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Case Study No. 0988: "Librarians Kill for That Kind of Quiet"

Dikembe - Librarians Kill For That Kind of Quiet
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Librarians Kill for That Kind of Quiet
From the Album "Broad Shoulders"

Original Release Date: August 7, 2012
Label: Tiny Engines
Copyright: 2012 Tiny Engines
Duration: 2:50 minutes



This is a complex heart-to heart
So I won't say that I can't defend my art with this lack of restraint
So I'm slipping into the stained glass of this muscle memory
With my lungs like an index, I'll be wading through context clues
And the things I should say, like "I wish I was brave enough to say this to you"
But the effort it would place on a lasting impression
I'll be a footnote if I can't defend my art
I can't defend my art, I can't defend my art
I can't defend it
You could only teach me the words
I could never learn how to say it
I think I've had enough of the worst of the things I just take for granted

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