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Case Study No. 1164: Miss Adams and Unnamed Male Librarian

Curious George Goes to the Library (Old Cartoon 1980s)
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[scene opens with Curious George sitting in bed, looking at a book]
NARRATOR: "George," said the Man with the Yellow Hat, "I have to take some books back to the library."
[camera zooms out to show the Man with the Yellow Hat holding a stack of books]
NARRATOR: "Why don't you come with me?"
[cut to the man and his monkey sitting in a car]
NARRATOR: They got into their little blue car, and drove to the library.
[cut to the two of them standing on the steps outside of the public library]
NARRATOR: "I'm going to the front desk, George," said the man. "You can look around, but don't get into trouble."
[cut to George entering the library]
NARRATOR: George went in, walked down the hall, and peeked into one of the rooms.
[cut to George looking into a room with young children sitting at tables, while a young female librarian (orange hair, blue sweater) sits at her own desk]
NARRATOR: Boys and girls were looking at picture books.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she stamps books]
NARRATOR: Miss Adams, the librarian, was at her desk stamping piles of books with a rubber stamp.
[George's head peeks out behind one of the piles of books, then cut to an older woman (grey hair in a bun, glasses, blue sweater) opening the door to the room]
NARRATOR: "Miss Adams," called a library helper, "you're wanted on the phone."
[cut to the librarian standing up from her desk (still unaware of George's presence)]
NARRATOR: "I'll be back in a minute, children," said Miss Adams. "Read your books, and please be quiet."
[she leaves, then cut to a closeup of George with a big smile on his face]
NARRATOR: What was that thing on the desk? George was curious ...
[cut to George jumping on the table and grabbing the stamp]
NARRATOR: He jumped up, picked up the stamp, and tried to do just what Miss Adams had done.
[cut to a closeup of one of the books on the table, as George repeatedly stamps the cover]
NARRATOR: He stamped, and stamped, and stamped!
[cut to a closeup of one of the children]
NARRATOR: "Look, there's George!" said a girl.
[camera pans out to show a boy pointing at George]
NARRATOR: "Hey," shouted one of the children, "let's play Follow the Leader, and George will be the leader!"
[cut back to the closeup of the book as George stamps it]
NARRATOR: George kept stamping ...
[cut to the children rushing the desk, each taking a stamp and using it on a different book]
NARRATOR: The children ran over to the desk, and started to stamp books!
[two of the children turn to each other and smile]
NARRATOR: "That's fun!" shouted a boy.
[cut to another shot of the children surrounding George]
NARRATOR: They all cheered and made a lot of noise.
[George jumps off the desk, then hops onto a globe in the middle of the room]
NARRATOR: Then, George jumped down and leapt onto a big globe of the world. It started to spin, first slowly, then faster and faster!
[cut to a shot of the children cheering]
NARRATOR: The children clapped and cheered again.
[cut back to George running on the globe]
NARRATOR: George was giving them a good show ...
[George missteps and starts to fall]
NARRATOR: But all of a sudden, George lost his balance and grabbed the ring of the wall map!
[cut to George falling off the globe, as the map unfurls and lands next to him]
NARRATOR: Down came the map, and down came George!
[camera zooms out to show the librarian watching from the doorway]
NARRATOR: Just as Miss Adams appeared in the doorway.
[she throws her hands up in the air with a concerned look on her face]
NARRATOR: "Oh no," she cried. "What's going on here? Stop this right away!"
[cut to a shot of George peeking out from underneath the wall map]
NARRATOR: Then she saw George ...
[cut to the librarian pointing her finger at George]
NARRATOR: "How did you get in here? I'm going to get the head librarian!"
[she leaves, then cut to a closeup of George with a frightened look on his face]
NARRATOR: George was scared!
[cut to one of the children]
NARRATOR: "Don't worry, George!" said a boy. "We won't let you get into trouble!"
[cut to two girls standing next to the librarian's desk]
NARRATOR: "We'll help you tidy up," said a girl.
[cut to four boys (two sitting on the other's shoulders) hanging the map back on the wall]
NARRATOR: The children hung up the map.
[cut to the girls fixing the librarian's desk (as George pitches in)]
NARRATOR: George helped. He put the stamps back, and straightened out the books.
[cut to another girl pointing at the desk]
NARRATOR: "Look what George has found!" said one of the children.
[cut to George holding a copy of the original "Curious George" book by H.A. Rey]
NARRATOR: It was a book about monkeys ... "Let's see it!"
[cut to the children sitting in a circle around George]
NARRATOR: George put the book on the floor, and opened it. All the children gathered around him.
[cut to one of the children pointing at the book]
NARRATOR: "Look," a boy cried, "there's George in that book!"
[cut to a closeup of George as he turns the pages]
NARRATOR: As George turned each page, one of the children read the story of a monkey that had lived in the jungle ... It was George's story!
[cut back to the children sitting around George]
NARRATOR: The children sat and listened.
[cut to the Man with the Yellow Hat entering the room, with Miss Adams and a male librarian (short brown hair, moustache, bow tie, white shirt, blue pants)]
NARRATOR: Just then, Miss Adams ran into the room, followed by the head of the library and the Man with the Yellow Hat.
[cut to a closeup of the two librarians (Miss Adams with a shocked look on her face, while the head librarian smiles)]
NARRATOR: "Why, Miss Adams!" said the head of the library. "No one has ever kept the children so quiet! How did you do it?"
[cut to Miss Adams with a smile on her face]
NARRATOR: "Well," said Miss Adams, "George did make a lot of noise ... "
[cut to George surrounded by the children, with a big smile on his face]
NARRATOR: "But now, he made up for it!"
[the camera zooms out to show the Man with the Yellow Hat]
NARRATOR: "Choose another book to take home, George!" said the Man with the Yellow Hat. "We've already read that one plenty of times!"
[cut to George handing Miss Adams a book]
NARRATOR: George chose a book, and Miss Adams checked it out.
[she leans in close to George with a smile on her face]
NARRATOR: "Next time you visit us," she whispered, "leave the stamping to me!"
[cut to George and the Man with the Yellow Hat in their car, as Miss Adams and the children stand at the entrance to the library and wave to them]
NARRATOR: All the children waved goodbye, as George and his friend got in their little blue car and drove back home.



Curious George. / Vol. 2
Author: H A Rey; LWI Productions.; Talbot Television.; Random House Video.
Publisher: Westminster, Md. : Random House Video, [1985?]
Summary: An inquisitive little monkey lets his insatiable curiosity get the better of him in stories based on a character created by H.A. and Margret Rey. In each episode, George proves to be a helpful little monkey, after all.
Note: Title from cassette label.
Produced originally for television in 1972.
Date from videogram.
Precedes film content: Fremantle International Inc., 660 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021. On cassette label: Sony.
Contents: Curious George goes to a TV station / written by Ken Sobol -- Curious George goes to the circus / written by Wendy Wlliams -- Curious George goes to a flower show / written by Ken Sobol -- Curious George goes to the library / written by Frank Gehrecke -- Curious George visits the railroad station / written by Linda Beech -- Curious George goes to the tailor shop / written by Gloria Lesser Rothstein.
Responsibility: an LWI Productions/Talbot Television co-production.

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