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Case Study No. 0967: Unnamed Male Librarian (Tru Confessions)

Shia LaBeouf - TRU CONFESSIONS - Library Scene
Love love LOVE this movie. I found a copy that I recorded years ago on VHS and converted it to DVD.

I know people have been looking for a copy of this movie everywhere.

I'm taking requests for certain scenes, so just comment and let me know! :)

I must say, Shia was (as he always is) excellent in this movie.
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[scene opens in the public library, where Trudy is sitting with her brother Eddie and her friend Jake]
[he looks up from the book he was reading]
EDDIE: I'm done, can I get another one?
TRUDY: Oh, sure. You know where the kids' section is ...
[she points off camera]
TRUDY: Right there.
EDDIE: Okay.
[he heads for some bookcarts filled with childrens' books and grabs a big pile of them, but he drops one and a passing patron accidentally kicks it into the nearby elevator]
[cut to the inside of the elevator, as Eddie innocently walks in to pick up the book (entitled "Picture Dictionary"), but the doors close behind him and take him to the ground floor]
[cut to the outside of the elevator, as the doors open and Eddie walks out, then starts wandering around the stacks (getting more and more scared by the unfamiliar surroundings)]
EDDIE: Tru? Tru?! Tru!
[he starts running around in a panic and begins screaming]
[cut to the top floor, where Trudy and Jake hear his screams and immediately start running downstairs, then back to Eddie running around in a panic]
EDDIE: Tru! Tru! Tru! Tru! Tru!
[a older male librarian wearing glasses is looking through the stacks for the source of the noise, when he sees Eddie]
LIBRARIAN: Shh! This is a library ...
[Eddie (still scared) stops and stares at him]
EDDIE: Where's my sister?!
[the librarian holds up his hand and slowly approaches him]
LIBRARIAN: Calm down ...
[Eddie begins backing away]
EDDIE: No, I have to find my sister!
[Eddie backs into a display of books, knocking them all to the floor]
[the librarian (without a hint of compassion) throws up his arms in disgust and gives Eddie an annoyed sigh]
[cut to a closeup of Eddie, as he curls up on the floor and begins crying, when Trudy and Jake rush into the scene]
TRUDY: Eddie! Eddie, it's okay!
[she kneels down and hugs Eddie]
TRUDY: It's okay, I'm here ...
LIBRARIAN: Excuse me, this is a library. Perhaps it would be better if you ... took him outside.
TRUDY: Sure, just ... give us a minute, we'll be really quiet.
[the librarian kneels down and begins picking up the books]
LIBRARIAN: This is unbelievable ...
JAKE: She said they need a minute, okay? Just chill!
[he looks at them in annoyance]
LIBRARIAN: Fine. If you need any help, let me know ...
[he gets up and walks away]
JAKE: I'll, uh, go call your mom and let her know we're ready to go.
TRUDY: Thanks.
[she takes out a tissue and wipes away his tears]
EDDIE: It's not fair ...
TRUDY: What isn't fair?
EDDIE: I, I wanna be done being different ... I wanna be the same as everybody else.
TRUDY: Everybody's different, Eddie. Not just you.
EDDIE: No no, Tru! I'm real different!
TRUDY: You know what? You're right. You are different. But if you were just the same as everybody else, you wouldn't get all that special help in school. You wouldn't be allowed to rollerblade in the house ... And you wouldn't be the amazing brother that I love.
EDDIE: You mean it?
[she nods her head and begins to cry]
EDDIE: Tru ... Tru, I make you sad now? What's wrong, Tru?
TRUDY: Nothing.
[he uses his sleeve to wipe away her tears]
EDDIE: Blow.
[they hug]
EDDIE: I love you, Tru.
TRUDY: I love you too, Eddie.



Tru Confessions is a 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie. Tru Walker (Clara Bryant) aspires to be a famous filmmaker. She has a twin brother Eddie (Shia LaBeouf), who is mentally challenged and becomes the subject of Tru's documentary for a film contest she enters. The film was directed by Paul Hoen and is based on the book by Janet Tashjian.

Clara Bryant ... Trudy 'Tru' Walker
Shia LaBeouf ... Eddie Walker
Kevin Duhaney ... Jake
Bruce Vavrina ... Librarian

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