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Case Study No. 1163: Alena Durand

"Hypno-App: The Librarian" book trailer
Hypno-App: The Librarian (Hypno-App Trilogy) by Nadia Nightside.

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"Have...have..." he felt so silly saying it. Oh well. "...have you been hypnotized, Alena?"

"Of course, Master. You hypnotized me. For...for millenia." She said the word rapturously, as if that was exactly the right amount of time to have her former identity wiped out of existence. "Millenia and millenia of pleasure. Just from you. You are soooo good to me, Master. Thank you."

Millenia? The spirals must have somehow slowed her sense of time-delivering whole acreages of pleasure in a nanometer of her timeline.
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Adam has a new app on his phone ... a very special app.

He's never had much luck with members of the opposite sex ... But that's all about to change.

By bending their will to his every desire ...

Adam might just learn something new from his ... local librarian.



Hypno-App: The Librarian (Hypno-App Trilogy)
Nadia Nightside (Author)

Perpetual virginal, nerdy Adam thinks his sexual fantasies about hypnotizing the beautiful women around him are just that-fantasies. Then, as he's stuck doing community service at a library surrounded by three gorgeous girls, he downloads a mysterious app on his phone that promises to make him the Owner of whatever hot babes he wants!
He can't help but think of the two other young, barely legal students at the library with him--the sexy cheerleading babe, Camille, and the beautiful-but-studious doll, Barbara. And certainly, there's no way he can stop imagining Miss Durand, the sensationally hot librarian, kneeling before him and begging to serve with her mind totally erased...

For mature audiences only-this erotic short (~6600 words) contains the story of one lucky high school nerd with the sudden ability to hypnotize any beautiful babe he wants!



"You can't be serious."

Adam put a hand to his head, aghast at the amount of books before him. There was a veritable mountain of material - books stacked up to the ceiling, all completely unsorted by any system, Dewey decimal or otherwise. Behind him, the other two students on duty that day were similarly dumbstruck by the amount of work before them.

He, Camille, and Barbara were inside the Webster Hills High School library, standing in front of the lovely and stoic form of Miss Alena Durand. It was a breezy, cool Saturday morning, and the three eighteen year-olds and the twenty-something librarian were the only ones in the tall brick building. Their voices echoed off the top ceilings, caught somewhere by the enormous glass wall on the far side of the reading area.

"Oh yes, Mr. Coolidge, I certainly can be, and am. Your task," Miss Durand pursed her lovely lips and cleared her throat, catching the attention of young and beautiful Camille and Barbara, who had started flipping through the pages behind Adam. "Your task, the task for all of you, is to take these books and sort them into some kind of order. I would suggest first by genre, and then by author and then title."

The library was a quaint little space. Miss Durand, who Adam knew had only had the job for the past few months, seemed to loathe its quaintness. Posters encouraging students to read lined the walls, as well as pieces of classical and impressionist art. Student-made sculptures of bits of the galaxy stood on top of several shelves, on display for a recent project.

"What about, like, by size?" asked Camille. "There's a lot of big ones over there... and a lot of little ones over there... "

"Yes, Camille. That's a lovely idea," the librarian said coolly. "And then when someone comes in here asking for a history of Cambodia, I'll just direct them to the enormous shelf full of medium-sized books and tell them to fend for themselves."

Camille rolled her eyes and turned away, remaining silent.

Miss Durand smiled. "Now, did anyone else have anything stupid to say? No? Wonderful. Get to work. I'll be in the office."

Adam watched Miss Durand's ass as she swayed off. Her shapely form was nicely constrained by her sharp gray pencil skirt. She wore thin pale blue pumps, which clicked as she strutted across the library's tiled floors. If there was a single word to describe Miss Durand, it would be "imperialistic." At five foot eight, short thick dark hair, and measurements of 36C-22-36 (information which Adam had gleaned from several rumors about her) she was incredibly hot, but Adam knew that level of hotness was reserved only for guys well above his paygrade. Guys that could walk into a martini bar and feel right at home, and then buy the entire night of drinks for everyone in the bar, and then buy the bar itself.

It seemed like she was a librarian only because she enjoyed order - organizing and shaping the way of things. Adam could respect that, for he had a lot of the same impulses in him.

He was a senior in high school. In a year, he would be going to Grant University on scholarship, though not enough to pay his whole way. He had stayed up the night before the SATs and ACTs - both nights - because he was taking care of his sick aunt at home. She was dead now, and had left him a little money - which wasn't why he had taken care of her, but it was a nice added benefit to knowing he did his best to make the good woman comfortable on her way out.

He spent that money on his computer, on his dream. He loved working on his computer, in any capacity, and tried to master every program he came across. This had helped him in his attempts to secure entrance into a good school like Grant University, but that had only gone so far, apparently.

So, he needed more scholarships so that he could focus on his studies and not have to work every day that he had classes next year. For more scholarships, he needed more community service.

Thus, library duty on a Saturday. Library duty which, happily enough, had landed him a lot of time to gaze and gawk at a trio of incredible beauties that seemed not of this realm.

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