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Case Study No. 1175: Unnamed Female Librarian (Megamind)

Metro Man fakes his death
Metro Man tells the truth and he is alive
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[Megamind and Roxanne Ritchi are in Metro Man's secret hideout, where they find the super hero (whom they'd previously believed to be dead by Megamind's hand) alive and hiding out from the citizens of Metro City]
ROXANNE: You're alive?
MEGAMIND: You're alive?
METRO MAN: [pause] I'm alive.
ROXANNE: But, but... We saw your skeleton! You were dead!
[Megamind looks at him with a very serious look]
MEGAMIND: Are you a ghost?
ROXANNE: There had better be an amazing explanation for this!
[Megamind reaches out and squeezes his face, making his lips open and close]
MEGAMIND: Speak, apparition ...
[Metro Man gently pushes his hand away, and sighs]
METRO MAN: Okay. Okay, okay, okay ... You both deserve the truth. It all started back at the observatory.
[the scene fades into a flashback of when Metro Man was "trapped" in the city observatory by Megamind]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] Roxanne was kidnapped. I was gonna stop you ... My head wasn't in the game that day. We were kinda goin' through the motions.
[the footage runs in slow motion, as Metro Man walks out of the observatory at "normal" speed]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] So, using my super speed, I decided to go clear my head.
[cut to Metro Man standing behind Megamind (who appears to be frozen in place because Metro Man is moving so fast)]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] And I realized ... we had done this same silly charade our entire lives!
[cut to Metro Man sitting in the park (as everyone else is frozen in place)]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] I tried to get my mind off how I was feeling, but I just felt stuck. I began to realize, despite all my powers, each and every citizen of Metro had something I didn't ... a choice.
[cut to the public library, as Metro Man walks up to the self-help section and pulls a book off the shelf, as various patrons around him are frozen in place while a female librarian (brown hair in a bun, grey sweater, blue skirt) with her back to the camera reshelves a book from on top of a ladder behind him]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] Ever since I can remember, I've always had to be what this city wanted me to be ...
[the camera pans to the right (passing a stack of books with titles such as "I'm Okay, I'm Okay" and "Better Life Now"), then fades into a scene of Metro Man sitting in a diner reading the library book he took off the shelf ("The Happiest Me I Can Be") while stealing food from the nearby "frozen" customers]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] What about what I wanted to do? Then it suddenly hit me ... I do have a choice!
[cut to Metro Man staring at a giant statue of himself constructed by the citizens in his honor]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] I can be whatever I wanna be! No one said this hero thing had to be a lifetime gig ... But you can't just quit either. That's when I got the brilliant idea--
[his expression suddenly changes, as he smiles and looks towards the heavens]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] To fake my death!
[cut back to Metro Man (at normal speed) in the observatory, as he pretends to be powerless while Megamind looks on from a giant television monitor]
METRO MAN: Copper ... drains ... my power!
[Megamind gives him a confused look, as he turns his head to hide his snickering]
MEGAMIND: Your weakness is copper?
[cut to an exterior shot of the observatory, as the "death ray" from Megamind's satellite makes contact and causes the building to explode]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] Once your death ray hit, I'd never felt so alive!
[cut to inside the observatory, as Metro Man flies out of the explosion, then returns carrying a skeleton (wearing his cape)]
METRO MAN: [in voice over] So, I borrowed a prop from a nearby nursing school, and Metro Man was finally ... dead!
[cut back to Metro Man in his hideout, as he holds up a guitar]
METRO MAN: And Music Man was born!



Megamind (2010)

The supervillain Megamind (Will Ferrell) finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man (Brad Pitt). But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.

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