Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Case Study No. 1161: Candace and Carl

Sriracha Chicken Melt
Try something new at SUBWAY(R) like our Sriracha Chicken Melt made with spicy chili pepper Sriracha sauce. It's so bold and so good!
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[scene opens in a public library, as an older male librarian (balding black hair, glasses, grey sweater, white undershirt, blue pants, lanyard around his neck) is pushing a bookcart towards the front desk, when he notices a white tiger sitting on top of the desk next to the young - and surprisingly calm - female librarian (long red hair, beige jacket, pink blouse)]
CARL: Uh, Candace?
[his voice cracks in fright, but she simply looks up (as if nothing is amiss)]
CARL: I'm not sure you should have that here ...
[the tiger growls, but the woman simply picks up her Subway sandwich and laughs off his protests]
CANDACE: [whispers] Oh, calm down Carl, it's just the new Sriracha Chicken Melt from Subway.
[he shakes his head and stares at the tiger]
CARL: It's not--
CANDACE: [whispers] Like me to order something this spicy? I know.
[she smiles]
CANDACE: [whispers] I guess I'm just into trying new things.
CARL: [pause] But--
CANDACE: [whispers] Oh, and Carl? Your scrapbooking book is overdue.
[the tiger growls again, and he quickly wheels away the bookcart with a terrified expression on his face]
CARL: Oh, I'll go get it ...
[cut to various shots of Subway sandwiches being prepared, as "Limited time only at participating restaurants" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Embrace your bold side! Try a new Sriracha Chicken Melt, made with spicy sriracha sauce, our boldest flavor yet! And part of the Fiery Footlong collection ... Subway. Be bold, eat fresh.



Subway Sriracha Chicken Melt TV Spot, 'White Tiger'

Candace has brought a new friend to work today. That's right, she brought the new Sriracha Chicken Melt from Subway.




"Eat Fresh"

Jennifer Holloway - Plays Candace
Animals - Tiger (Animal)

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