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Case Study No. 1157: Iain Tibet Gladstone

? The Secret World ? : Sign of the Times - Cold Storage (Solo Instance)
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Tier 1 to 7
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2:08 Marianne Shelly
3:41 Marianne Shelly cutscene
5:33 Cold Storage (Solo Instance)
9:38 Candle puzzle
10:52 The Reclaimer
11:51 Find the Librarian
13:28 The Temple Club
14:07 The Librarian cutscene
17:09 Richard Sonnec cutscene
19:52 To Egypt

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Developer: FunCom
Release: 3 July 2012 / 29 June 2012 (pre-order)
Genre: Massive Multiplayer Online RPG, Action Adventure
Platform: PC
Publisher: Electronic Arts Funcom
Website: http://www.thesecret world.com/, http://www.darkdays arecoming.com
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From wikipedia.org:

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing survival horror video game described by its designers as "dark fantasy" and set in the modern day real world by developer Funcom. Ragnar Tornquist is the creative director of the game.

The game features an original setting created by Funcom, with contemporary elements as well as "magic, myths, conspiracies and dark horrors." Tornquist debunked several rumors surrounding The Secret World, stating that "there are no aliens or science fiction elements" in it. He also denied any connection of The Secret World to The Longest Journey.

The game is set in the "modern day real world" but also incorporates pieces of ancient mythologies, real and false history, urban legends, and pop culture, and ties them into an original back-story. The latter is said to go back in time for 100 million years and encompass long extinct ancient civilizations.

The players will assume the roles of supernatural heroes who participate in a "future war between good and evil", fighting dark monsters that threaten the modern world. Tornquist identified the genre of the story as dark fantasy, features vampires, demons, and zombies. The players will be free to travel across different locations of the world (both real, like London, New York and Seoul, and mythical, such as Agartha, the legendary city located within Hollow Earth and the Hell dimension) and even in time, to pursue the overall plot and investigate new mysteries in connection to the dark invasion. The overall plot has a conclusion but the designers also leave room for future issues and expansions.

H. P. Lovecraft's works, the Indiana Jones franchise, and Stephen King's novels are major inspirations for the game's settings and storylines.

The player character, lying in bed while hearing about a terrorist attack on a subway in Tokyo, Japan, has an "unusual" bee fly into their mouth. After jolting awake, the character discovers over the next several days that they have developed magical powers. A week later, a recruiter from the selected secret society comes to the character's door, and either gives them a job offer or, in the case of the Dragon, kidnaps the character and forcibly inducts them.

Immediately after being recruited the character is sent out on their first mission to the fictional location of Solomon Island. The island, heavily based on H.P. Lovecraft's work, has been surrounded by a thick, impermeable fog; living residents of the island who attempt to escape or who are lured out into the fog are heavily mutated into draug, while the dead rise from their graves as zombies. It comes to pass that a ship hailing from the island came across a sword on an island in the ocean and, upon stealing it and returning with it, have brought with it a terrible curse. It becomes the character's goal to retrieve this sword, which has fallen into the hands of Loki, implied to be the last surviving Norse god. He has associated himself with the Morninglight, a cult which parodies Scientology and other new age religions, but which is actually a front for a secret society of its own. After fighting their way across the island, driving back the monsters and protecting the few surviving locals from harm, the character recruits the Native American villagers of the island in a bid to increase their own power with their ancestral magics, so that they can face off against a god wielding such a powerful weapon. They succeed, but upon defeating Loki the character is banished to an otherworldly realm while the sword is claimed by one of the members of the Morninglight.

In the otherworldly realm, the character encounters the remains of an expedition by Roald Amundsen to parts unknown. An unknown entity offers the character power, and speaks of the benefits that those who have accepted their gifts have gained, as well as the horrible things which have befallen those who shunned their power. Ghostly visions of others who have been given the offer form around them, with some approaching the gift (represented as a small present), and others casting themselves off the cliff beyond to escape their fate. The character must choose whether to accept the gift or reject it as the others did, whereupon they reawaken upon Solomon Island.

