Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Case Study No. 0964: Unnamed Student Library Worker (Dawn of the Information Dead)

Dawn of the Information Dead
Armed with only a library card and book light, a shelver must face the unknown horror of the NHCPL basement.
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["The following is based on actual events that occurred at New Hanover County Public Library" appears on screen]
[scene opens with a male student worker pushing a bookcart through the library as ominous music plays, when he stops at the elevator]
[cut to inside the elevator, as he presses the "LL" (lower level) button]
[cut to a shot of the doors opening, as the student worker exits out into the darkened stacks area of the basement]
[he heads for a bookshelf and begins reshelving, when he hears moaning from somewhere off camera]
[he looks around, then continues shelving ... but stops when he again hears the moaning]
[the student worker steps out from the shelf to investigate, as he takes a book light out of his pocket and turns it on]
[cut to the student worker walking towards a dark corner of the basement, as he lifts his booklight and illuminates the faces of a zombie father and his young zombie son]
[he turns and runs away, then stops and kneels down in a corner as the zombies shamble past him]
[he slowly gets up, then immediately runs away as a zombie mother and her young zombie mother (both wearing torn white dresses) appear behind him]
[cut to the student worker running towards the elevator, as he desperately pushes the button, then begins pounding on the doors as the zombies slowly approach]
STUDENT WORKER: No! No! Open up!
[he cries out in terror, then the zombies surround him as the scene cuts to black and "Visit NHCPL" appears on screen]
["Alternate Ending" appears on screen, then cut to the student worker again running away from the zombies, except this time he heads back to his bookcart ... he runs into the cart and falls to the ground, as the zombies slowly advance towards him]
STUDENT WORKER: No! No! No! Noooo!
[the moaning zombies move in for the apparent kill ... except they stop at the last minute and begin pulling books off of the cart, opening them and "reading" in an inquisitive fashion]
STUDENT WORKER: [pause] I'm okay with this.
["Alternate Ending" appears on screen, then cut to the student worker again being surrounded by the zombies in front of the elevator]
[the zombies stop, as he holds up a library card]
STUDENT WORKER: Look ... it's a library card! Instead of eating my brains, you can make yours bigger!
[the zombies grunt in confusion]
STUDENT WORKER: What do you think? Do we have a deal?
[he hands the card to the zombie father]
STUDENT WORKER: Good, yes. Yes.
[he begins petting the zombie on the head]
STUDENT WORKER: Learning ...

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