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Case Study No. 1168: Giddy Louise Brown

"Giddy in Love" Trailer - 2012 SNOB FF
Small-town librarian, Giddy Louise Brown, is looking for love in all the wrong pages.
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[trailer opens with a closeup shot of a young African American female librarian (unkempt brown hair in a ponytail, buck teeth, glasses, green dress with high white collar) staring directly at the camera]
GIDDY: I want to be ... in love!
[her grandmother walks up behind her and talks to her in a loving (if condescending) manner]
ZELDA: Now that's not for girls like you ... You're different.
[cut to several scenes from the movie]
["Everyone wants it ... but does anyone understand it?" appears on screen]
GIDDY: What does it mean to be in love?
[cut to several shots of handsome male author Bradley Love]
GIDDY: Bradley Love seems to know so much about love ... maybe I could be in love with him.
[cut to Giddy talking to another young female librarian (brown hair pulled back in a bun, glasses, red sweater, plaid skirt) while they stand in front of a bookshelf at the Bloomington (Rhode Island) Public Library]
GIDDY: Like potato in a stew ... Like stuffing in a turkey?
BRIDGETTE: Yep ... love is like breakfast.
GIDDY: [pause] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
["There's someone for everyone ... right?" appears on screen]
[cut to Giddy walking through the library]
GIDDY: Bradley Love is going to be here this evening, and I have a feeling he might just want to sweep ... uh, me off my feet!
[cut to a closeup of Giddy's face]
GIDDY: Let's saddle up this pony and ride off into the sunset! Here we go!
[cut to Giddy leading a book club (including Bridgette and her grandmother Zelda) in the library]
GIDDY: Hello everyone, it's your favorite Bloomington bookworm!
[cut to Giddy talking to her grandmother]
GIDDY: My plan ... is for my dreams to come true!
[cut to a man dipping Giddy in the middle of the library]
GIDDY: Dudley!
DUDLEY: Looks like you need a partner ...
[cut to a closeup of Giddy's face, as she gasps]
GIDDY: I'm in love with you!
[cut to a shot of Giddy running her fingers across the book spines on a shelf in the library]
GIDDY: You betcha!
[cut to several more scenes from the movie]
["Official Selection, Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival, Concord New Hampshire 2012" appears on screen]
GIDDY: He's smart! He's snazzy! He's all that, and don't you see it! It's Bradley! Bradley Love!
[cut to another shot of Giddy and Dudley dancing in the library, as "Giddy in Love" appears on screen]



Giddy in Love (2012)
37 min - Short | Comedy | Family

Giddy In Love is the story of a small town librarian who is looking for love in all the wrong pages.

Jasmine Brooke White ... Giddy Louise Brown
Brock Gloor ... Bradley Love
Dayenne Walters ... Gammy / Zelda
Andrea Higgins ... Lucy Strauss
Lisa McGurn ... Bridgette
Natalya Obolensky ... Darcy Dwyer
Keith Michael Penault ... Dudley



Giddy In Love is a short film about a small town librarian who is looking for love in all the wrong pages.

Giddy Louise Brown desperately longs to be in love. Although she is unsure about what "being in love" truly means (or, what's worse, if anyone will ever be in love with her), she is certain that all her dreams will come true. All that Giddy knows about love is what she has read in romance novels. As such, she falls head-over-heels in love with celebrity romance novelist, Bradley Love. Giddy, however, has never met Bradley love... So we follow her through the few nerve wracking hours leading up to Bradley's book signing at the local library - every moment a quirky adventure in Giddy's quest to grasp the romantic love she's never had.

Giddy In Love is based on the one-woman play, Giddy In Love, written and performed by Jasmine Brooke White at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Her passion for film and belief that Giddy could translate from the stage to the screen lead her to pursue her next Giddy venture: the short film. In 2011, Jasmine met a very talented and extremely hard-working filmmaker and Harvard graduate, Noel Barlow. As Director, Co-Producer, and Co-Screenwriter, Noel worked with Jasmine to tell Giddy's story in a hilarious and artistically powerful way. The message shared through Giddy is simple: there is absolutely someone for everyone! God loves you so much, He even cares about who you end up with.

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