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Case Study No. 1155: "Dracula the Librarian"

Dark Stacks
Dracula the Librarian
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["Dark Stacks: Dracula the Librarian" appears on screen, then cut to black-and-white footage of a young woman entering a college library]
[cut to the woman browsing through the stack, when a figure suddenly walks past]
[cut to the woman peeking out from behind the bookshelf, when she sees a tall male figure wearing a trenchcoat emerge from the stacks]
[she quickly turns and heads for the opposite direction, making her way towards the "Information & Reference" desk (where a male librarian is sitting with his back to her)]
MINA: Um ... can you help me?
[the librarian slowly turns his chair (revealing himself to be the same trenchcoat-wearing figure), as he bares his fangs ... she slowly backs away, then cut to the woman trying to find a hiding place in the stacks]
[cut to the two of them walking in and out of frame, disappearing behind one bookshelf only to re-emerge from behind another ... they eventually run into each other (in Scooby Doo-esque fashion), and he chases after her]
[cut to the woman trying to escape, when he pops up from behind a bookshelf in front of her, and she slowly backs away]
[cut to the vampire's POV (as she cowers in fear), then back to the vampire as he bares his fangs and pounces]
MINA: Aaah!
[she covers her face and screams as he lunges towards her ... except that he trips and falls to the floor]
["Thud" appears on screen, as she takes the opportunity to run away, while he slowly gets up and carefully dusts off his trenchcoat before resuming his pursuit]
[cut to the woman hiding behind a bookshelf, as the vampire runs past without noticing her]
MINA: I wonder where the books on vampires are?
[she stops in front of the "Travel" section ("DU628-900") and peeks around the corner ... only to find the vampire wearing a straw hat and a Hawaiian shirt while strumming a ukuele; he looks up at her and bares his fangs, so she nonchalantly moves on]
[cut to the woman in front of the "History" section ("DG207-900"), so she again peeks around the corner ... this time, the vampire is wearing a toga, and he again bares his fangs at her (but she just rolls her eyes and moves on)]
[cut to the woman in front of the "Human Sexuality" section ("HQ1000-1700"), when someone - the vampire? - sticks out one of their legs (in fishnet stocking and a high heel shoe), then drapes it across the bookshelf in a "seductive" fashion]
[cut to a closeup of the woman, who covers her mouth (as if she's going to vomit) and runs off]
[cut to the woman in front of the "Vampyre" section ("BF1550-1555"), as she begins looking through the books]
MINA: Aha! "Vampire Slaying for Dummies" ... Perfect!
[she pulls the book off the shelf, then takes it to a table and begins reading, when her phone starts ringing]
MINA: [into her phone] Hey! Yeah, I'm at the library ... No! What?! Nah, she didn't do that!
[as she smiles and continues talking, and hand reaches in behind her from off-camera and gently pokes her on the shoulder ... she recoils and runs off, then cut to the vampire putting a finger to his lips and shushing her (before realizing that his prey is getting away, so he bares his fangs and runs after her)]
[cut to the woman running into a room, where she rummages through several objects in a desk (butterfly net, rubber band, stuffed monkey, etc.), before the camera zooms in on a pair of chopsticks]
[cut to the woman walking through the stacks, when the vampire appears before he ... he lunges forward, but she holds the chopsticks up over her head, and he gets a scared look on his face before backing away]
[cut to the woman driving the chopsticks into his chest, as he falls backwards into the wall and slowly slides down to the floor]
[the woman smiles and starts to walk away triumphantly, then cut to a closeup of the vampire, as he slowly opens his eyes]
[cut to the vampire standing up and pulling the chopsticks out of his chest, as he takes off his trenchcoat to reveal a "flak jacket" underneath]
DRACULA: Ha! Your puny chopsticks are useless against my Acme Stake-Proof Vest!
[he moves towards the woman, then the screen fades to black]
[cut to both of them standing behind the reference desk (her skin is noticeably paler and her head is slumped over to one side), as the vampire smiles and waves to the camera]
[cut to a closeup of the woman (with a dead look in her eyes), as "Mina overcame her information anxiety and enrolled in the Library Science Program" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of the vampire's stoic face, as "Dracula still works at the Reference Desk" appears on screen]
[the vampire slowly bares his fangs, as "Fin" appears on screen]

Dracula ... Kale Kingsbury
Mina ... Alice Tran

Ali Minni
Ryan James

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