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Case Study No. 1194: Guner Sernikli

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[Guner Sernikli and his family are speaking with the mayor of the small Turkish village and his staff]
NAZMI: What will your position be?
GUNER: The new director of library.
[the mayor and his group stare at him in surprise]
NAZMI: Library?
EMIN: Director of the library?
BASRI: Library!
CASIM: Allah hath wrought wonders!
NAZMI: What an honor!
[he gets up and kisses him on each cheek]
NAZMI: Congratulations, Guner bey!
EMIN: Why didn't you tell me, Guner abi? Allow me to kiss your hand!
NAZMI: Finally we have been blessed with our very own library director!
EMIN: And the tallest director, on top of that!
CASIM: Congratulations!
GUNER: Thanks.
[everyone suddenly gets very quiet (but they keep smiling)]
NAZMI: [pause] If we only had a library, it would be perfect.
[he turns to Crazy Emin]
NAZMI: Right?
EMIN: Sure would.
[Guner's wife gets a shocked look on her face]
SITI: You don't have one?
[he daughter starts to laugh, as the mayor shakes his head]
NAZMI: Afraid not.
EMIN: It's the first time it is mentioned.



Vizontele Tuuba is a 2004 Turkish comedy-drama film, written and directed by Yilmaz Erdogan, based on the writer-director's childhood memories of the last summer of his childhood in village in 1980. The film, which went on nationwide release on January 23, 2004, was a sequel to the highly successful Vizontele (2001).

Guner Sernikli is a government official who, with his wife and their wheelchair bound daughter, has been assigned as the head librarian to this isolated province, virtually an exile since there is no library in the village. The family is warmly welcome, but these are the years of political anarchy and leftist/rightist clashes in big cities and the youth of the village inevitably follow the tides. They arrive in Vizontele, just as the situation is becoming really absurd. Guner brings wisdom; his daughter Tuba brings beauty, innocence and love. Some like the Mayor, Nazmi Dogan and crazy Emin appreciate these things but they are in the minority and confusion continues to reign. The story is based on the memories of writer-director Y?lmaz Erdogan of the last summer of his childhood in Hakkari, Turkey in 1980.

* Yilmaz Erdogan as Crazy Emin
* Tarik Akan as Guner Sernikli
* Altan Erkekli as Nazmi Dogan
* Iclal Aydin as Ceyhan
* Demet Akbag as Siti Ana
* Tuba Unsal as Tuba Sernikli
* Tolga Cevik as Nafiz

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