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Case Study No. 1211: Unnamed Female Librarian (Office Depot)

Office Depot TV Commercial, 'Back to School Happy'
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[scene opens in a junior high school library, as a group of young female students sit at a table and begin talking excitedly about one of them holding a stack of notebooks featuring pictures of the band "One Direction" on the covers]
FEMALE STUDENT 1: One Direction?
FEMALE STUDENT 2: Where'd you get that?
[cut to a young female librarian (brown hair in a pixie hair cut, cats eye glasses, orange blouse, red sweater) standing behind them, as she smiles and - without any sign of anger - puts a finger to her lips]
[cut to outside of an elementary school, as two young female students are walking up to the door (while a nearby male student carries an "Angry Birds" backpack)]
FEMALE STUDENT 3: Cool backpack! Where'd you get that?
[cut to a high school cafeteria, as a group of male students are sitting at a table, when another male student sits down and shows them the swivel screen on his laptop]
MALE STUDENT 1: What's up, man?
MALE STUDENT 2: Check it out!
[they all "ooh" and "aah" (as the owner of the laptop smiles broadly)]
MALE STUDENT 1: Dude, where'd you get that?
[cut back to the two elementary school students walking towards their school]
FEMALE STUDENT 4: Office Depot!
[cut back to the high school cafeteria]
MALE STUDENT 2: Office Depot!
[the other students smile and nod their heads]
MALE STUDENT 1: Office Depot!
[cut back to the school library, as the owner of the notebooks smiles and leans in towards her friends]
FEMALE STUDENT 5: [whispering] Office Depot ...
[cut to several quick shots of kids using school supplies]
ANNOUNCER: Office Depot has hundreds of unique school supplies guaranteed to make them smile!
[cut to a shot of a table covered in school supplies, as "Low Office Depot Prices" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Plus you'll save on everything on your list at low Office Depot prices, guaranteed!
[cut to two young male students running towards their school, as "homedepot dot com" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Office Depot ... Send them back to school happy!



One Direction's Office Depot School Supplies Make The Trapper Keeper Obsessive In Us SING (PHOTO)
Posted 8/5/13 5:00 pm EST by John Walker in Celebrity, Photos

One Direction has just launched a back-to-school collection at Office Depot, and MAN am I feeling all kinds of jealous right now. Every year, that first week of August was, like, basically an 85-degree Christmas to the organizationally obsessed, Harvard-or-bust student I once was. (Spoiler alert: I didn't go to Harvard.) The thought of getting to evenly divide my two packets of 100-sheet college-ruled paper between the five partition-separated subject sections of my Trapper Keeper (each with a color-coded highlighter to match, duh) once again -- and this time with the faces of those British GQ cover models stamped EVERYWHERE -- is enough to make me wanna "Never Been Kissed" my way into going undercover at a school. Ugh, that would be so rufus.

Items in the collection include composition books, three-ring binders, spiral notebooks, and stand-up cardboard cutouts playfully dubbed "Study Buddies" -- or, as we like to even more playfully dub them, "Makeout Buddies." (WHAT. We did set the bar at "Never Been Kissed.") All this babeliness is for a good cause, too! For every one of these 1D wares you buy, you'll raise funds to benefit educational programs aimed at fostering bully-free school environments! If only the "Best Song Ever" singers were focused on stamping out "One Direction-less school environments." #AudibleSigh, perhaps one day...

Check out One Direction's line of Office Depot school supplies: pages/together/#theGoodsPl

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