The next play area is heavily based upon Egypt, where the player is tasked to track down the cult of Aten, the Black Pharaoh, who is attempting to reanimate and escape his pyramid. After confronting the cult leader, the player ventures to the underground City of the Black Sun, and confronts the Black Pharaoh itself.

The player then finds themselves in the otherworldly realm again, and the entity again entreats the player to kneel before a demonic figure in submission. Kneeling or attacking the figure evokes a response, and the player awakens.

The final area is Translyvania, where a horde of Vampires led by Mara have taken power, and have created a horde of monsters to protect a massive dig site. Mara, who betrayed Vlad Dracula to his death, attempts to have the player assassinated by a group of vampires. The player receives a vision of a young girl, a visionary who was a test subject of the Orochi group who has special insight into the workings of the area. After the player resurrects Vlad Dracula, Dracula slays the near-immortal Mara. The player then ventures to the dig sight and enters the Gaia Engine, the massive hub of existence glimpsed in the opening scene of the credits. The player can attack the prison of the unknown entity or repair the Gaia Engine to bind it tighter. The ending is with either the divine or infernal angel that was seen at the very beginning of the game, who thank the player for their service and ask them to prepare as massive events are still underway.

The game ends on a cliffhanger, having learned that all three major catastrophes are heavily linked to the Orochi Group and its mysterious leader; Samuel Chandra, obviously the perpetrator of the recent events.


From tvtropes.org:

Iain Tibet Gladstone
Explorer, scholar, expert on the occult, and current Chief Librarian of the Templars. In his younger days, Gladstone spent most of his time wandering the world, observing magical phenomena, studying ancient civilizations, performing experiments and taking many, many drugs; however, after almost losing track of him in Indonesia, the Templars decided he was too valuable to risk on fieldwork- and too dangerous to expose to the rest of the world any longer. Gladstone is currently undergoing an extensive rehabilitation, prevented from ever leaving Ealdwic and under constant supervision by the Stuart Twins; as such, he can usually be found in the Temple Club's extensive library.


From crygaia.com:

Iain Tibet Gladstone is the Templar Chief librarian. Although in his younger years he traveled all over the world, currently he is restricted to the Templar Library and The Temple Club in London.

The voice actor for Iain Tibet Gladstone is Johathan Dow.


Yourself #1
It's quite ironic that I, an historian, have been imprisoned in the library for, heh, a decade now, seeing how I've always argued that historians need to experience history, not read about it. I've become... what I've fought my whole life: an academic.

Yourself #2
Some things you can't study in books and expect to even begin to understand. The oral traditions of star-forms over Uluru. Latin graffiti bombed on Trastevere stone. Tree-ring calendars from Tunguska, beehive databases writ in wax, chamber music played in reverse to create arcane tone poems - there is much in history you need to confront and tackle head on, preferably wearing some kind of protection.

Yourself #3
Before they put me under house arrest, I-I-I travelled constantly, I observed and recorded. Secrets. Truths. Legends. Angels battling over Stonehenge - you need these special goggles, they sell them at the ticket office, you need to know what to ask for - the setting sun reflecting off Shambala's walls as the stars aligned to breathe life into its spectral populace; the halls of King Solomon's Temple as it was carved by demons out of the bedrock; oh, nymphs showering in the waterfalls of the Garden of Eden...

Yourself #4
They... Templars found me at the bottom of a particularly foul soulwell off the coast of Indonesia, eh, coming down from a spectacular and spectacularly chemical search for the Third Circle of Hell. They put me in shackles and brought me here. Lanark told me himself: "When everything is true, there is nothing more dangerous than an educated man unchecked." I'm inclined to agree.

The Morninglight #1
Oh, the Morninglight? Bah! Do you have any idea how many cults have risen and fallen in the last thousand years? The last hundred? The last five?

The Morninglight #2
If there's two things London has enough of, it's Indian restaurants and bloody cults. The Morninglight is no different from a hundred other end-of-daysers, it only happens to be the biggest, but anyone can get to a million disciples; it's simply a question of making people believe you have the answer to all their questions.

