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Case Study No. 1013: Aaron Schmidt

Kinky Librarian part 1
Remember Aaron? Did you get to see his tattoos? No? We did... and now you can!

Aaron's tattoo's became the inspiration for a new and exciting video-channel on You Tube: The Kinky Librarian. Karen Bertrams famous for her work at ProBiblio has a gift. She can be very convincing! Within a couple of seconds she talked Aaron out of his shirt. We promise you, he will not be the only one... We are always on the lookout for librarians with a speciality. No we are not thinking of page-markercollectors. It must be something you wouldn't expect a librarian to do.

So who's next? Suggestions, applications, offerings and requests in the comments.
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The Kinky Librarian Part 1
Aaron Schmidt
Male librarian shows his tattoos ... not just for everyone

[scene opens with a young male librarian speaking directly to the camera]
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] You are?
AARON SCHMIDT: I am Aaron Schmidt. I have completed my lecture at ProBiblio.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Okay.
AARON SCHMIDT: Now I have my real job at hand. I have to take my shirt off ...
[he starts unbuttoning his shirt]
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Okay, lemmee see something!
AARON SCHMIDT: To show off my tattoos. And I have requests ... Not something I do for just everyone.
[she lauhgs]
AARON SCHMIDT: Slowly, I'll take my shirt off ...
[he takes off his shirt (while still wearing an undershirt) to show his arms covered in tattoos]
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Wow!
AARON SCHMIDT: So, here we go ...
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] That's something, eh librarian? Lemmee see.
AARON SCHMIDT: Yes, there's no stereotypes in libraries, right?
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] No.
[the camera zooms in on a tattoo of a red cross with cyrillic script on his right forearm]
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] What's your ... I see here, Russian thing?
AARON SCHMIDT: Yes ... No, Greek.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Greek?
AARON SCHMIDT: It means "fish."
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Fish?
[he points to a tattoo on his left forearm, showing a skull (wearing a mortarboard) sitting on top of a book, with a key clenched between its teeth]
AARON SCHMIDT: My favorite one is this, I think.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Yeah?
AARON SCHMIDT: It's my librarian tattoo. I have my book ...
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Wow.
AARON SCHMIDT: I have a key. I have my mortar ... uh, hat that we call that, when I graduated school.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Wow.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] And you have it done at the same tattoo place?
AARON SCHMIDT: Yes. Mostly all at the same place in Chicago, actually ...
[the camera zooms in on his right arm, and focuses on his tattoo of a bonsai tree]
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Here we are in Japan ...
AARON SCHMIDT: Yes, mm hmm.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] And you think more librarians should have a tattoo?
AARON SCHMIDT: If they like them, absolutely.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Yeah.
AARON SCHMIDT: You should not be ashamed to ... Do you have any?
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Um, not yet?
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Yeah.
AARON SCHMIDT: Maybe we can go later?
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Okay ... And-and I saw one there, when you lifted your shirt?
[the camera zooms in on his midsection, as he laughs]
AARON SCHMIDT: Oh, yes ...
[he lifts his undershirt points to reveal a small circular tattoo above his left hipbone]
AARON SCHMIDT: There's one right here, too.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Okay.
AARON SCHMIDT: My first one ...
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Oh, that was the first one?
AARON SCHMIDT: That's all you get to see, though.
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Okay.
AARON SCHMIDT: Later, maybe more ...
KAREN BERTRAMS: [from off camera] Thank you!
[they laugh, as the scene fades to black]

The Kinky Librarian
Who's next ...



In the past eight years Aaron Schmidt has been a circulation clerk, reference librarian, and library director. Shortly after completing his MLIS at Dominican University, Schmidt saw the potential of applying new media technology to libraries and launched successful programs at his suburban Chicago public library. Helping the library connect to its community through things such as instant messaging, weblogs and social software led to Aaron publishing articles in Library Journal, School Library Journal, Library High Tech News, Online, and others. He has presented on the topic of library technology and usability throughout the United States, and in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. In 2005, Schmidt was named a Library Journal “Mover & Shaker.”

Schmidt moved to Portland, Oregon in 2006 and became the director of a nearby public library. He helped the library grow and gain full membership in the Washington County Cooperative. During this time he continued to write, give presentations and workshops and work for other libraries as a consultant.

Currently he is the Digital Initiatives Librarian for the District of Columbia Public Library but still lives in Portland. He helps plan forward thinking, fun projects for the library, helping them connect to the community and teach them about the Read/Write Web. He also assists with website visioning, conducts usability testing, leads the library's Library 2.0 Interest Group and helps coordinate and generate ideas for the library's digital research and development project called DC Library Labs. He was part of the team that created the first iPhone and Blackberry online catalog searching applications.

He maintains a library and website usability weblog, and can be reached at librarian [at] gmail [dot] com

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