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Case Study No. 0991: Giles (Thief II)

Thief II: Backward Messages
The ghost of librarian Giles recites the words of Viktoria in reverse order while wandering the library in Mission 13: Casing the Joint on Thief II: The Metal Age. The audio clips used for his voice, which consists of several female voices, has at least one voice speaking backwards. When the audio clips are played in reverse, you can hear Viktoria from the second cutscene in Thief: The Dark Project. This is the scene in which Viktoria removes Garrett's eye.
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[the player finds the ghost of the murdered librarian wandering around the library at the Gervaisius Estate, speaking what seems to be gibberish in an otherworldly tone]
GILES: [reversed] Bow to the Woodsie Lord and offer up your flesh eye so that his Eye of Stone may see, Manfool!
[cut to another shot of the player, as he hides in the stacks while the ghost again wanders nearby]
GILES: [reversed] Then the spruces to singer him an anthems! And the Woodsie Lord binders them fleshes to stone!
[cut to another shot of the player, as he follows closely behind while the ghost continues to wander through the stacks]
GILES: [reversed] Leaf that feeders on the fleshed ones. Thems that call themselves Builders and wielded up ...


From wikipedia.org:

Thief II: The Metal Age is a 2000 first-person stealth game developed by Looking Glass Studios and published by Eidos Interactive as the sequel to 1998's Thief: The Dark Project. Set in and around a steampunk fantasy metropolis called the City, the game's plot follows Garrett, a master thief, as he works to uncover a conspiracy. The player assumes the role of Garrett and undertakes missions that range from theft to kidnapping and sabotage.

The plot continues some time after the events of the first game. The "Metal Age" has come, and the city has changed with new technology, like cameras and steam powered robots, brought forth by the Mechanists, the current most powerful religion in the city. The sheriff Gorman Truart rules over the city attempting to clean up the streets, including the cynical protagonist, Garrett, who wants nothing to do with saving the world. Like the original Thief, the story takes place in three "Acts"-each one "punctuated by a cutscene that will further progress the storyline", according to Thief II level designer Emil Pagliarulo. The first Act sees Garrett as a "master thief, performing classic thieving runs", while, in the second, he becomes more of a "private investigator" character. In the third Act, Garrett is cast as a "James Bond-type agent, working from a 'base' and setting out to accomplish specific missions".


From wikia.com:

Giles was the head librarian at the Gervaisius Estate, with his assistant, Ashton.

Giles had seen the way that Ashton treated his wife, Lorna. Because of his abusive ways, Lorna and Giles became attracted to each other, and become more or less infatuated with each other.

Giles heard that Lord Holanthrus was needing a new librarian for his vast collection of books. He told Lorna about, and his plan to leave the library in the hands of Ashton, and run off with his wife, so that his promotion would be his consolation for losing his wife.

Ashton heard about the affair (probably when Ashton found the letter under Lorna's pillow), and murdered his wife and Giles, and hid their bodies in a secret compartment in the library. Ashton left Lord Gervasius, saying that Lorna and Giles ran off together, and the library, 'Held too many painful memories', then took the job with Lord Holanthrus.

His spirit did not find rest like Lorna. But unlike Lorna, he became vengeful, attacking those who entered the library at night. It was probably him who made the 'M' stacks disappear.

Sgt. Porter investigated the disappearance of Giles, but concluded he had in fact run away. He did note the necessity of finding replacements soon, and the fact that people had been reporting hauntings there. He admitted that the place did make him feel uncomfortable.

Philemon Abernathy replaced Giles as head librarian.


From wikia.com:

My Darling Lorna,
I do not understand how your husband, my insufferable assistant, can treat you as he does. I swear I won't let him hit you again! I'll take you away from all this some day. Just have patience; there are few who can afford to keep such a library as milord Gervaisius. It will take me time to find another patron such as he. Our nights together will be heavenly.
--Your Giles

My Darling Giles,
Oh my love, I swear I will leave Ashton just as soon as you give me the word! But, if we are to be together, then you know we cannot stay here. It will be impossible for you to work with Ashton after we marry, and more importantly, I don't trust him. He would never give us any peace. I don't want to start our new life together with such troubles. Oh darling, promise me we won't!
Your fragrant daisy,

My Sweet Lorna,
I have the best news! I've discovered that Lord Holanthrus, advisor to the Baron, has need of a new Librarian. His library is selective, but is said to be one of the best in the City. I will speak of this to Lord Gervaisius. He is a reasonable man and will give me my leave. Ashton is a capable librarian and will make a suitable replacement for me, which will appease Gervaisius. Ashton will be happy with the promotion and that will have to be his consolation when he finds out he is losing you.
--Your Giles

Dearest Giles,
Your news is indeed wonderful! I treasure your letter as I do all that you send me. I must tell you, I had a close call last night. I was preparing to read your letter when Ashton came into our rooms. I hopped into bed and hid the letter under my pillow. Thankfully, when I awoke in the morning the letter was still there undisturbed. Soon we will be done with Ashton and the awful memories of this place. I will divorce him and then we will tell Gervaisius of your new situation. I am so glad I believed in you.
Your sweet pea,

Milord Gervaisius,
It comes as a great shock to me to have to tell you that Head Librarian Giles and my wife, my dear Lorna, have run away together. I am beside myself with this loss. I cannot stay here. This place holds too many painful memories. I don't understand how my dear friend and my wonderful wife could do this to me. I have decided to take a position as a Librarian with Lord Holanthrus. I want you to know that I have only the utmost esteem for milord but I cannot stay here with these memories haunting me so.
Your lowly servant,
--Assistant Librarian Ashton

Lord Gervaisius,
I hope thou hast enjoyed the luxury and security, which the Builder's children have brought thee. In such a cruel and uncaring world as this, true friends must aid each other. Tis my hope that I might consider thee such a friend and colleague. I look forward to attending thy reception for your exhibition. Tis said thy hast one of the finest manors in the city and I eagerly anticipate a chance to visit it. I am told thou hast most wondrous terrariums. It would please me greatly to see these and thy private exhibition rooms when I arrive.

I know of what import import thy collections are to thee, but it my hope that thou wouldst honor me with a gift, namely certain ancient masks and the Cultivator artifact.

Twould of course be after the exhibition ends. These items are priceless and twould be a great favor to me if thou wouldst part with them, willingly. I assure you that I will make it worth thy while, both through further Mechanist gifts and through the gift of a certain painting by Durant, which I'm told, thou hast been trying to acquire.
--Master Karras

Permit #1609324
Lord Gervaisius is hereby permitted to begin and maintain construction on these premises, the Manor of Clan Gervaisius. Construction is understood to be occurring in the ballroom and on the third floor.
--Nicholas P. Cantarelli, Registrar
Hall of Records and Licenses

House Sergeant's Logbook, Sergeant Kelvin Porter recording:
Investigation into the disappearance of the head librarian: After a fairly thorough investigation, there is no inference of foul play. I believe that the fool ran away. It is unfortunate that first the head librarian and now the assistant librarian have left we will need to hire replacements quickly. Most all else is quiet. The one strangeness is the rash of supposed hauntings of the library. Never liked the drafty place. I'll look into it later. In the meantime, I must start doing spot checks on the servants and guards for drunkenness.

I, Philemon Abernathy, having considered the terms of employment and the generous financial compensation, do accept the appointment as Head Librarian for Lord Bram Gervaisius.

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