The Morninglight #3
The Morninglight is only the last in an endless chain of sun worshipping cults, though I sense in them a desire for more than blind worship. Their rhetoric is zealous, like they want to devour their god, not kneel before it. It's a bit... off-putting, to be honest.

The Morninglight #4
I myself started a sun cult back in...oh 1979, to test an hypothesis. But by 1980 I had a hundred thousand people ready to leap off the Masada at my command. It was just an experiment, of course, but I was forced into exile for two years after breaking the good news. You'd think they'd be only happy to avoid mass suicide. I don't think most people really appreciate the importance of practical science.

Sun Cults #1
The sun! On no there's a topic close to my heart, and there's a hundred books on this topic right up here, no need to descend into the vaults where feral tomes stalk ancient shelves in hunt of stray sentences, though if you're serious aobut it I'd recommend arming yourself and tempting fate. Tuesday mornings would be your best bet, that's when most of them sleep.

Sun Cults #2
It's only natural, of course, that the sun has fascinated and frightened humanity from the day we crawled out of the black oceans, and sun cults have been around since the first full eclipse. To stare in awe as the source of life and light is devoured by oily darkness has a way of putting the fear of god into the hearts of savages.

Sun Cults #3
There's often been a contrasting duality to these sun cults. Light and darkness: life and death. From Atenism in Akhenaten's Khem, the Mihtraic mysteries of Persia and Rome, to the Fifth Sun of the Aztecs - the further you dig into the texts, the more you wonder which side of the coin these cults truly worshiped. The giver of light...or the eater of light.

Sun Cults #4
I myself spent seven formative years tracing the ascendance of sun worshipers across five continents. Tibet! Equatorial Guinea! The Amazon Basin! Greenland! Whoa. Those seven years flew by in a haze of history and hallucinogenics. Mmmm... That's also when I grew this rather epic beard.

Sun Cults #5
The hair was during my time studying the tone-deaf chanters of the sunken islands of the Seventh Atoll. Some of the chants, I later realised, were composed to arouse hair follicles in a rather spectacular fashion. Haven't put a brush to it since I lost my last one in there.

Your Library #1
Were you to peruse the shelves of my library - as few do, unfortunately, preferring to peruse periodicals or their electronic reading devices rather than these musty books - you'd find embedded in-between the pages of many tomes my own personal additions. Secret chapters, prologues and epilogues, written over the course of fifty years.

Your Library #2
Tens of thousands of pages, in multiple languages - some dead, some forbidden, most in the Queen's English; record of my travels and experiments, accounts of the people I've encountered, living and dead; rituals I've unearthed and performed, to varying degrees of success. I've left them here for posterity, but they were never meant for publication.

Your Library #3
As a young man, I revered historical records and treated them as fact. I followed in the footsteps of Herodotus, and I sought to experience history first-hand, even when it meant taking dangerous leaps through time and space, aided by chemical agents that are, at best, prohibited. I came to realise at last something fundamental: history is interpretation.

Your Library #4
There's no singular truth. There are no facts. History isn't only written by the victor; it's rewritten by subsequent victors, or losers who come into possession of the victors' texts, or, or, or, the mistresses of victors who figured they'd write themselves into history to ensure immortality. History is-is mutable, history morphs, in form and shape, context and content. history lives and breathes and never dies. It moves on, a vast beast, lumbering across millennia, leaving chaos and destruction in its path.

Your Library #5
All us historians can do - arcane or not - is pick through the wreckage and attempt to piece together the broken bits in the hope that it'll teach us something.

The Templars #1
I discovered the Templars long before they discovered me. It was deep below the sand-blown ruins of the Tower of Babel. I was attempting to decipher, through the use of a rather massive water-pipe, the intricacies of a forgotten smoke-code language - in the pleasant dialect of a potent local leaf - when I came across a beautiful mural.

The Templars #2
At first I thought it was merely the lingering effects of the mind-bowing hallucinogenics, but when I came to, days later, I realised I'd found proof of a long-held theory of mine. That the Templars - or what we now know as the Templars - arose in the city states of ancient Mesopotamia. Crusaders even then, they were merciless in their war on evil. And also on anyone who didn't, uh, adhere to their rather stringent moral code.

