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Case Study No. 1198: Staff of the Sayville Library

Captain Amazing
Captain Amazing tours Sayville Library
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["Sayville Library presents ... Captain Amazing" appears on screen, then cut to a superhero with a red cape and Zorro mask "flying" through the air (i.e. lying on his stomach in front of a green screen depicting blue sky and clouds)]
[cut to Captain Amazing "landing" in front of a still image of the Great Pyramids, as he turns to the camera and shrugs his shoulders]
[cut to Captain Amazing "landing" in front of a still image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as he turns to the camera and shrugs his shoulders]
[cut to Captain Amazing "landing" in front of a still image of a waterfall, as he turns to the camera and shrugs his shoulders]
[cut to Captain Amazing "landing" in front of a still image of the Great Wall of China, as he turns to the camera and shrugs his shoulders]
[cut to Captain Amazing "flying" away from China, then cut to him and a still image of the Sayville Library]
[cut to Captain Amazing actually standing in front of the Sayville Library]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Sayville Library? I have my library card.
[he holds up an oversized library card]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Let's check it out!
[he runs into the library, then cut to Captain Amazing looking at some artwork hanging on the wall]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: An art gallery in the library? That's amazing!
[cut to the childrens' section, as some children are sitting around a fake tree and reading books]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Reading under the tree at the library? That's amazing!
[cut to some children sitting at the computer terminals]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Homework help in the library?
ALL: That's amazing!
[cut to Captain Amazing sitting at a table with a group of children painting miniature pumpkins]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Wow, crafts at the library?
ALL: That's amazing!
[cut to two children walking up to the female librarian at the front desk]
CHILD 1: Can we have some laptops?
[she hands them each a laptop]
CHILD 2: Thank you!
LIBRARIAN 1: You're welcome!
CHILD 1: Thank you!
LIBRARIAN 1: You're welcome!
[Captain Amazing suddenly pops up behind the librarian]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Laptops at the library? That's amazing!
[cut to Captain Amazing standing outside of a study room]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: [whispering] Studying at the library? That's amazing!
[cut to Captain Amazing sitting with a group of patrons]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: Having fun at the library? That's amazing!
[he high-fives one of the male patrons, then cut to another male patron asking the male librarian at the front desk a question]
PATRON: Hi, how ya doing?
LIBRARIAN 2: Good, how are you?
PATRON: Good. I have a quick question. I was wondering, do you have "Iron Man" available on Blu-Ray?
LIBRARIAN 2: Let me take a look ...
[he types on his computer]
LIBRARIAN 2: Looks like we should have a copy, let me show you.
PATRON: That's great.
[he gets up]
LIBRARIAN 2: Right this way ...
PATRON: Thank you.
[cut to the two walking up to the DVD shelf]
LIBRARIAN 2: All of our new movies are on this shelf. We have Blu-Rays here, marked in blue. Our regular DVDs, and we also have Quick Flicks, which are extra copies of our most popular movies. They're a three-day loan, and there are no renewals or reserves ...
[he reaches up and grabs a Blu Ray]
LIBRARIAN 2: Let's see, "Iron Man" ...
[he hands it to the patron]
LIBRARIAN 2: Here's "Iron Man" on Blu-Ray.
PATRON: Oh, great! Thank you very much!
LIBRARIAN 2: You're welcome ...
[Captain Amazing suddenly pops up]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: All the latest movies at the library? That's amazing!
[cut to an older female patron sitting in a chair reading a magazine, as Captain Amazing pops up behind her]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: [whispering] A reading room at the library? That's amazing!
[cut to Captain Amazing back outside the library, holding the oversized library card]
CAPTAIN AMAZING: It sure is amazing what you can do with a library card!
[cut to Captain Amazing "flying" against the blue sky/clouds while carrying a stack of books]

Thanks to
Tim Cowan as
Captain Amazing

Photo Credits:
Pyramids - Ricardo Liberato
Leaning Tower of Pisa - Alkarex Malin Ager
Waterfall - www dot bibleplaces dot com
Great Wall of China - Jakub Halun



President of the Senior Class Timothy Cowan

"A young man who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Class of 2011, a remarkable role model, and a very special person in our High School." Principal Ron Hoffer

"Hello. Hey! Hi... What's up! How are you?" Timothy Cowan greeted his classmates and humorously precused as intentional any accidental stutters, fumbles, or mispronunciations during his speech.

After a serious moment, acknowledging "all those going off to serve our country" with a round of applause, Tim opened his Response for the Class with the quote: "Some say 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' and the picture I see right now is no exception. From this moment on, my speech will be precisely one-thousand words, explaining exactly what I see."

Tim began by describing what he could actually could see from the podium: "some who are tired of sitting and listening to people speak... proud parents, excited students, some of whom are rapidly counting fingers attempting to disprove my one-thousand-word promise." After, he added his insights about his classmates: "but what I see most is a group of passionate and powerful individuals. I see the strong, the brave, the intelligent, the outgoing, the persuasive, the fabulous, the beautiful and much more. I see a group of capable people who can accomplish anything they put their minds to. We are not the future of just our little town of Sayville, not of New York, not even of the United States, but WE are the future of the world... capable of achieving all of our dreams, and each one of us is the best at something... As I look out into the crowd, I don't see a group of random faces; I see a network of supporting individuals, ready to fight, ready to succeed."

Reflecting on what their generation has experienced and "survived together," from Pokeman to Facebook, Tim stated "We have become stronger as a nation due to terrorism, we have become a generation competent in technology, we have illustrated our ability to adapt in any situation, which will help us as we further grow. We have witnessed the election of the first black president; we have seen cloning, new medicine, new games, new everything and we will continue to see new advancements. We will live longer, and pretty soon we will travel in flying cars, or at least I like to think so. We came, we saw, we conquered, and we will continue to do so."

With a smile Tim added, "I can promise you that we were the best class of 2011 Sayville High School will ever see...." When the chuckles subsided, Tim admitted, "To be honest, I think our class is the best they'll ever see. We have certainly left quite an impression."

This included calling their own assemblies, dunk tanks, ice cream trucks, and winning homecoming.

Recalling High School lessons learned—real, silly, and humbling—an how they will help in the future, Tim confessed certain lessons have made him "more outgoing, more willing to make a fool of myself.... on that note of making a fool of myself, I was requested to say this, 'That's amazing,'" which elicited cheers from his classmates. (Go to Sayville Public Library's website to see Tim's alter ego, Captain Amazing, in a video showcasing the new library.)

Aware that his word count was limited, Tim remarked, "It is at this moment I realize exactly how hard it is to explain a picture in a thousand words," but thanked everyone who ever gave him support (and with fifty-eight words) left, Tim congratulated his classmates, had confidence they would find success "I would not be surprised to find out many of you have become CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and millionaires or even billionaires depending on the inflationary rate, " and ended his speech by pulling out a camera, requesting "everyone please say 'cheese," because this is the picture I will remember forever..." and snapped the shutter.

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