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Case Study No. 0985: "Living the Sexy Librarian Dream"

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Living the Sexy Librarian Dream
Shimmy Boyle
Video by Kyer Wiltshire

After we spend all the best books
Against the insatiable gasoline fire of our brains
You turn to me and say "Watching you read is like pornography"
Then you set free your bobby pins
Earthquake your hair out from its moorings in a slow motion explosion of sexy
Until it settles gorgeous around you, like a halo of brunette sunlight
Your glasses flash across the room and shatter against the card catalog
Your bare arms, they remind me of the Constitution
Because we have the right
We have the right to bear arms
Your torn nylons, they're like a war
That everybody has won
The top three buttons of your white business blouse burst off
Your cleavage is like Alaska
Cradled in black lace, the endless doom of the crevasse
I sweep the debris from the information desk
Staplers and papers and pens
Soar across the room and I scream
"I wanna place my bookmark between your pages!"
And you put your finger
Gentle to my lips
And say "Shhhh ... Shut up. This is a fucking library."
And so I kiss the ink stains on your fingers
And I say "Baby ... allow me to be the author of your orgasm."
For you have turned my paperback into a hardcover
And this one's gonna be bigger than Harry Potter
So bend free the bars of your chest cage
And expand outward until the sun
All the rooms your love lives in
I stopped believing in you until the moment we met
This is no desperate prayer
The lanterns are waiting
So put on your bookjacket and come with me
And let us set the bookshelves on fire
Breathe in the smoke
Inhale the words
And let the stories live inside of our bodies
Your vagina
Your vagina is the greatest story that has ever been told
Yeah, I said it
So dress me in dime store romance novels
And use me like an old cliche
Because I would yell in a library for you
I would bind myself in leather
Turn my skin to paper
And swallow an inkwell
Just to be beneath your hands
I would cut down every last tree
And place a plastic bag across the lungs of the world
Just to make a book for you
Darling, arrange my Dewey Decimals
Put your stamp on my library card
Scribble in my margins
Make me pay my fines
I am delinquent
You have done this to me
And I love it
With your lips like letters
Kisses like ellipses
Turn the pages
I long for your soft rustling
Keep them turning
But read me slow
I am not ready for this book to end yet.



With the romance of Valentine's Day stashed safely behind us, most Santa Cruzans are returning to the happy humdrum of their day-to-day lives. Everyone, that is, except the company of performers at this year's What is Erotic? show. As fundraisers go, the sixth annual What is Erotic? is about as far from humdrum as Lady Gaga is from a convent.

Opening last week at The 418 Project, the assortment of local dancers, singers, comedians, musicians, and spoken word artists present a collection of 28 original works that probe the topic of eroticism from every possible angle. This year's theme is Wet Dreams and you still have a chance to check it out this weekend.

The evening begins with an "Erotic Salon" to help audience members immerse themselves into the show's evocative theme.

Characters clad in sequins and peacock feathers flank the theater entrance, offering chocolate truffles with a twist – the truffle must be eaten from the d├ęcolletage of beautiful burlesque dancer. A topless woman balancing an elaborate Balinese headdress slinks through the room, pausing for photos and smiling seductively as guests enter.

From the ambient lighting to the sensual piano melodies swirling through the air, the atmosphere is designed to arouse the audience before the artists step foot on the stage.

Even the theater set-up at The 418 Project is as distinct as the subject matter. Audience members can opt to sit on the traditional rows of riser seating or make themselves comfortable on the dozens of jewel-colored cushions lining the show floor.

On opening night, smartly-dressed people lounge and play, taking group pictures in what are referred to as "puppy piles" on the pillows. However once the curtain rises, the focus instantly shifts from the party to the performers.

An early crowd favorite is Shimmy Boyle, who lights the room up with laughter with his Living the Sexy Librarian Dream. A renowned Bay Area spoken word artist, Shimmy has an uncanny knack for merging sexual innuendo with clever literary tropes that allow even the shyest listener to start feeling comfortable in exploring their own erotic impulses.

"My understanding of the erotic is that it is entirely separate from the act of sex, though the two are often coupled together," said Shimmy. "It is a certain provocative tension that, when tapped into, can imbue almost any setting or mode of interaction with a sense of arousal. My poem strives to reach that using books and the act of reading as devices of the erotic, while intentionally avoiding overtly sexual language."

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