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Case Study No. 1188: Man With a Still Gaze

Let's Play Okage Shadow King (61) The World Library
It's so big
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[the player and his party arrive at the enormous building known as the World Library]
ROSALYN: Here we are at the World Library ...
EPROS: In Beiloune's domain, we have less to fear. He will be wary lest we harm what he holds dear. With haste! Head below as nigh the time draws near!
[a shadowy creature appears behind the player]
STAN: Hmm, Beiloune. Even though he's a human, he displays enormous evilness! I will give him the punishment that he deserves!
[the shadow pauses, then looks at something glowing on the player's backpack]
STAN: Ah? What's this ... Hey slave! In your belongings! There's something flashing! That can't be--
["'Friendship Bond' was surrounded by light and upgraded!" appears on screen]
STAN: Mmm, it's this again! The last time it flashed, the power seemed to increase. Did it happen again? Well, we can always try it out. Let's go slave, to meet Beiloune!
[they enter the library, where an elderly man (bald, squinty eyes, large white mustache, green bowtie, brown sweater vest, brown pants) is waiting for them]
MAN WITH A STILL GAZE: Oh, here comes the cause of Beiloune's anger to the World Library, the world core.
BIG BULL: Hmm, you're a human. Not a ghost. You can't fight.
MAN WITH A STILL GAZE: We record the "classification" that influences the world, by listing them in the classification list. This is a library. And we are just clerks. Mere helpless workers.
KISLING: The classification list! The mechanism for Beiloune's world order is written here!?
MAN WITH A STILL GAZE: That's right. We know your situation, too. Our fate is in your hands. I know you want to hurry. This place consists of three buildings ... a center, an east and a west wing. It's pretty big. Some doors require keys to go through. I recommend just proceeding without being in haste. Beiloune won't run away.


From wikipedia.org:

Okage: Shadow King, known in Japan as Boku to Mao (iterally "Me and the Devil King"), is a role-playing video game released by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in October 2001 exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

The player proceeds through the game by visiting towns, traveling across the overworld and exploring dungeons. The game contains warp pillars that can be used to quick travel to other locations once they have been discovered. The combat is similar to that of many Role Playing games, with characters having health points (HP) and magic points (MP). Battles generally commence when the player touches an enemy on the overworld. In addition to party members engaging in combat, Ari's shadow Stan, although not playable, may use powerful magic attacks on the enemy. Each fight is turned based, and a character can opt to wait in order to perform a more powerful combo attack with other characters. Characters have innate elements that are visible to the player during battle. This determines the types of spells they learn and what spells are strong against which enemies (for instance, lightning magic is strong against ice characters). If at any time during battle the main character, Ari, is defeated it is game over.

The story begins with an ordinary boy named Ari who lives in Tenel village. The next night, the circus comes to town. That same night, his sister is attacked by a ghost and falls under a curse. The family turns to a bottle Ari's father found for help, performing a ritual to invoke the power sealed within the bottle. Upon opening the bottle, Ari allows his shadow to be possessed by "The Evil King Stan", who was trapped in the bottle, in order to break his sister's curse. Stan and Ari obtain a "Map o' Evil Kings" from a circus ringmaster, which shows the locations of other Evil Kings in the world. Stan realizes that while he was trapped in the bottle, various people stole his powers and became false Evil Kings. Stan starts off on a journey to defeat these Evil Kings, reclaim his stolen powers and conquer the world—dragging Ari along with him.

In the city of Madril Ari teams up with Rosalyn, a parasol wielding "hero", and defeats the Sewer Evil King. Upon leaving town they meet up with the scientist Gutten Kisling. In the seaside town Rashelo Princess Marlene sailed to Aquatic Ruins to acquire "Heaven's Voice". The Princess is seized by the Bubble Evil King, a giant fish-monster. After defeating the evil king and rescuing Marlene Stan attempts to use his powers to possess her, but fails. Stan believes this is due to her having no soul. Returning to Madril, a strange corporation has been making underhanded deals and cheating townspeople out of their money. Further investigation leads to an office building where the Chairman Evil King is in charge. The trio confront him in his office, but he escapes. They head to the Escapeless Abyss and defeat him. The group next discover and defeat the Big Bull Evil King, a muscle-bound bull. In Madril, the group discovers that people are now extremely obsessed with Teen Idol Evil King Linda's songs. The group travels to a snow-bound plains to defeat her.

