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Case Study No. 1206: Harold Argleston

A Tribute to Harold Argleston
This slideshow is a tribute to my favorite librarian, Harold Argleston. I think he is a bit under-appreciated and deserves a tribute. THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO ME!!!!!! All images found on google. Those do not belong to me. "The Entertainer (1902, piano roll)" by Scott Joplin ( music/Scott_Joplin/ Frog_Legs_Ragtime_Era_Favorites/ 04_-_scott_joplin_-_the_entertainer)
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Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students of Wizardry to save the Spiral (that is the set of worlds in which the games is played), and battle a variety of creatures by casting spells using a turn-based combat system similar to collectible card. Players advance in the game by accepting quests to learn new spells, gain equipment, and collect gold.

At the beginning the player controls a novice wizard, who is named by the player using a set of words at the start of the game. That wizard joins the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, a school of wizardry located in a fictional town called Wizard City. Instead of the traditional character classes, Wizard101 offers players a choice among seven different "magic schools" (Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance) which will influence character development and parts of the magical spells (in form of collectible cards) available to the player in combat.

In Wizard101, the different areas accessible to players are referred to as "worlds". Upon character creation, only a part of Wizard City (The Commons, Ravenwood, Unicorn Way, Olde Town, Shopping District, Triton Avenue, Golem Court, and a short introduction to the world of Grizzleheim) is opened to access. As the player progresses, more worlds become available. Availability depends on subscriptions and/or the purchase of crowns. People who purchase memberships receive special privileges and gifts.



A talking dog and the librarian of Wizard City Library.

Harold is from Marleybone (an area based on 19th to 20th century London as well as having a 19th-20th century English "steampunk" theme) and is seen as very booksmart and polite. However, he is very strict when he needs to be which is stereotypical for a librarian. He also is a vendor for treasure cards and mainly helps the player in quests involving books.

Also, just like in the Harry Potter series, his library has a restricted area where students can only enter with special permission, the restricted archives has not become an area so far in the game.

Name: Harold Argleston
Species: Dog
Location: Wizard City Library
Quests Given:
* Library Dues
* Charge It Up



Harold Argleston

Quote: "If you ever have any questions about magic or the world around you, I've included some reference material in your spellbook. Simply open your spellbook and read over the Help pages. They contain loads of valuable information!"

Need to check a book out? Just be wary of the tea's location so you don't spill any! Harold Argleston is a lover of the antique - often surrounded by rare antiquities, with a crossword puzzle at this fingertips! Harold Argleston is the proud librarian of Wizard City's grand library, and makes sure that things stay neat, and that the library stays quiet. Not only is this dog a librarian though, he is an author as well, having written the well-known An Annotated History of Ravenwood School, which is a book bound to top your reading list, whether for class or for the joy of a nice book. Harold will normally be quite busy with his duties, and will send you off to pick up lost books upon occasion; nothing that a wizard can't handle! Just be sure to dispose of chewing gum before entering the library, or you might as well have it sniffed out eventually!



Harold Argleston informs you that the books were checked out and never returned. Harold also informs you that the books should be easy to spot, they are quite large, they need their own reading pedestal. Harold Argleston will ask you to search for them.

You are tasked with finding the History of Death Magic, Life Magic, Myth Magic, Fire Magic, Ice Magic and Storm Magic.

Locate, in any order, the pedestals with books on them:

* History of Fire Magic in Firecat Alley in the Fireglobe Theatre - must have (or have had) the Administer Cure quest for access.

* History of Death Magic in the Haunted Cave in the Stormdrain Tower. Must have (or have had) The Dark of Nightshade quest for access.

* History of Life Magic in Unicorn Way in Lady Blackhope's Tower. Must have (or have had) Olde News quest for access.

* History of Ice Magic in Colossus Boulevard in Gobblestone Castle. Must have (or have had) Let's Make a Deal quest for access.

* History of Storm Magic in Triton Avenue in the The Harvest Lord's Tower.

* History of Myth Magic in Cyclops Lane in Akilles' Tower.

Hand all of the books in to Harold and receive as your reward 76 Gold, 355 XP, Stack of 2 Books, Athame (varies by School wizard), and Ring (varies by School of wizard).

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