The Templars #3
There is evidence of their activities already in cuneiform script which takes them back, oh, at the very least, to Sumerian times, and their presence and influence reached ever new heights - in Ur, Babylon, Nineveh and Persepolis.

The Templars #4
'Course they are no less powerful today, but you don't hear Templars speak of their origins. Partly because they are blind to it, and partly because there are secrets they would not wish to share with the world.

The Illuminati #1
Digging through the sands of the Egyptian deserts can be a riveting experience. Living on rainwater and rations alone, not so much. But it was among the nomadic peoples of the Eastern Sahara that I came across the first clues to the origins of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati #2
The cabal appears to have originated somewhere in Central Africa, before moving towards the Nile Valley during the height of the first dynasties. This seems particularly plausible considering their affinity for the pyramid in all of their imagery.

The Illuminati #3
The Illuminati never advertised their successes to the same extent as the Templars, but everything points to a prosperous time for them during the Golden Age of the Two Kingdoms, when they had the regions largely to themselves. But nothing lasts forever. The might of the Egyptian Empire waned, and so did the influence of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati #4
At least for awhile. They are, admittedly, very good at reinventing themselves - a sight better than, um, than our own rigid organisation. Although...yes, yes, we are trying, and Mr Sonnac is our best bet in generations, I must say.

The Dragon #1
The mystical corners of East Asia are...well, somewhat chaotic. There is none of the rigid structure of Europe, or the fierce ambition of the Americas. The Templars and the Illuminati are well established. The Dragon... is in perpetual motion. They claim ownership of nothing, control of nothing, but... everything points to their involvement across the entirety of the Far East. And yet our understanding of them is limited at best.

The Dragon #2
References to them as... as a coherent entity pop up here and there, throughout time, in various documents and historical records, but then eh, the-they vanish, ithout trace...uh, just like my guide through the underbelly of Ulaanbataar. Left me stranded for weeks, but I did lean to navigate by sound and smell alone. Eyes, as it turns out, are rather superfluous.

The Dragon #3
Finding good sources and identifying historically important members of the Dragon eh, he-he, is, quite impossible. It's almost like their organisation is a unified entity that moves instinctively, like an ascension of skylarks. Or, indeed... Or indeed, one dragon.

The Dragon #4
They do have a head, known as, naturally, the Dragon, but it is not quite clear, not quite clear, what, if anything, this head does. Whether it's a... a ruse, like most of the Dragon's operations, or if he, or she, has some actual power to control the body.

The Dragon #5
Incidentally, the Dragon is always a child, and when the child is grown, the Dragon dies and is reborn, in a new place. It is fascinating. Ineffective, one would assume, but fascinating, and a complete mystery to us, which is, one suspects, entirely intentional.

The Phoenicians #1
In my youth I was fascinated with Dido. The queen of Carthage, not the, uh, the songstress. I walked from Tyre to Tunis searching for the source of her conviction. It was a lot further than it looked on the map.

The Phoenicians #2
But there were secrets hidden in her footsteps. No "Deification for Dummies," unfortunately, but I found some fascinating facts about the Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors, AKA the Purple People. Yeah, a real find, considering how secretive they are.

The Phoenicians #3
Despite popular belief, these people didn't start out as petty thieves or mercenaries. They were once, in fact, part of our organisation, of the Templars. Given the current climate between the factions, you can just imagine why this has been a closely guarded secret.

The Phoenicians #4
There was a tragic love triangle involving two brothers and a sultry Salome of a woman which set everything in mortion. Hearts were broken, a blood bond was severed, and control over the Middle East was divided in two. I have been apprehensive of the gentler gender since that run-in with the Four Whores of the Apocalypse in Timbuktu. Eh, no, it's not a topic fit for discussion, believe me, heh. I'd rather forget all about it.


From tswguides.com:

Sign of the Times is the first faction mission the players experience. It follows the conclusion of Dawning of an Endless Night and sets up the story for Black Sun, Red Sands in Egypt.

