Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Case Study No. 0978: Unnamed Female Librarian (Oxiforma)

Victoria's Secret
A viral advert created in 2009 for a cosmetics company, to promote their new anti-aging beauty cream.

Writer/Director: Sam Baron
Producer: Moses Kim
Gaffer: Ben Millar
Spark: Wilson Lau
Production Assistant: Hannah Barrett-Duckett.

With thanks to Shoot Blue and UCL.
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[scene opens in what appears to be a law library, as a young female librarian (brown hair in a ponytail, brown blouse, flowery skirt, no makeup) is pushing a bookcart when she stops and takes some of the books to a nearby shelf]
[cut to the librarian reshelving the books, when she notices a tin of beauty cream sitting on the shelf]
[as ominous music plays, the librarian steps back (making sure that no one can see her) and opens the tin, then applies some of the cream to her cheeks]
[the librarian looks up and smiles, then the music changes to a remix of The Isley Brothers' "Shout"]
[cut to the librarian running towards the middle of the room, as she begins dancing to the music]
[cut to the nearby patrons, who turn and look at her in confusion ... but then one of the male patrons takes out his cellphone and starts recording her dancing]
[as the librarian continues dancing, the patrons slowly begin to get up and start dancing with her]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she throws up her arms and shakes her hands, then the camera zooms out to reveal that all of the patrons are mimicking her moves]
["Oxiforma, a new anti-aging cream to keep you feeling young, from Ferbl" appears on screen, as the music stops and all of the patrons sit back down (while the librarian returns to her bookcart and pushes it off camera)]

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