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Case Study No. 1181: Gregory Burns

Tau Bennett of Being Elmo Presents: Gregory's Day Off.
Gregory Burns, the Librarian finally had the weekend off. All he wanted was to read his favorite book, but he was faced with many distractions. Will Gregory ever find the time to finish his relaxation time? Tune in and find out.
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A Tau Bennett Flick

T.B. Productions and Dark Truth Creations presents

Gregory's Day Off

[scene opens in a public library, as the male librarian (a yellow-skinned puppet with glasses, a purple nose, fuzzy brown hair, mustache, and a red shirt) hands a young female (and human) patron a book]
LIBRARY CUSTOMER: Thanks, Mister Burns.
GREGORY: You're welcome, dear.
LIBRARY CUSTOMER: Are you excited about the weekend?
GREGORY: Sure am! I get the day off tomorrow!
LIBRARY CUSTOMER: What're your plans for the weekend?
GREGORY: I dunno, just maybe to relax and read ...
LIBRARY CUSTOMER: Oh, I'm sure you're excited about that!
GREGORY: Oh, yes I am!
LIBRARY CUSTOMER: Well, sounds good. Well, see you next week, Mister Burns!
GREGORY: Alright, later.
[she walks off]
[cut to the librarian behind the wheel of his car]
GREGORY: Oh yes, I get to ... Ugh, last place I wanna be is the library!
[he starts to back out of the library parking lot]
GREGORY: Oh, I get such a long weekend off! Mmm boy!
[cut to the librarian driving down the street]
GREGORY: Turn on some Frank Sinatra ...
[he turns on the radio, then begins turning the wheel]
GREGORY: A little bit ... Hoo boy!
[cut to another shot of the librarian driving home, as he sings along with the radio]
GREGORY: Driving home to read, alone! Ah yes, I get to read!
[cut to another shot of the librarian as he pulls into his driveway]
GREGORY: Ah, I'm home now! Here I am! Ha ha! Such short arms ...
[cut to the librarian putting the car into park]
GREGORY: Yes, I'm here! Ah ha!
[cut to the librarian walking into his home]
GREGORY: Ah, yes ...
[he begins humming to himself]
GREGORY: The library ... The last place that I want to be this weekend!
[he stops in front of his bookshelf]
GREGORY: Ooh, such a wonderful selection of books I have, in my house!
[he starts moving his finger across the book spines]
GREGORY: Eenie, meenie, miney, moe ...
[he stops and pulls one of the books off the shelf]
GREGORY: Oooh, Sunjata! Book One, The Blood Wars! Ah, I've been meaning to finish this book ... nice!
[cut to the librarian sitting down in his chair]
GREGORY: Ah yes ...
[cut to the librarian's wife (a yellow-skinned puppet with glasses, a small pink nose, long black hair, and a red dress) in another room watching TV, as she turns and starts yelling]
CARRIE: Gregory!
[cut back to the librarian, as he puts the book down and looks off camera]
[cut back to his wife, who continues yelling in a shrill voice]
CARRIE: Gregory, can you go to the store and get some milk?! We're outta milk!
[cut back to the librarian, who tilts his head back and lets out a sigh]
GREGORY: Well, it'll cut into my vacation time ... but I think I can make a compromise.
[cut to the librarian in the supermarket, pushing a shopping cart as he mutters to himself]
GREGORY: Oh boy, I do not want to see the library ... Well, I wanted to finish reading my book, but as long as it's not the library, I guess it's alright.
[cut to the librarian in the dairy section, as he grabs a carton of milk]
GREGORY: Okay, here it is, the milk ...
[he sniffs it]
GREGORY: Ah, smells okay ...
[cut to the librarian putting the milk in his shopping cart, then back to his home as he sits down in his chair again with his book]
GREGORY: Right, back to my book ... yes! Ah, okay!
[cut back to the librarian's wife]
CARRIE: Gregory!
[cut back to the librarian, who jumps at the sound of her voice, then sighs and shakes his head in annoyance]
GREGORY: Yes?! Yes, honey?
[cut back to the librarian's wife]
CARRIE: Can ya also water Petals the Plant?! Oh! And use the special growth formula!
[cut back to the librarian]
GREGORY: Okay, I will water the plant ...
[he shakes his head and mutters to himself]
GREGORY: I hate watering that plant!
[he sighs, then cut to the librarian walking outside when he stops next to a small potted plant]
GREGORY: Ugh, Petal! I don't know why she thinks this plant growth juice is gonna work! It never, this plant has never grown before! It's too small, it's always been small!
[he shakes his head]
GREGORY: Oh well, I'll try it out anyway ...
[cut to a closeup of the plant, as the librarian sprays it with a water bottle]