"Having returned from your first assignment on Solomon Island, the Templars have a new matter in London that requires your attention"

Cutscene Dialogue
* Richard Sonnac: Huh, welcome back.
* Richard Sonnac: That's quite the thousand yard stare.
* Richard Sonnac: Believe me when I say that you did everything you could have done,
* Richard Sonnac: and even found time for a little collateral salvation.
* Richard Sonnac: Despite my instructions to the contrary.
* Richard Sonnac: I won't feign disappointment...you were as noble as the situation was not.
* Richard Sonnac: I only hope you weren't expecting a neat and happy ending,
* Richard Sonnac: or I would have cushioned you better for the vertiginous letdown.
* Richard Sonnac: This was only a small ugly battle in a long long war.
* Richard Sonnac: Remember Solomon Island as a learning experience, all about evil.
* Richard Sonnac: Evil cannot be swept under the rug, buried beneath the artificial turf
* Richard Sonnac: It must be dealt with quickly and absolutely.
* Richard Sonnac: That's our cue. Without conviction, we are nothing.
* Richard Sonnac: You saw that pretender Beaumont hold a weapon that once united kingdoms,
* Richard Sonnac: and banished stellar gods...and a lot of good it did him.
* Richard Sonnac: Hmm...what a difference conviction makes. The sword was Excalibur.
* Richard Sonnac: It belongs in an occult museum, not with some roadside diner Lolita who fancies herself
* Richard Sonnac: a black magician.
* Richard Sonnac: But we will find her. Let's face it, it's not the first witch hunt we've ever launched.
* Richard Sonnac: We must. If such a thing were to make it to the open market,
* Richard Sonnac: it's the end of the Secret World.
* Richard Sonnac: (he sits down) That reminds me, Detective Inspector Shelley will be needing our assistance.
* Richard Sonnac: Don't keep her waiting too long, it might wear on her...sunny disposition.

Tier 1/7
* Meet with Marianne Shelley
- She's in London also, marked on your map. She's up the ramps and platforms
* Enter the Crime Scene
- Use the doors crossed with police tape, you'll enter the Cold Storage (Solo Instance)

Tier 1 Journal Entry
* Find and assist Detective Inspector Marianne Shelley in Darkside.

Tier 1 Dialogue
* (player finds Inspector Shelley standing next to a police officer puking over the railing)
* Marianne Shelley: (offering you a mint) Mint? Terrible habit. I needed to quit smoking, but I think I'll have to start again to get off the mints.
* Marianne Shelley: (looking at the officer) Ritual murders are tough on the digestive system, but it is part of the job.
* Marianne Shelley: Part of this assignment. It's tough, and it takes some getting used to.
* Marianne Shelley: Not everyone does, so they keep having to send me fresh meat.
* Marianne Shelley: You'd think they'd do a more thorough job with the psych evaluation.
* Marianne Shelley: The assignment is called "Cults and the Occult" for a reason.
* Marianne Shelley: While you were out of town, we tied a couple of homicides back to the exotic black markets here.
* Marianne Shelley: Unnatural homicides.
* Marianne Shelley: If murder was ever a natural part of things.
* Marianne Shelley: We'll take care of it. We always do.
* Marianne Shelley: But before we do, you'll need to have a poke around the crime scene.
* Marianne Shelley: Some...things need to be kept out of the official reports,
* Marianne Shelley: even if the reports are automatically filed under Agenda 71.
* Marianne Shelley: It's procedure. Besides,
* Marianne Shelley: Sonnac likes to send his own people for anything of this nature.
* Marianne Shelley: I assume he told you what you're looking for. Frankly, I don't want to know.
* Marianne Shelley: I'd warn you,
* Marianne Shelley: but I imagine you've seen worse since we last met.
* Marianne Shelley: (holding out the mints again) One more for the road? It might help keep your breakfast down.

Tier 2/7
* Continue into the cold storage
- Keep going until you find the bodies hanging from the ceiling, and the lone body on the floor in the middle of the ritual symbol
* Find a way to remove the barrier from the symbol
- Use the switch on the wall
* Find the source of the strange noises
- A door opened up in one of the cabinets in the first room
* Search the hidden room for a way to remove the barrier
- There are 3 recordings in the basement room, listen to them

Tier 2 Journal Entry
* Shelley seems to think you already know what you're looking for. Investigate the cold storage and see what you can discern.

