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Case Study No. 1160: Anne Duncan, Cathy Donnelly, Stephanie McMurray, Margaret Threet, and Branka Steinbaugh

Librarians Remake Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' Video, Win Internet
Few music videos are quite as indelible as Beastie Boys 'Sabotage.' Nearly 20 years later, every frame of Spike Jonze's 70s cop show approach to the classic rap cut is ingrained in our brains. Which is precisely what makes this cheeky remake of the already-cheeky video so perfect.

Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman -- a comedy duo who also work at Francis W. Parker K-12 School in Chicago as a third-grade teacher and counsellor, respectively -- convinced the school's librarians to recreate the classic video, complete with book cart chases.

Let's just say library fines have never seemed so daunting. Enjoy!
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["Librarians + Beastie Boys = " appears on screen, then cut to the POV of a bookcart being pushed down a long hallway]
[cut to a barcode scanner being pointed directly at the camera (as the screen briefly turns bright red), then cut to various shots of a public library as the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" begins to play in the background]
[cut to an older female librarian (white hair, sunglasses, purple shirt, tie, black pants) taking "cover" on the ground, as someone runs off into the stacks area]
[cut to another female librarian (brown hair, white shirt, striped tie, suspenders, black pants) running down the hallway towards the camera]
[cut to the two librarians (who are also wearing badges) walking side by side, as they kick a door open]
[cut to more shots of the library, then cut to the two librarians looking out of a window (one of them through binoculars while the other holds a walkie talkie)]
[cut to a man (sunglasses, bad wig, fake mustache) skulking around the stacks area, as he pulls a book off the shelf]
[cut to the two librarians behind the front desk, as one of them jumps over it and runs off camera (while the other just shrugs and calmly walks around it)]
[cut back to the man stuffing books into a bag, then cut to one of the librarians watching him while talking into a walkie talkie]
["Sabotage" appears on screen, then cut to one of the librarians tossing a bullhorn to the other one]
[cut to another shot from the POV of the bookcart, as it wheels down another hallway]
[cut back to the man stealing books, as one of the librarians peeks over from behind the corner (causing him to flee)]
[cut to the man trying to hide behind a bookcase, then cut to various shots of the library]
[cut to the man wearing a disguise (business suit, sunglasses, curly blonde wig, blonde mustache) standing by the elevator as one of the librarians watches him, then "Guest starring Sir Martin Moran as himself" appears on screen]
[cut to the man running down the stairwell, carrying a briefcase, as the librarian chases after him]
[cut to the man running through a door and down a hallway, when he trips over some books and falls down, so the librarian jumps on top of him]
[cut to the other librarian speaking into her walkie talkie, then "Starring Anne Duncan as Story Time" appears on screen]
[cut to the two librarian sitting together and laughing, then cut to one of them alone in a dark room with the book thief (as she moves in to slap him in the face), then "Cathy Donnelly as The Techie" appears on screen]
[cut to another librarian (blonde hair, sunglasses, white shirt, tie) staring into the camera, then "Stephanie McMurray as Late Fee" appears on screen]
[cut to the two librarian eating donuts in their office, then cut back to the man running down a hallway]
[cut to the man jumping over a step stool (as one of the librarians runs after him), then cut to him being tackled by her]
[cut to an exterior shot of the library (as someone throws books out of an open window), then back to the man as the librarian grabs him by the collar and forces him up against a bookcase]
[cut to the man (still holding his bag of stolen books) being led by the ear back towards the stacks, then cut to another female librarian (brown hair, sunglasses, striped shirt) yelling towards the camera, when "Margaret Threet as Dewey" appears on screen]
[cut to another female librarian (grey hair, sunglasses, black blouse) sitting at the reference desk when she looks up towards the camera, as "Branka Steinbaugh as Book Worm" appears on screen]
[cut to the man (in his blonde wig) once again running through the library (being pursued by one of the librarians), as he pushes a bookcart while looking around nervously]
[cut to the librarian (pushing her own bookcart) as she continues chasing him through the library]
[cut back to the man, as he stops his cart, grabs one of the books, then runs off camera]
[cut to the librarian, who (unable to stop her bookcart in time) crashes into the man's "parked" cart, then runs off after him]
[cut to the librarian chasing after the man, as he takes a book and throws it, hitting him in the back and knocking him down to the floor]
[cut to the librarian putting the man's hands behind his back, then leading him down the hallway]
[cut back to the dark room, as the man is forcibly placed face-down on the table by the librarian, when another librarian places his briefcase down next to his head and opens it up (revealing several library books inside)]
[cut to the two librarians pointing at the man in an accusatory fashion, as he simply shakes his head]
[cut to the man in front of the book returns slot, placing books (the ones he stole?) inside one by one]
[cut to the man (no longer wearing his blonde wig) dejectedly walking away as one of the librarians stands behind him and points]
[cut to the man (wearing his blonde wig) pushing a bookcart, as another librarian supervises]
[cut to two of the librarians walking down the hallway, as they high-five in slow motion, then the scene fades to black]



