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Case Study No. 1019: Agnes Dolittle

The Visitors Trailer [HD]
A school librarian working late at night and frustrated with irresponsible students is about to take matters into her own hands. Little does she know...
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Basil Sprig presents
a Fairy Mayhem Films production

[scene opens with an older female librarian (short brown hair, glasses, flowered dress) walking towards the high school that she works in after hours]
NARRATOR: Agnes Dolittle has had about enough of lazy high school students and their book-borrowing habits ...
[cut to Agnes unlocking the door to the high school gymnasium and turning on the lights, as rows of bookshelves can be seen next to the basketball court]
NARRATOR: Not to mention that her school library's been stuck out in the old gym.
[cut to Agnes putting down a box of books, as the camera focuses on a pail on the floor as water slowly drips into it from the ceiling]
NARRATOR: She's about to take matters into her own hands ...
AGNES: Stupid leak! How many times have I put in a request to have them fix this? But nooooo!
[she takes a nearby wastebasket and moves it in place of the nearly-full pail]
NARRATOR: But little does she knows what awaits her, as she works in the school library late at night ...
[cut to a young girl peeking in through the door, then to the librarian as she types at her computer]
AGNES: Three days late ... Fine!
[she continues typing, when the girl (and a young boy) materialize in front of her]
BOY FAIRY: Ahem ...
[she looks up from the computer, only now becoming aware of their presence]
AGNES: Oh! H-How'd you get in here?
[they ignore her question, as the girl hands her a book]
GIRL FAIRY: We'd like to check out this book.
AGNES: What's this?
[she examines the cover, as the girl rolls her eyes]
AGNES: Fairies?!
[cut to the librarian escorting the two out of the library, as she locks the door behind them ... but they simply smile and walk back towards the door before disappearing]
[cut back to Agnes in the library, when a book falls off the shelf (seemingly by itself) and onto the floor behind her ... she turns to investigate, then hears a loud crash as the scene cuts to her desk (where one of the drawers has fallen to the floor and spilled its contents everywhere)]
[cut to Agnes walking towards her desk (as the fairies' legs can be seen dangling from a bookshelf in the background]
[cut to the girl re-arranging books on the shelf]
[cut to the librarian looking around nervously, then to the fairies sitting on top of the bookshelf (calmly eating and drinking soda while watching her)]
[cut to a basketball, seemingly dribbling by itself through the stacks, as the fairies suddenly materialize in the bleachers section to watch]
[cut to Agnes looking around nervously, as the basketball bounces off the backboard (there is no hoop attached)]
AGNES: Umm ...

The Visitors
Coming Soon ...



"The Visitors" (2012)
20 min - Short | Comedy | Family

A crabby high school librarian is driven out of her wits by strange supernatural beings who visit as she works alone late at night. Who are The Visitors and what do they want? And more importantly for her, can she catch them in the act?

Director: Basil Sprig
Writer: Basil Sprig

Lydia Bishop ... The Librarian
Julieanne Weatherhogge ... Fairy



In the past several years I wrote, directed, and produced several short youtube videos and a short film.

You can see the videos and trailers on my YouTube page: Fairy Mayhem Films.

Here's a concept photograph for the "fairies on the bookshelf" segment in my short film The Visitors.

I wanted a look here that was both beautiful and creepy. I believe I achieved it.



The Night of the Arts is coming to both Glacier Peak and Snohomish high schools over the next two weeks, and each will feature the art and entertainment from the students each school serves and other local artists.

Glacier Peak will be up first on May 10, while Snohomish HS has its night on May 17. Each event will go on from 5-8 p.m., with a sneak preview from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

What will be on display? Art from K-12 students will be displayed, there will be dance and musical performances, demonstrations of various types of art being created, multimedia presentations and a lot more.

There will also be a special screening of the short film "The Visitors" by Basil Sprig at the Snohomish High School on the 17th.

There will be some art on sale, and artists from around Snohomish and the surrounding area have been invited to take part.

The cost for each event is $5 for adults. Students get in for free.

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