Recording 1
* Nick Lambe: This is Nick Lambe.
* Nick Lambe: I'm recording this as a reference for those who come after me. For future research.
* Nick Lambe: I...I retrieved an item from a crate that came through the warehouse.
* Nick Lambe: I could hear it from my office the night it arrived. It whispered to me.
* Nick Lambe: It's an Egyptian mirror in the shape of an Ankh.
* Nick Lambe: Very old, can't place it. Ebony frame, polished metal surface, but not copper.
* Nick Lambe: Inscribed with the symbol of the sun god, Aten.
* Nick Lambe: But, most incredibly...it's full of stars.
* Nick Lambe: The mirror isn't a mirror, it's a window. Into another world.
* Nick Lambe: I'm going to London. I have contacts there, and I can find the tools I need. Ingredients...
* Nick Lambe: I'm going to find a way to open the window.

Recording 2
* Nick Lambe: The stars are talking to me.
* Nick Lambe: I don't sleep anymore. Wh-When I slip into dreaming, I hear them.
* Nick Lambe: They whisper. They tell me, they tell me to do things.
* Nick Lambe: Uh. The mirror is hungry. For blood. For flesh.
* Nick Lambe: Oh, God help me, I can't stop myself.
* Nick Lambe: I want to do everything it's asking me to do. Oh, what's happening to me?

Recording 3
* Nick Lambe: Oh, Jesus. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus fucking Christ, what have I done? What have I done?
* Nick Lambe: I've killed. I fed the mirror. It was insatiable.
* Nick Lambe: It wanted more, and then the window opened and the darkness came through.
* Nick Lambe: Now this...thing inside me, it's multiplying. Like, like worms, squirming in my soul.
* Nick Lambe: If the darkness breaks free, it will-- I have to trap it.
* Nick Lambe: Inside me. I have to bind it. In a prison of flesh, the thing inside me and the mirror that unleashed it.
* Nick Lambe: There's a spell. I found a book. It's...
* Nick Lambe: I need to sacrifice myself to trap it. It has to be contained, even if it means...
* Nick Lambe: Oh, my God... May God have mercy on my dark soul.

Tier 3/7
* Go through Lambe's ritual books
- Read the "Book of Dust" (make note of the illustration, which matches the arrangment of the candles on the floor around Lambe's body

Tier 3 Journal Entry
* Lambe's confession mentions an ankh - it must somehow be the cause of this slaughter. If the body within the symbolic barrier is his, it may still possess the ankh.

Tier 4/7
* Snuff the candles on the ritual symbol
- While the instructions say "reverse the incantation" - use the candles in the same order as shown in the book, not the reverse
- If you use the wrong candle, it will relight
* Retrieve the ankh
- Walk up to Lambe's body lying on the floor within the ritual symbol, and pick up the ankh
* Defeat the Reclaimer
- Easy fight

Tier 4 Journal Entry
* Armed with the ritual knowledge from the Book of Dust, reverse the incantation maintaining the symbol of protection

Tier 5/7
* Retrieve the ankh
- This time you really can pick it up

Tier 5 Journal Entry
* The entity bound to the ankh has been defeated. Now the item should be safe to the touch, you hope.

Tier 6/7
* Find the librarian in the Temple Club
- Go to the Temple Club in London
- Approach Iain Tibet Gladstone in the library

Tier 6 Journal Entry
* An occult item this dangerous belongs in the Templars museum...or library. Visit the Temple Club.

