first locked door to your left. As you walk past the first table, inspect the bookcase for a Deluxe Shortcake. Continue to the northern part of the room and open the chest for a Falcon Statue. This is required to raise Xelha's class to level 4, so don't miss it!

When you try to enter the door to the north, the party will read a note on the door. It seems that the door will only open if various books are placed on the bookcases in this room. Well, we have a Geography Book, so lets start off with that. Inspect the bookcases around the room and they will explain which book goes where. Find the designated spot for the Geography Book and put it there.

Save at the red flower and go towards the left side of the room now. Push the bookcase out of the way and use the Philosophy Section Key on the door to enter the room. Climb up on the ladder to end up on top of the bookcases, then jump across to the other side of the room. Once on the other side, go up and open the chest for Deluxe Cookies. Now go down and head to the southern corner to reach the Literature Section Key.

Push the red bookcase down, then go up the nearby ladder and jump across it to reach the section in the bottom corner. Open the chest for a Magnum Cornet and check the shelf for a Philosophy Book. Backtrack through the room and exit.

Save once again and place the Philosophy Book in its designated spot. The Literature section is in the south section of this large hub room, so go there next. Open the door using the key and head on inside. First off, go straight ahead and check the bookcase for a Silver Sword.

Go up and around the bookcase to the left side of the room. Push the red bookcase down (not all the way down) and hug the left wall. Open the chest on the bottom of the room for Ruby Earrings. Climb up the first ladder and jump across to the second ladder.

Position the red bookcase so its right next to the bookcse in the corner (the one with the book on top). Walk across after climbing up the second ladder and collect the Literature Book. Now we have all four books!

Place the remaining books in their designated spots in the hub room and save at the red flower. Go through the northern door to enter the last room. The party is stopped abruptly by a weird clown-looking dude. Turns out that he's Folon, another one of Giacomo's buddies. He says that he made up the whole witch story, and there's no one here but himself! Time to wipe the nasty smirk off this punk's face, eh?

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