Just in time for MTV's Video Music Awards, BoingBoing has dug up an amazing remake of a legendary clip: the Beastie Boys' beloved Spike Jonze-directed homage to Seventies' cop shows, "Sabotage," as reenacted by librarians.

Comedic musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman from The Mike and Duane Show remade "Sabotage" in the stacks, as badge-wielding librarians hunt down would-be book thieves and keep in contact via old-school walkie talkies. Chase scenes and awesomely awful wigs and mustaches allude to the original video, and stir up nostalgia for library cards and late fees.

The original "Sabotage," which was released as a single in 1994, was belatedly honored at the 2009 VMAs with the Best Video (That Should Have Won a Moonman) trophy.



Chicago-based comedic musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman of The Mike and Duane Show have recreated the classic Beastie Boys' music video for "Sabotage" featuring a group of crime fighting librarians. Set in an actual library, these women are kicking some real book butt -- and it's pretty gosh darn hilarious. Check out the video above to see what happens when librarians take charge.

Could the casting for these librarians be any better? I am kind of obsessed with them. From kicking down doors to tucking and rolling and tackling bad guys, these ladies are not playing around. I certainly wouldn't want to meet either of them in a dark alley of hardcovers.



While knock-off versions of the Beastie Boys' sabotage video have been a popular venture for music fans for years, there's a new one that's kind of neat. Chicago-based comedy musicians Mike Ferbrache and Duane Freeman recruited a group of middle-aged librarians for their take on “Sabotage,” complete with criminals hell-bent on stealing books and (probably) incorrectly re-shelving the books themselves, those assholes. It's a simple enough premise, but the way that the totally grown-up lady librarians took to filming is just a joy to watch, and makes the clip that much more heart-warming.



Listen All Y'all, It's 'Sabotage' By The Beastie Boys…Remade By A Bunch Of Librarians
Written by RoboPanda / 08.19.13

The Mike and Duane Show remade the iconic music video for the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" with some hard-boiled librarians busting a book-stealing syndicate. The end result is almost as cute as the version of "Sabotage" re-enacted by kids. It's definitely the geekiest "Sabotage" related media I've posted since this rap Venn diagram. I consistently regret nothing.

The video stars Anne Duncan as "Story Time," Stephanie McMurray as "Late Fee," Cathy Donnelly as "The Techie," Margaret Threet as "Dewey," Branka Steinbaugh as "Book Worm," and Martin Moran as himself. It's the perfect combination of things I love with things my librarian mom and grandma would only find confusing. The party will have to continue without them. Good men have fought for our right to that sort of thing.



I can't stand it, I know you planned it
I'm gonna set it straight, this Watergate
I can't stand rocking when I'm in here
'Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear

So while you sit back and wonder why
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