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Case Study No. 1007: Peggy Hill (Wannabe Librarian)

Lady comes to her senses and recognizes a semi truth...there are some that aren't tough
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[Peggy Hill is sitting at her kitchen table with Nancy, depressed and drinking a glass of wine]
NANCY: They've done studies with newborns, and if given the choice, babies would rather go to pretty strangers than their own ugly parents.
PEGGY: Well, obviously, babies are not as stupid as they look ...
[she suddenly perks up]
PEGGY: That's it! Nancy, that's what I need ... Beautiful people! If I populate the open house with beautiful people, no one will notice the ugly ones!
[Nancy smiles]
PEGGY: And who are the best-looking people in town? Well, librarians after they take off their glasses ... And actors!
[she pauses]
PEGGY: I will go with the actors.


From wikipedia.org:

King of the Hill
Season 12, Episode 17
"Six Characters in Search of a House"
Original Air Date: April 6, 2008

Peggy, a passionate realtor, finds a great home listing that she must sell within two weeks. One catch, though, the home is currently occupied by the strangest family in Arlen. Peggy does not feel they are visually appealing enough to get the home sold in time, so she decides to bring in a "Hollywood" family to sell the home.

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