Various machine components from the defeated evil kings are combined into a music box, which breaks a seal in the sewers. In the back of the sewer, Ari steps into a mysterious machine which seems to make him fade from existence. Everyone seems to have forgotten about him, and is ignoring the fact that he ever existed. Ari discovers that his condition is not unique; there is the town of Triste is full of people like himself. By speaking up enough in other people's conversations (despite being "invisible"), the circus ringmaster is able to restore Ari into existence. After reuniting with all party members they confront the Phantom Evil King Epros in the gear tower in the desert.

It is revealed that "Princess" Marlene is actually just a doll made to look like the original Marlene, who disappeared a long time ago. Beiloune is actually her father and the creator of the world the game takes place in. He created the world to let his daughter have fun, but he lost her and became obsessed with the doll. He plans to destroy the world that defied him and ruined his daughter's adventures. The final of Beiloune's fake evil kings, the Vampire Evil King, is defeated.

At the world library Beiloune attempts to classify Rosalyn and Stan into hero and villain in order to make them destroy each other. Ari uses the music box, which contains recorded memories of their true selves, to break the two free of Beiloune's classification. The heroes confront and defeat Beiloune, who had become a giant monster in order to destroy them. His defeat destroys the world's classification system, frees the true Marlene, and makes Stan a true Evil King again. Afterwards, Ari reunites with Marlene at his house and they hold hands as they enter the house.

Ari - The main protagonist of the game. A quiet, 16-year-old boy with an overshadowed destiny. His shadow is so thin, that most people ignore him and it is what enables Stan to take him as his slave. Seems to be without note, but... He reluctantly takes on the responsibility of being enslaved by the Evil King Stan in order to save his sister from the ghost's curse—and once that's done, to save the world from the Fake Evil Kings and restore Stan's true power. In the beginning of the story, his weapon is a branch. He obtains a sword, which is upgradeable, as he progresses through the game. In the Japanese version, his eyes are wide open. They were toned down in the US version.

Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV - Better known as Evil King Stan, or just Stan, he possesses Ari's shadow to appear in this world. He is short-tempered and has a childish personality, but has moments where he picks up on things that even the other group members miss. He has built his identity on being evil and desires to be feared by the world as the Great Evil King. He claims to be the reincarnation of, and therefore the heir to, the Great Evil King Gohma, who was defeated by the Great Hero Hopkins three hundred years previous to the story. Apparently, Hopkins also sealed Stan away into a bottle, which is found by Ari's father.

James - The cheerful ghost butler to the Evil King Stan. He is seen quite a few times in the game, mostly with just info on things you should know about, but he is often too preoccupied with something (or someone) else to follow his "almighty" master's orders.

Rosalyn - A 22-year-old heroine, a master of the rapier and the reluctant devotee of the parasol. She and Stan have a history of conflict which began upon releasing him from his bottle three years previous to the game's beginning; Stan took over her shadow for just long enough to insult her figure and her to threaten to kill herself (thus killing him), before he retreated back into the bottle. Rosalyn used to be an elite hero and was at the top of her class, but ever since her shadow became pink she has been a laughing stock and forced to hide her shameful shadow under a parasol. She never forgave Stan for this mockery and has been hunting for him since. She feels she needs to prove her strength and skill as an expert swordswoman and caster of spells. She is also a magnet for ghosts.

Princess Marlene - As a spoiled princess, She is snobbish and pompous before truly getting to know Ari and his family. Later in the game the player finds out that the Marlene they know is actually a doll, and that the real Marlene's body is trapped elsewhere in the world of her father's creation. She also seems to be Ari's love interest, as they are,seen holding hands in the ending.

