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Case Study No. 0971: Unnamed Male Librarian (Space Station 13)

Life as an Librarian - Part 1
Meh, kinda boring
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Welcome to Liberty Station 13!
(formerly known as Powerful Station 13, and former to that Liberty Station 13 which will now be the name again)

This server is running a *modified* /tg/station13 SVN build.
Please report any bugs or suggestions at the following address: spaces/LLAbugs/support/tickets
Check the changelog for information regarding new updates and additions!
We are individual from the other SS13 servers, and as such, have our own separate rules. Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse to break them. Revise them, please.
Post any complaints or issues with our Administration Teams on our forums!

Round Duration: 0h 4m
Choose from the following open positions:
Shaft Miner
Medical Doctor
Atmospheric Technician
Cargo Technician

[the player selects "Librarian", then cut to a 2D overhead view of the space station as a male librarian begins walking around]

You are the Librarian.
As the Librarian you answer directly to the head of personnel. Special circumstances may change this.
Your icons have been generated!

[the player enters the library and sits down at the front desk]
[the player clicks on the "Check-In/Out Computer" on the desk, and the "Book Inventory Management" menu appears]

1. Select a Printer
2. View General Inventory
3. View Checked Out Inventory
4. Check out a Book
5. Connect to External Archive
6. Upload New Title to Archive
7. Print a Bible

[the player selects "Check out a Book"]

Book: [Edit]
Recipient: [Edit]
Checkout Date: 4.84
Due Date: 4.84833
(Checkout Period: 5 minutes) (+/-) (Commit Entry)
(Return to main menu)

[the player exits the screen, as "You hear muffled speech ... but nothing is there" appears on screen]
[the player selects "Connect to External Archive"]

Author: Medical Journal, volume 3
Title: Cloning techniques of the 26th century
Category: Reference

Author: Farmer John
Title: The human harvest - from seed to market
Category: Reference

Author: Engineering Encyclopedia
Title: Station Repairs and Construction
Category: Reference

Author: Engineering Encyclopedia
Title: Particle Accelerator User Guide
Category: Reference

Author: Engineering Encyclopedia
Title: Hacking
Category: Reference

Author: Engineering Encyclopedia
Title: Engineering Textbook
Category: Reference

Author: Engineering Encyclopedia
Title: Singularity Safety in Special Circumstances
Category: Reference

Author: Xisc
Title: Cyborgs for Dummies
Category: Reference

Author: Weyland Yutani Corp.
Title: APLU "Ripley" Construction and Operation Manual
Category: Reference

Author: Dr. L Ight
Title: Research and Development 101
Category: Reference

Author: Lord Frenrir Cageth
Title: Chef Recipes
Category: Reference

Author: Sir John Rose
Title: Barman Recipes
Category: Reference

Author: Ntlet
Title: Space Law
Category: Reference

Author: Kyler Stough
Title: "What the hell should i do at this crappy job?"
Category: Reference
ID: SS13 BN1 [Order]

Author: Alexander Henry
Title: Viners - A Minecraft Story
Category: Fiction
ID: KNAF SS13 BN2 [Order]

Author: Jason Smith
Title: Print Job No. 633
Category: Fiction
ID: KNAF SS13 BN7 [Order]

Author: Remembrancer Lain Vernius
Title: The Primarchs of His Majestie's Legions
Category: Religion
ID: KNAF SS13 BN10 [Order]

[the player orders "The Primarchs of His Majestie's Legions", as "The book scanning and binding device's printer hums, but stops after it detects too much clutter." appears on screen]
[the player selects one of the nearby bookshelves, and "That's a bookcase (Reference)" appears on screen]
[the player selects another bookshelf, and "That's a bookcase (Fiction)" appears on screen]
[the player selects another bookshelf, and "That's a bookcase (Non-Fiction)" appears on screen]
[the player selects another bookshelf, and "That's a bookcase (Religious)" appears on screen]
[the player selects another bookshelf, and "That's a bookcase (Adult)" appears on screen]
[the player selects the printed book from his inventory, as "The player opens a book titled 'The Primarchs of His Majestie's Legions' and begins reading intently." appears on screen]

Penned by Remembrancer Lain Vernius
I. Lion El'Johnson
II. (Redacted)
III. Fulgrim
IV. Perturabo
V. Jaghatai Khan
VI. Leman Russ
VII. Rogal Dorn
VIII. Konrad Curze
IX. Sanginius
X. Ferrus Manus
XI. (Redacted)
XII. Angron
XIII. Roboute Guilliman
XIV. Mortarion
XV. Magnus the Red
XVI. Horus
XVII. Lorgar
XVIII. Vulkan
XIX. Corvus Corax
XX. Alpharius