[cut to another closeup of the plant, as ominous music plays while the scene quickly changes to a giant "Audrey II"-style Venus Fly Trap puppet sitting in its place]
[cut to another shot of the librarian (oblivious to the change) standing outside]
GREGORY: She knows and I know that that plant is not going to grow! It's too small, it's cutting into my reading time, it's wasting my time ...
[cut to a shot of the librarian standing next to the giant plant (still unaware of its transformation)]
GREGORY: It's wasting my time, it's not going to--
[he turns and finally notices the plant, then screams and runs off as it opens its mouth and tries to eat him]
[cut to the librarian sitting down in his chair again, book in hand]
GREGORY: Oh, yes ... Ahhh.
[cut back to the librarian's wife]
CARRIE: Gregory! Can ya also throw out the trash?! It needs to go! It's starting to stink!
[cut to the librarian carrying a garbage can towards the door, muttering angrily to himself]
GREGORY: Oh boy, I do not want to do this!
[cut to a closeup of the garbage can, as the librarian moves his hand off the bottom and trash starts falling out onto the floor]
GREGORY: What the--
[cut back to the librarian]
[he slaps his forehead in frustration, then cut back to his wife]
CARRIE: Gregory! Oh Gregory!
[cut back to the librarian (who had just started reading his book again), as he looks off camera]
GREGORY: Yes, honey?
[cut back to the librarian's wife]
CARRIE: Can ya walk the dog?! And make sure he urinates before you bring him back in! We don't want any accidents all over the house, now do we, Gregory?! Remember last time?!
[she turns back to the TV]
GREGORY: That dog ...
[cut to the librarian walking a little puppet dog outside, next to a fence with a "No Pets Allowed in Playground Area" sign]
GREGORY: Alright, alright ... I brought you out here, now are you ready to do your stuff?
[the dog yips at him excitedly, then cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
GREGORY: Come on, dog, come on! Do what you came out here to do! Come on, do it!
[cut to another shot of the dog standing next to the librarian]
GREGORY: Alright, go ahead! Go ahead!
[the dog yips at him again]
GREGORY: Come on ... Come on, go ahead, pee! Pee!
[the dog yips at him, then cut back to a closeup of the librarian's face]
GREGORY: Come on, pee!
[from off camera, the dog suddenly shoots a stream of urine (that looks suspiciously like silly string) in the librarian's face]
GREGORY: Uh huh ...
[with the "urine" covering his nose and glasses, the librarian calmly nods his head]
GREGORY: Thank you, doggie ... Let's go!
[cut back to the librarian sitting in his chair, as he finally starts reading his book]
GREGORY: My book ... mm hmm. Nice, oh wow!
[a knock at the door stops him]
GREGORY: Oh, who is it? Come in, come in!
[cut to a young boy (a yellow-skinned puppet that looks suspiciously like Bert from Sesame Street) walking up to the librarian]
NEPHEW: Uncle Gregory?
GREGORY: Yes, my nephew, what can I do for you?
NEPHEW: Can you read me a story?
GREGORY: Oh sure, I've got the perfect story right here!
[he holds up his book]
GREGORY: Sunjata!
NEPHEW: Not that story.
[he puts the book down]
GREGORY: Well, what story would you like me to read to you?
NEPHEW: Doctor Seuss!
GREGORY: Doctor Seuss ... Alright, fine, as long as it's a story. Well, where is this Doctor Seuss book of yours?
NEPHEW: At the library!
[the librarian suddenly faints, as "Shave and a Haircut" plays in the background, and the scene fades to black]

TB Productions Co.
Dark Truth Creations

Tau Bennett as
Gregory Burns

Lisa "Venus" Bennett as
Carrie Burns


Yssis Q. Selby as
Library Customer

Ausar A. Bennett as

Produced, Directed and Written by
Tau Bennett and M.W. Bennett

Production Team and Effects
Ausar A. Bennett
Tau A. Bennett
and Mahess

Gregory's Day Off



Tau Bennett is a child puppeteer and protege of Kevin Clash. Bennett puppeteered Baby Bear on the Sesame Street float in the 2011 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He makes a cameo in a season 43 episode, holding Clash's dog Puna.

Bennett's initial meeting of Clash was featured in the documentary Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey; the invitation came from Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, who met Bennett in Atlanta, and was reminded of Clash.

In early July 2012, Bennett appeared on the Nickelodeon game show, Figure it Out.

Bennett has a roster of 22 characters, including Congo Bird from the Jungle of Smartypansous, Question Heir, Juice the Hippie and Herbert the Hobo.

Tau also has videos he puts up of his puppets under the username Sunjata22.

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