Gutten Kisling - An extremely eccentric scientist who has devoted his life to the ghost research, while enjoying such hobbies as stalking pretty girls and collecting toenail clippings. Upon meeting the party, he is enticed by Rosalyn's ability to attract ghosts and joins the quest without a single party member's approval. Despite his behavior, the forty-five-year-old Kisling seems to be quite intelligent, and he wields powerful offensive magic.

Big Bull - Formerly the "Big Bull Evil King", a fighter with great physical strength who loves exercise and battle. He excitedly joins Ari's party to help defeat the other evil kings after he, himself, is defeated. His dream is to someday open his own athletic gym. His idiotic and unwitting personality disagrees with Rosalyn and Stan but he's too cheerful and loving of the party to notice or care. He has a crush on Linda.

Linda - She is an aspiring singer from Madril who unfortunately lacks talent so later uses Stan's stolen power to become the "Teen Idol Evil King" and loved by her brainwashed fans. Though she is somewhat subdued when Ari first meets her, after she joins the party her truly cheery and very bubbly personality comes out. initially, she seemed to have a crush on Ari, but it is later discovered that she actually had a crush on Stan who just happened to have the "dorky" "doll", Ari, attached to him. Further down the line, Linda's crush on Stan seems to fade in favor of one blossoming for the reluctant Epros. She attacks using her microphone as a weapon and supports the party with magical chants.

Epros - Using Stan's power, he is known as the "Phantom Evil King" and throws playing cards and casts magic to attack his enemies. He is sophisticated and well dressed, though his interests in magic and the "truth" of the world, as well as his ability to float about and his strange speech pattern make him as peculiar as the rest of the cast. He always speaks in rhyme and with Shakespearean words, which confuses the team and annoys Stan to no end. Like the other "Evil King" party members, Epros joins the group after he is defeated, late in the game. Epros is the main love interest of Linda, but only after she gets over Stan.

Beiloune - The main antagonist and final boss in the game. He disguises himself as Princess Marlene's Butler but is in fact her father. He is responsible for the classification system and creation of the world in which the game takes place.


From gamefaqs.com:


Control returns with Ari outside the mysterious white house. Go back inside and talk to the former evil king. Exit the house again.

Talk to all the villagers. Shop, rest, and save.

Head down to the peak with the broken tower. A long rope bridge now leads off into infinity. Start across. Eventually Ari gains land again. Some extraordinary scenery to peruse as you head forward unhindered by ghosts. A board bridge crosses the last expanse to the World Library. [Trigger: As Ari steps off the bridge, he gets a good look at the library and a short exchange occurs. Ari learns his last, most powerful "friendly" Special and the group automatically enters the library.]

Swing the camera around so you can see to step forward and talk to the old clerk standing there. Save at the diary.

The World Library is perhaps the largest, most complex dungeon in the game. As the clerk said, the building comprises three sections, all at ground level. The central library lies opposite the outside door and is roughly divided into front and back halves. Several hallways, in addition to those from the foyer, lead from the central library into the east (right, from the entrance) and west (left) wings. A save diary stands in the foyer and another lies deeper in the facility. The entrance is south and Beiloune's lair is north.

Tip. Carrying several Guidance Jewels can save more than your sanity.

Unlike most other dungeons, the World Library contains no urns and none of its wings is ever "cleared". To reach Beiloune, as the clerk hinted, you must instead discover the keys that unlock the library's full expanse and then negotiate all of its maze-like halls. (Hint. The first key is found in the east wing.)

In addition to the clerk in the foyer, three more clerks are scattered through the library, one in the back-half of each section. Nine treasure chests in all may be found, containing four keys, three candies, one accessory, and one weapon.

Note. See the "Maps" addendum for a link to an excellent overview of the library. The map reveals the locations of all the keys (and other treasures), as well as the shortest route for gathering them all.

Take heed. The library's foes are formidable and pay off well in both EP and money. How formidable? If Ari first arrives below LV 50, he will be well over LV 60 before reaching Beiloune. So be prepared to return to the Save point often to restore your resources, especially at the outset. One or two fights, then run back. Knowing your way back means survival.

