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Case Study No. 1210: Julie From the Library

Online Dating Profile #1: Just the Way They Are
Julie had to bite the bullet one day and immerse herself into modern technology. Now, watch as she shares with us her likes and her bigger likes while trying to find the perfect man. The perfect man? Hmmmm the key word there is trying.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (long blonde hair, thick dark glasses, flower dress) walking around outside, as she speaks directly to the camera]
JULIE: I'm Julie from the library. I'm fit, I'm curvy, and I've got saggy breasts. Well ... one saggy breast.
[she puts her hand on her right breast, then touches her left breast]
JULIE: This one's alright.
[cut to another shot of Julie speaking directly to the camera]
JULIE: I like, um, packed lunches. Preferably a good old sandwich ... Jigsaw puzzles of trains, because I find them really challenging. Shadows, I really love a good shadow. Especially, like, when it's on the river. It's so pretty and so beautiful. I'm a big fan of platonic relationships, although I'm not very good at them.
[cut to another shot of Julie speaking directly to the camera]
JULIE: I like a man who is, um ... well read.
[she looks down, as if to compose herself]
JULIE: Sorry. I like a--
[she suddenly starts to cry, taking off her glasses and covering her face with her hand]
JULIE: I'm so sorry, I've just ... I've just got out of a really good book.
[she starts to cry again]
JULIE: It was so good, and it was so beautiful. It was called "Maurice" by Ian Foster, and I wish I didn't have to finish it. And I'm not gonna read it again, am I? I'm not the type of person who goes there twice ...
[she wipes her eyes, and tries to compose herself]
JULIE: I'm looking for a relationship ... I wanna fall in love, and I'm not sure what kind of love I want.
[she puts her glasses back on and sighs]
JULIE: I've never read a book where there's a good relationship that I'm jealous of, like ... I don't want the--
[she starts crying again]
JULIE: I'm so sorry! I'm just really heartbroken, because I can't read all of the books! I wanna read all of the books ...
[cut to another shot of Julie speaking directly to the camera]
JULIE: Books are amazing! Hard copies, soft copies, tiny little pamphlets. I love books. I like ... covers that don't have the film on them. I don't like those books, but all the other books like.
[she shakes her head]
JULIE: Magazines, no. I don't like magazines.
[she sighs]
JULIE: I don't have a favorite book, I love them all just the same. I love them just the way they are ... although I do prefer first editions.
[cut to a closeup of Julie's face, as she holds up a small flower to the camera and lifts up her chin]
JULIE: I dunno, do I like butter?

Produced, Written & Performed by
Kayleigh Cassidy

Directed by
Ella Galt

Edited by
Jeremie Day-Glider

Music by
David Chevers

Logo by
Mitch Blunt



Julie is a young librarian whose love for life, music and art has earned her many credits. As well as singing in the school (any school, it doesn't matter) choir she has attended many poetry readings and subsquent coffee mornings with old coggles called Mavis and the like.



Julie is a librarian currently living in Barcelona. She is Afrikalian (her mum is from Africa, her father is from Australia).

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