Tier 6 Dialogue
* (player hands the ankh to the librarian)
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Ohh, it's worrying. Shocking!
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: But...ah...nothing new or, indeed, entirely unexpected.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Ohh, trafficking in occult...paraphernalia is older than time.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: King Solomon had a famous collection, and...ah...I'm told Xerxes was a keen hobbyist in his prime.
* (Mary and Catherine Stuart enter the room and walk over to Iain)
* Catherine Stuart: That's not all we hear about Xerxes.
* Mary Stuart: He was a man with a sizable body of work.
* Catherine Stuart: Glimpses of Ancient Erotica.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Huh, first...edition?
* Catherine Stuart: (looking at you) I'm sorry, are we interrupting?
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Eh, the black market!
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Ahh, our technological evolution is...is something of a myth.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: The most powerful items in the world are all...
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: very old, very, very old, unfathomably old.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: And equally priceless.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: "Redistribution" of that wealth began around the time of the Phoenicians,
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: hehe, which is in itself an interesting story.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: The Phoenicians were cleft from the bosom of the Templars.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Two brothers were at the head of our organisation, until they...
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: suddenly...parted ways.
* Mary Stuart: Over a woman? It's usually about a woman. How exciting!
* Catherine Stuart: How droll. Always a bum rap.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: One founded the Brotherhood of Phoenician Sailors.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Or, as they are known today, the Phoenicians.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Hm, so it could be said that this despicable practice...
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: well, you know, it...it's our own fault.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Undoubtedly why the Templars have always been adamant about policing this trade. Venice directives or not.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Hm...but even the Phoenicians knew the rules.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Unwritten, unspoken, but rules.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: These items should never find their way into reckless hands.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: No matter the offer. I mean...
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: the alternative is...
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: disaster!
* Catherine Stuard: Well, I think we could all use a stiff drink after that.
* Iain Tibet Gladstone: Ah! Splendid!
* (the twins lead him out of the library)

Tier 7/7
* Report to Richard Sonnac in Temple Hall
* Travel through Agartha to the Scorched Desert in Egypt
- Go to the end of the Solomon Island branch in Agartha, take the first "speed portal" that leads off branch.
- This will bring you to the Valley of the Sun God branch. Take the first exit portal to get to Scorched Desert

Tier 7 Journal Entry
* With the ankh safely in Gladstone's possession, report back to Richard Sonnac when you are ready for your next assignment.
* Though the ankh is secure, it seems events in Egypt are boiling over. The governing body of the secret world, the Council of Venice, has asked the societies to intervene. Richard Sonnac added you to the Templars delegation.

Tier 7 Dialogue
* Richard Sonnac: Were I someone of loose morals trafficking in forbidden relics,
* Richard Sonnac: heaven forbid, Egypt would be quite the honeypot.
* Richard Sonnac: Its ancient evenings are still heavy with power.
* Richard Sonnac: Stop me if you've heard this one before.
* Richard Sonnac: "I met a traveler from an antique land / Who said:
* Richard Sonnac: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone / Stand in the desert.
* Richard Sonnac: Near them on the sand, / Half sunk,
* Richard Sonnac: a shattered visage lies, whose frown / And wrinkled lip
* Richard Sonnac: and sneer of cold command /
* Richard Sonnac: Tell that its sculptor well those passions read."
* Richard Sonnac: (laughs) No really, stop me, I'm grandstanding.
* Richard Sonnac: Two weeks ago, we received the poem Ozymandias on the back of an unsigned postcard from Cairo.
* Richard Sonnac: It is, and always has been, a warning,
* Richard Sonnac: concerning gods and god-kings thought left to the shadow of history.
* Richard Sonnac: Or to Romantic poetry.
* Richard Sonnac: In an entirely unsurprising coincidence, we have been petitioned by the Council of Venice to respond to a matter in Upper Egypt.
* Richard Sonnac: "A great evil is rising in the sands,"
* Richard Sonnac: that's actually what was written. A great evil.
* Richard Sonnac: Clearly this requires our particular...touch.
* Richard Sonnac: The Council are ineffectual, but they take their peacekeeping responsibilities seriously.
* Richard Sonnac: Deathly seriously.
* Richard Sonnac: The other societies will eventually be forced to respond;
* Richard Sonnac: we should lead by example.
* Richard Sonnac: This is one of the places civilisation began.
* Richard Sonnac: Let's see to it that civilisation doesn't end there.

329,670 Experience total
* 29,970 XP upon completion of Tiers 1 and 3 thru 6 (no XP for Tier 2)
* 179,820 XP upon completion of Tier 7

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