Enemies, like bad news, come in threes. Groups never exceed one, even if two are of the same ilk, and they thrive on ganging up on a single ally. The farther from the foyer, the stronger the average foes. The most fearsome bunch features a Bad Poetry Golem flanked by two Radiant Suns. The golem can snatch up to 100,000 money, so take it out fast. Be prepared to Escape (a far better choice than resetting if you're far afield) or to revive often anyone with less than 200 HP. The good news is that the lesser foes most common in the central section are plenty strong enough and allies below Level 50 should gain one or two levels after every conflict.

Daunting, no? Well, forewarned is forearmed, and far less frustrating. On the plus side, most fights yield a 3,000 to 6,000 money gain, great if you're strapped for cash and hankering for new equipment.

Another word of advice. While a gift shop in the foyer would have been a welcome addition, alas, none exists. You must return to the Highland Village to purchase finer equipment and switch out party members. Since the library is classified as a dungeon, the overhead maps reset upon stepping outside. Invest in a large supply of restoratives to effectively extend each venture within. Switch out a party member every time you go back, bringing up everyone a little at a time. Yes, everyone. For your efforts, your allies gain their best abilities, the last of which are:

* 51 Life Spark (Revive from KO with full HP)
* 50 Burning Parasol (Fire element attack)
* 52 Maximum Voltage (Strongest Thunder attack)
* 57 Immobilize (Paralyze, medium)
Big Bull
* 53 Super Charge (Increase AP stat)
* 59 Blaze (Strongest Fire attack)
* 52 Crimson Kiss (Fire element attack)
* 56 Repulsor (Decrease physical damage 50%)
* 60 Revitalize (Restore full HP)
* 50 Random (Various offensive magic)
* 53 Blue Mask (Ice element attack)
* 57 Consume

Since you have nothing invested so far, now is a good time to step back outside and explore the terrain if you like. Or return to the Highland Village and Triste shops to stock up. When you're ready, come back inside the library and save your progress.

Explore the short distance you can go into the east and west passages. Return to the foyer. Go through the doorway into the front-central section. Again, access is limited initially.

After unlocking every door, return to the Highland Village to restock.

LAST-CHANCE TASKS. Be sure to read the "Hopkins' Sword" section of the "Sidequests" addendum, if you haven't already. Also, you may wish to revisit all of the other areas one more time, as new NPCs have appeared and old ones may have some quirky new things to say. Return to the Highland Village once you've wrapped up everything else.

Select the party to accompany Ari in the final boss fight and re-equip each ally as needed. Pass out any candies remaining, if you like.

When you're ready for the final fight, return to the World Library and save. From the library foyer enter the central section and move forward. Zigzag to and fro around bookcases, but keep a straight line ahead. In the middle of the back wall, open the door (using the Amethyst Key) and move forward to the far end of the corridor. Enter the door, right. Swing around this room, hugging the outer wall and along a curling path until reaching the second save diary.

Note. This is the last Save point in the game. Also, many of the exchanges in the final sequences automatically advance through the text. In the menu, select Config and set Text Speed to Slow, now, before saving.

Enter the door behind the diary and Ari approaches the very last door, to the right. [Trigger: Open this door and initiate the next-to-the-last sequence.] Some final words all around, then...the door won't open. A solution in contrived and you regain control, still outside the closed door. [Trigger: This is it, really.] Open the door, again.

Warning. Most text automatically progresses during this next section.

Everyone bandies words with Beiloune. Beiloune then instigates a confrontation between two of Ari's allies. Eventually, Ari is called upon to find a way to stop the two. (Hint. Use an item associated with memory.) When the right object is used, the fight stops and a long exchange ensues. (And you regain control over the flow of text.)

The last fight finally begins. Good luck.


Like Ari, Beiloune is neutral to elemental attacks. His Channel spell targets everyone and does moderate to heavy damage, depending on DP and what shielding Specials party members have cast. His physical attacks inflict tiny damage in comparison.

After the fight, zero money and small EP is awarded, paltry rewards. Beiloune has some parting words, then a scene occurs.

Warning. Text again scrolls automatically.

A long epilogue follows, most satisfying, then the credits roll. Stick around until the end. Stan gets the last word and then....

The End.

After a moment the Start screen appears.