[the player takes "The Primarchs of His Majestie's Legions" and places it on the "Religious" bookshelf]
[the player continues printing out books and placing them on their corresponding bookshelves, and other players enter the library and begin reading the books]



What is Space Station 13?
Space Station 13 is a multiplayer game on the BYOND platform. Centering around a research station owned by the giant corporation known as NanoTrasen somewhere off in deep space, you'll find yourself as a member of the crew helping to keep the station running in a tidy and ordered fashion. Join up in such roles as an Engineer, Scientist, Medical Doctor and try your best to make sure the station doesn't go to hell in a handbasket - a tall order indeed given that such hazards as traitors, alien creatures and terrorists have their own designs on the station.
Then there's other risks of working in deep space, such as meteor showers, radiation storms, and various occupational hazards such as engine failiure or explosive asteroids when mining.

Yeah right. What is Space Station 13 really?
Oh fine. Space Station 13 is your own personal journey into the heart of a badly funded, horribly managed space station staffed by dysfunctional lunatics and sociopathic imbeciles who would just as quickly cave your skull in with a fire extinguisher as they would use their job positions to find new and exciting ways to torture you to death and mangle your corpse in a variety of very cruel, unusual and creative ways. The engineers are too busy smoking weed with the botanists (who have secretley laced it with LSD) to start the engine, the Security forces are hauling everyone off to the brig to never be seen again, the Medics are dropping napalm into their patients' eyeballs to see what happens and the Chef is gibbering in something that sounds vaguely like swedish while stuffing people into the meat grinder in his kitchen.
All the while, the plots and schemes of traitors and madmen alike are clashing together and creating untold chaos while the whole station keeps on spiralling downards into its inevitable evacuation or destruction. Sometimes both!



Librarian is one of the Civil Service jobs (along with Chaplain, Botanist, Janitor, Mime, etc.) that a player can select in the game. It is a simple job that requires little training to become a master of, however it does require a fair amount of patience also as fellow bookworms may take their time to finish their duty and make their way to the Library. Often times you'll find that, as the Librarian you spend your whole round at the counter doing nothing. This is normal, just ask Godly Newt!


A Librarian has only one unique tool at their disposal: The Barcode Scanner.

The Scanner can be assigned to an Archive by swiping it at the Library terminal

A Barcode Scanner's functions are as follows

* Scan book to local buffer
* Scan book to local buffer and set associated computer buffer to match
* Scan book to local buffer, attempt to check in scanned book
* Scan book to local buffer, attempt to add book to general inventory

The Scanner is not crucial to your wok, but if you wish to keep a track of the books printed it will aid you greatly.

"A crewmember wants a book, what do I do?"


Ask them what book they want you to provide, if they ask what is in the archives currently, you must inform them of the public terminal (to their right) that has the complete list of books currently available to the public.

When they return they will either:

1. Ask you for a number (#139 for example) or
2. The book's title (The Lusty Xenomorph Maid is another example)

If they ask for a number, search it with the option at the top of the printing page, it will print automatically if you entered a valid number.

If they asked for a book by name, search for it by clicking the printing page, tapping "CTRL-F" and enter a word in the title, click next until you find the book (this is to overcome CentCom's glaring fault of not including a search option on the Librarian's terminal)

Place the book on the desk and notify them by speech their book has been placed ("Here you are sir.")

Congratulations on your excellent delivery!

Remote Delivery

Alternatively a little known fact about the library is that they can deliver books remotely! Say for example someone hails you on the radio asking for a book they need in their department ASAP, have them turn on their printer (all major areas have one), ask them what book they want, find it on the list, find their area on the list, click them and send! Their book will print out at their console!

Congratulations on your excellent delivery!

"It's always the shy ones... (A guide to Traitorous Librarians)"

So you're Traitor, eh? This isn't something for the faint of heart, as you have no access short of your own Library, so make an effort to travel.

Start by acquiring tools, you have no access to anywhere obvious so you'll need to act fast and take one of the toolboxes on the table in the Break Room near arrivals. And then use this to gain access where and find out whether or not the captain is enough of a Condom to leave his ID.

Good luck trying to worm your way into anywhere higher access, it's suggested that book deliveries in person are a nice key in as not many people are aware of the book delivery machines located throughout the station, but you need them to overcome their paranoia to near your target...

"About Liberty Station 13"

Space Station 13 is a 2D game, based around Atmospherics, coded on the completely shitty Byond Gaming Client.

Liberty Station is Liberty's Last Army's Space Station 13 project. The LLA was a gaming clan formed by Zombie, Bones580, and Psychoshark around 2008. In June 2009 their SS13 project started as a small place for members to play and grew into a much larger project.

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