Monday, September 23, 2013

Case Study No. 1004: Natalie LaFrost

We Take All Kinds: Librarian
Anyone and everyone can be a tastytrade member! Anyone who wants to take control of their finances (and have some fun along the way) is welcome!

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[scene opens on a young female librarian (red blouse, black skirt) looking into the camera]
NARRATOR: Meet Natalie LaFrost ... Still uses the Dewey Decimal System.
[she folds her arms and gives an angry look]
NARRATOR: Gets angry when you talk during study hall.
[she smiles and coyly bites down on her finger]
NARRATOR: Likes Tony's shirt unbuttoned to the navel.
[cut to the "tastytrade" logo]
NARRATOR: Tastytrade ... We take all kinds.



"Let's mix financial news with entertainment and bring it to the masses," that's the vision of tastytrade founder and CEO, Tom Sosnoff, who was also co-founder of the award winning online brokerage thinkorswim. tastytrade offers timely, 'actionable' trading ideas, financial insight, deep discounts on financial products and services and entertainment through streaming HD video. Initial live programming runs 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM, Central, weekdays, and is rebroadcast all day. Programming highlights are archived at, and all show content is free 24 hours a day.

tastytrade heralds a new way to deliver financial information and engage self-directed investors -- laugh, save, simple, is the tastytrade motto. tastytrade members get exclusive trading ideas and, coming this summer, members will benefit from access to the tastytrade Superstore, with discounts to products, services, and fees from a range of financial companies.

Still in its infancy, tastytrade is already a media sensation. The tastytrade network is operating out of a Chicago brownstone, where Sosnoff and crew have developed a state-of-the-art production facility equipped to scale up home grown financial content.

"We're a real contrast to established financial broadcast news like CNBC, Fox, and Bloomberg because we're live, independent, unfiltered and with no commercial advertising," says Sosnoff. "tastytrade's goal is to offer self-directed investors discounts in financial products, fees and services, and to attract and engage the millions of people who might be thinking about investing, but just find it boring or intimidating. tastytrade will cure that."

Joining Sosnoff at tastytrade are thinkorswim founding veterans, former Managing Director Tom Preston, former thinkorswim CTO Linwood Ma, and Kristi Ross, formerly CFO of thinkorswim, now President of tastytrade.

Ross explains the tastytrade model: "Consumers will get meaningful savings on financial products and services while our Superstore partners will greatly reduce the acquisition costs of quality new clients. Since we're completely agnostic, tastytrade is a sandbox for financial service companies where consumers and vendors can benefit from a new concept of innovative prepaid marketing."

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