Congratulations. You have completed OKAGE: SHADOW KING.


From lparchive.org:

As the man said, a slow pace is the best way to tackle the World Library. Slowly exploring the maze of bookshelves and trying to fill in the map is the simplest way to keep yourself making progress. If you don't know where to go, the answer is normally to go to the part of the map that hasn't been explored yet.

As we explore, we're accosted by numerous powerful foes. The Sucky Bats from the Vampire Evil King battle and the Masterless Swords from the Phantom Evil King battle can be encountered here.

There's something worth noting about the Masterless Swords. They have a small chance to drop a Q of Hearts, a weapon for Epros which inreases his attack by 15 points and his luck by 10. Masterless Swords are the only way to get the Q of Hearts, and for awhile people thought it could only be obtained during the Phantom Evil King boss battle. It doesn't increase his attack by as much as the K of Clubs and A of Spades do, but the +10 luck boost can be good if you're trying to find rare drops (such as the Q of Hearts. Ha ha)

We also have to deal with Mortal Moons and Radiant Suns, which can output tons of damage and inflict various curses.

There are also Flaming Rockmen and Cursed Paintings. The Cursed Paintings are normally covered in shadow because of the World Library's weird lighting, but sometimes their horrifying faces show themselves.

And last but not least, we have the extremely dangerous Bad Poetry Golem, who may have the greatest name of all ordinary enemies. As you can see in the above screenshot, he hits hard, as do the Radiant Suns. This is probably the single most dangerous enemy group in the game.

The Bad Poetry Golem can also use Snatch 100,000, which I thankfully did not have an opportunity to grab a screenshot of. Like other Snatch skills, it steals 100,000 sukel from us and flees.

When you're face to face with a Bad Poetry Golem, the best decision is to run away.

Speaking of, I don't believe I ever showed escaping from battle before. Everyone has their own fleeing animation (I really like how Ari comically drags Stan along), though Epros is the only character who shows shame at having to flee.

While we're talking about battles, the Friendship Bond has reached its max level, and Ari can now use Friendly Inferno! Stan fires lasers out of his eyes and ruins the enemy's day.

There are two important things you need to know in order to conquer the World Library

1) Before entering, buy a ton of Wild Strawberries (restores 25 LP) and Guidance Jewels (warp to dungeon entrance)

2) Head east first

And so, we head east.

Along the way, we find a large green door that cannot be opened. As the man at the entrance said, some doors in the Library require keys. There are four types of doors: Red, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Not far from the green door, we find a long hallway to the east and travel down it.

And we arrive in the east wing of the World Library. (Or Floor: East, I guess.)

First we explore the northern end of the east wing, passing a purple door along the way.

We find a treasure chest containing a Defense Candy. All the treasure chests in the World Library are worth getting, and mostly contain candy.

We head south after that, and find a chest containing Lucky Candy

And we return to the north after being lost in the maze of shelves for awhile.

We pass another man along the way.

Vapid Classifying Secretary: My job is just to make a classification list, measure its effect and adjust it.
Vapid Classifying Secretary: I am not allowed to do anything else. Have you ever met people like us? A man who never listens to others and calls others whatever he likes. He was always thinking of a simple way to overthrow Beiloune's rules, but not the torturous way of Pollack. Then he made his decision and ran away from this Library. I wonder how he is doing... I hope he's alive.

I'm not sure, but I think he's talking about the Tiny Gear guy. That guy called us whatever he liked, didn't listen to us, and mentioned the Library in one of his lines of dialog.

In an adjacent room, we come across a red treasure chest containing a Garnet Key.

With the Garnet Key in our inventory, we're now able to unlock red doors.

Using our new Garnet Key, we proceed into the southern side of the east wing.

And we quickly find our way back to the central building.

Shortly after entering, we find a green chest containg an Emerald Key.

Of course, we can now open green doors.

And with that, we find ourselved back in the central building. The east wing is complete aside from one treasure chest we can't get yet. Now it's time for us to tackle the west wing...

We proceed to the west wing of the World Library.

Have I ever mentioned that if you leave a dungeon (like maybe to swap your party around), it resets the map? That really sucks in this dungeon.

