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Case Study No. 0982: The Librarian (Rebecca Pople)

The Librarian
A short stop motion fim by Rebecca Pople.

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The Librarian
A film by Rebecca Pople

A short stop motion animation about a Librarian who has a closer connection to the books in his library than he may realise ...
Books are humanity in print? The Librarian is a story in the flesh.

About 'The Librarian'
Hello and welcome! My name is Rebecca and I am currently in my third year at the Bristol School of Animation where I am specialising in stop motion animation. I do not view myself as an animator; I only see this as a means of expanding upon any craft based work that I create; my true passion lies in modelling and crafting materials into tactile worlds and stories.

Being in the final year of my degree I am currently undergoing my final major project. For this I had to decide whether I wanted to make a short film or a show reel of skills based work. I decided that I wanted to make a short film as I wanted to be able to apply all of the skills that I have learned over the last two years into one project. This is something I have not yet been able to do with such a long time span and to be able to work by myself. Also having access to the facilities that enable me to make a stop motion film is a fabulous opportunity and one that I didn't want to turn down. I was specifically interested in making a puppet based film as this is the aspect of my course that I have enjoyed the most, and so the idea for 'The Librarian' was born.

This website will track my progress from pre-production to the finished film and I hope to update it as often as I can between manically designing, making and animating so you can follow my findings; this is still a huge learning process for me, one which I am very excited about!

Narrative Script
Books are windows on the world, they are our teachers, our companions, but most importantly they are storytellers. Some stories have mythical creatures clawing their way out of the pages; some contain romance and a happily ever after; some hold adventure on the high seas. But like the sea, life is unpredictable and this particular story is not a happy one.

This is a story that its owner would prefer to keep locked away.

On saying that, it would be preferred by this librarian if all books and stories could be shut away. For grief has turned him into a hollow shell of the man he once was.

...Well at least his imagination still works.

And does this story have a happily ever after? Only time will tell, for it is still being written...

An old and weary Librarian who has worked in his job for a very long time has a closer connection to the library and the books within than he realises. Whilst going about his daily business, the Librarians attention is drawn to one book in particular. He settles in his great armchair to read the story contained within it's pages but falls asleep before he can finish. In his dreams the book comes to life... but is it a dream?

Final Script

'The Librarian' is written out onto a page of a book as if by an invisible hand.

At the top of an old wooden ladder that is leaning against a dusty bookshelf THE LIBRARIAN is placing books carefully back onto the shelves. The third book he tries to place onto the shelf is just slightly too far away and he has to shift his weight on the ladder to lean closer towards it. His arm shakes with the effort, and the book slips out of his fingers grasp and falls to the floor with a THUD. He looks down to the faraway floor and then slowly decides to climb down the ladder to retrieve it.

FOOTSTEPS are heard as he steps down the ladder nearing the bottom. The focus is on the book that has fallen to the floor and the Librarians shadow slowly crawls across the surface of this.

Cut to a close up of the librarians legs walking across the screen with an old man's gait. The book is dragged behind him with the awkwardness of an old man struggling.

He is sat in his great arm chair, shuffling to get comfy, considering the book in his hands.

Eventually he starts to read the book, turning the pages thoughtfully and carefully.

His eyelids grow heavy, drooping down and springing back up again before finally staying firmly stuck down.

His muscles relax with sleep and his hand releases the book he was reading to the floor.

(Long shot) He is comfortably asleep in his armchair amidst a great library.

The pages of the book turn by themselves before stopping on a blank page where "I am what your dreams are made of" is written onto the page as if by an invisible hand. Once finished the pages start to turn again and once stopped a tree grows out of the middle of the book made out of pages.

A great WIND blows the tree causing some 'Z' shaped leaves to break off and drift away.

The leaves BUZZ around the Librarians head causing him to stir in his sleep and brush them away. The Z's continue to drift until the Librarian awakes from him sleep, opening his eyes suddenly and at this point they disappear as if they were never there.

The book appears normal making no movement; it is as if nothing has happened.

The Librarian is leaning over the side of his great armchair trying to locate the disturbance he believes he has just heard. Finding nothing, he turns back around, shrugs and then falls back into a deep sleep.

The book twitches mischievously.


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