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Case Study No. 0976: Topez

PageChronica Story Trailer HD 720p
Page Chronica(TM) is a game about the adventure of a female heroine named Topez. As a Librarian of the Universal Library in the Infinite Palace, she accidentally releases an evil entity known as The Big Bad from his prison. The Big Bad then goes on to corrupt the Worlds of Stories turning them foul. Players will play as Topez as she uses her powers over words to cleanse the corrupted worlds of this menace.

Page Chronica(TM) is not your average side-scrolling action-platformer. It is an action-oriented word-puzzle game that combines elements of action-platformers with the forming of words. Capture letters and form words of various lengths and complexity in order to give Topez the power to unleash a variety of Spells and Attacks. The stronger the words formed, the more powerful Topez will be. Featuring fully rendered 3D environments and characters, how well you play the game depends on how well you form your words.
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Once upon a time, there lived an apprentice named Topez who resided in a place known as the Infinite Palace.

Her master was Morpheous, the great Lord of Dreams and Master of Stories.

Her primary duty, given by her master, was to protect the Palace which contained all the stories that have ever been dreamt of, including the ones that are still being created.

However, she had never been entrusted with anything important other than cleaning bookshelves and organizing books.

After eons of doing what she believes is mundane work, she is getting terminally bored.

One time while doing her usual chores, she stumbled upon a book covered in dust hidden away in the shadows behind one of the shelves.

It was an unusual book, locked in chains and had a cover she had never seen before.

With Morpheous away on some urgent matter, she had no idea what to do with it. But she had a great passion for stories and a voice in her mind knew she wanted to read it.

Besides, it was either that or boring chores.

So in a moment of curiosity, she unlocked the chains using her powers over words and proceeded to open the book.

Like a classic fairy tale tragedy, a dark menacing aura rose from the book's pages and hovered above the surprised Topez.

"Hahahahaha ... Dear naughty child. That was quite the careless act you did, but you have my sincere gratitude," echoed the gloomy cloud. "Now tell me, where did He hide the Book?"

"Who are you?" questioned the confused Topez.

"Its power is close, I can feel it. Its entrance is hidden among these lesser stories," it replied.

"H ... Hey! When someone asks a question, it is only polite to answer it!" shouted Topez, only to realize she had just contradicted herself moments ago.

"The Big Bad," purred the cloud as it begun to swirl. "And soon to be bigger and worse ... "

With that, the cloud transported itself into one of the books and vanished.

"No way am I taking the blame for this mess!" retorted Topez as she transported herself into the same book in quick pursuit.


From pagechronica.com:

"Once upon a time, a prophecy spoke of The End. In Fear and Despair, Nightmare rose. And Dreams were distorted. Yet what of The End but merely a page? Spell your Words to rewrite Destiny. Take heed Player and remember this: Words have power."

Developed by Red Hare Studios, Page Chronica is a game about the adventure of a female heroine named Topez. As a librarian in the Library of Dreams, she accidentally released the Lord of Nightmares from his prison. The Lord of Nightmare then went on to corrupt the dreams turning them foul. Players will play as Topez as she uses her power of words to cleanse the dreams of this corruption.

Coming end of 2012 for the Playstation Network

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