To enter the west wing, we must pass through a green door. The Emerald Key we obtained earlier lets us in.

And so we arrive in the west wing. The west wing is simpler than the east wing, and it's much harder to get lost.

There's a large central hallway intersecting the building. The rooms tend to connect back to this hallway rather than connecting to each other, which helps a lot with navigation.

First we head to the far west area.

There are a lot of blue doors (The lighting makes them really hard to distinguish from purple, though) around the west wing.

We continue to the north and then loop back around south, to the center-west area.

And we pass another man.

Sighful Classifying Secretary: Do you know what happened to Marlene, the daughter of the man?
Sighful Classifying Secretary: This world was created for her to begin with. He cut a small world for his daughter, scattered Evil Kings, heroes, guides and ghosts for his daughter to play... Nobody imagined his daughter would disappear into the world. Probably, it was separated from the power of "classification". We couldn't find her, either. Although he doesn't show it, I know Beiloune's in pain. I understand you are hostile to Beiloune, but keep that in mind.
Sighful Classifying Secretary: Then if you still want to, go. He'll be further in the back. With intentions that we'll never know.

We continue southward.

And we come across a blue chest containing a Sapphire Key.

And now we can pass through blue doors.

With this key, we're able to return to the central building.

It takes us to a small, isolated area to the north-west.

And we find another man.

Old Classifying Secretary: There used to be a man named Pollack. He would remove important aspects of Evil Kings and heroes, ruining Beiloune's world. Evil Kings and heroes were important entities and the basis of this "Adventurous World for the Princess." He used to make Beiloune really upset. Pollack thought the people "classified" by Beiloune were to be pitied. To take the rules away, he escaped. It's been several hundred years now. Although it was within the "classified" time frame.
Old Classifying Secretary: Pollack tried to sneak into the gap between "classifications" that Beiloune...
Old Classifying Secretary: In order to transform the structure of power ruling the world. As if he was trying to break a boulder by driving a wedge into a crack. The Great Hero Hopkins was one of Pollack's wedges. Their activity slowly transformed the world... And now hwere you are. If you are breaking the "classifications" of this world, it must be the flow of the world. It was originally desired by our company at the beginning...
Old Classifying Secretary: Maybe Pollack expected that and returned Hopkins' sword to the center building here.
Old Classifying Secretary: They say he hid various goods all over the world that only the sword could open. If you find the sword, go look for them.

We continue exploring the World Library and find a door leading back to the west wing.

We're brought to a small blocked off corner of a larger room.

And we obtain the final key. The Library is our oyster, no door can stop us now!

First things first, we go back to the east wing, to that purple door from before.

We open it and are brought back to the central building.

And we're brought to a lone room with a single treasure chest.

We obtain the Forgotten Sword! This is Ari's second best weapon, increasing his attack by 40 and his luck by 10.

It seems useless to us at first glance, but remember what the Old Classifying Secretary said. Pollack returned Hopkins' sword to the central building of the World Library, and hid treasures around the world that could only be obtained with the sword.

Remember those doors that were "Sealed by an enormous power"?

We leave the World Library and backtrack to the Escapeless Abyss, one of the three dungeons containing these special doors.

Behind the door is a single chest, containing a Legendary Leaf. The Legendary Leaf is an accessory that increases a character's luck by 10.

Next we head for B4 of the Big Tree Hole, which had three doors. Opening them, we obtain a Skull Bottle, a Whim Berry, and an Iron Necklace.

The Skull Bottle is a poison attack, the Whim Berry restores a random amount of LP, and the Iron Necklace is an accessory that boosts a party member's defense by 10.

And lastly, we return to the Sealed Cave. Behind this door is a Bountiful Nut, which restores the party's HP by 50.

And behind this door is the Ghostomicon, Kisling's ultimate weapon, which boosts his attack by 60 (!!!)

And with that, we've completed all of our business. We return to the World Library, ready to meet our maker.

Heading up the center of the central building, we reach a purple door and open it with the Amethyst Key.

And we save our progress at the game's final save point, before continuing forward to the final door.

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