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Case Study No. 0960: Mrs. Higgins

Sofia The First - Sofia Helps The Librarian
On the way back from the library the Librarian ask's for Sofia's help and agrees but gets worried on being late for the Princess Test while doing so. Skip intro here 0:30
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[the girls are walking outside, when the elderly female librarian (whose wheelbarrow full of books has a broken wheel) waves to one of them]
HIGGINS: Princess Amber! Hello dear, can ya help me?
AMBER: Oh, I wish I could Misses Higgins, but ... the princess test is about to start.
[she starts walking away]
HIGGINS: Oh, I understand dear ...
[she waves to another girl]
HIGGINS: Princess June! Could you help me, please?
JUNE: I'm sorry, Misses Higgins. I want to, but I can't ... even though I really want to. So sorry.
HIGGINS: Oh, not to worry dear ...
[she sees another girl walking by]
HIGGINS: Uh, Princess Hildegard? Excuse me ... Princess Hildegard?
[the girl continues walking without even looking over at her, as the librarian's smile disappears]
[cut to Sofia reciting the steps for the princess test to herself]
SOFIA: Gown, fan, curtsey, dance--
HIGGINS: Princess Sofia! Can you help me, dear?
[she looks up in surprise, then walks over to the librarian]
SOFIA: What's the matter, Misses Higgins?
HIGGINS: Oh! Well, thank you for stopping ... I have to bring these books home, but my wheelbarrow broke, and I can't carry them myself. Would you please help me?
SOFIA: Um ...
HIGGINS: I don't live very far. Just down the path a wee bit ... just a wee bit.
SOFIA: Oh, Misses Higgins. The princess test is starting soon.
[she looks over and sees the other girls entering the school building]
[she then looks up at Misses Higgins' smiling face]
SOFIA: [pause] But, if you live close by, I guess I can help you real quick.
HIGGINS: Oh! Well, that's very kind of you, dear! Now, you take those, and I'll take these ...
[they begin picking up the books]
HIGGINS: They're a bit heavy ...
[Sofia struggles to pick up her pile]
[one of the other girls walks up to them]
AMBER: Sofia ... Um, where are you going?
SOFIA: To help Misses Higgins!
AMBER: But what about the princess test?
SOFIA: Misses Higgins doesn't live far ... I can make it back in time.
AMBER: Well, you'd better! Being late is not a good way to start the test.
SOFIA: Don't worry. I'll see you soon.
[she waves, then follows Misses Higgins into the wooded area behind the school]
HIGGINS: Come along, dear! This way!
[cut to the two walking through the forest]
HIGGINS: I just love books! I can't wait to get home and start reading! In fact, I'm not going to wait!
[she hums a happy tune, then takes one of the books and opens it up to begin reading]
HIGGINS: Oh ... "Once upon a time, there was a--"
[not looking where she's going, she walks right into a tree and drops the book]
HIGGINS: Oh! Oopsy daisy ...
[she stumbles backwards, hitting another tree, then falls down on her backside]
HIGGINS: Oh! Rosey dosey doozy! Oh my goodness, I--
[an acorn falls out of the tree and hits her on the head, as Sofia checks on her]
SOFIA: Are you okay?
HIGGINS: Oh, yes yes! I'm fine!
[she gets up, as Sofia hands her the book she dropped ... which she immediately opens back up and starts reading while walking again]
HIGGINS: Now, where did I leave off?
[Sofia looks on with concern, as Misses Higgins walks towards a log in the road ... but (without looking up from her book) sidesteps it at the last moment]
HIGGINS: "And they all lived happily ever after! The end!" Oh, that was fast ...
[Sofia jumps over the log and tries to get the librarian's attention]
SOFIA: Misses Higgins! Maybe you should wait until you get home before you read that ...
HIGGINS: I suppose you're right.
[she smiles and closes the book]
HIGGINS: My cottage is just across this bridge--
[she stops and gasps at something off camera]
HIGGINS: Oh, huckleberry!
[cut to a shot of the bridge broken in half by a fallen tree]
HIGGINS: The bridge is broken! I don't think we can get around that fallen tree ...
SOFIA: Then how are we going to get to your cottage?
HIGGINS: Well, there's another way, but it'll take a bit longer ...
SOFIA: Longer? But ... but that might make me late for the princess test!
HIGGINS: Oh, Sophia dear! I understand if ya need to go back! I'll be okay on my own ...
SOFIA: Oh ... No! I can't let you carry all these heavy books by yourself, Misses Higgins. Lead the way!



"The Princess Test" is the eighth episode of Sofia the First. It originally aired on April 12, 2013.

Sofia and the other girls are waiting for dance class to begin. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather arrive and inform the girls that dance class has been cancelled, so they can all prepare for the princess test they'll be taking that day after school where they will show everything they've learned about being a true princess. Sofia and Princess Jun decide to go to the library to study, with Amber and Hildegard deciding to accompany them just in case they have any questions, since the two of them claim to already know everything about being true princesses.

At the library, Sofia asks the librarian, Mrs. Higgins, if there are any books about being a good princess. It turns out there are plenty of them and Mrs. Higgins gives Sofia and Jun two of her favorite books. Sofia is overwhelmed by all the subject material, that the other girls already know very well since they have been princesses their whole lives, unlike herself. Amber takes the group to another room, where she tells Sofia that what really matters is to keep her gown looking gorgeous. Hildegard also shows the proper way to flutter a fan. Finally, Jun and one other princess say that knowing how to curtsy and dance are also important. Sofia thinks she is ready for the test now, and everyone starts making their way to the ballroom.

Mrs. Higgins's wheelbarrow that she uses to cart her books around has broken and Sofia is the only one of the princesses who responds to her plea for help. Although the princess test is starting, Sofia agrees to help her carry the books home after Mrs. Higgins assures her that her house is fairly close by, and tells the concerned Amber she will make it back in time for the test. However, it turns out the two of them will have to take a longer route when they discover that the bridge across the stream is broken. Mrs. Higgins understands that Sofia wants to go back and take the test and says she can carry all the books home by herself, but Sofia decides to continue helping her.

Back at school, the test has started. Hildegard forgets the answer to the very first question and begins to panic about failing the entire test. Amber tells her the test has just begun so she has plenty of chances to make up for her one mistake, but Hildegard is not convinced.

Sofia asks Mrs. Higgins if her house is far from their current location and Mrs. Higgins offers to draw her a map, but instead draws a tic-tac-toe board as a joke, making Sofia a little frustrated since they are wasting time. They reach a narrow path through a split rock and Sofia politely allows Mrs. Higgins to pass through first since that is what a proper princess would do, but she says Sofia is a proper princess. Sofia disagrees, telling her she wasn't born a princess and that she feels like she constantly has to prove she is one, but perhaps through the princess test, she can finally show everyone that she deserves her royal status. Mrs. Higgins comments that from what she's seen, Sofia will make a wonderful princess.

Amber and Jun do well in the fan fluttering portion of the test, but Hildegard is still scared of messing up again, even though fan fluttering is her specialty as Amber reminds her, and decides to just give up on this part. Her friends don't want to see her fail the test but don't know what to do.

Sofia is worried about the fact that it's getting late and the test is probably halfway over, but Mrs. Higgins says they're almost there. They cross another stream by hopping down a pathway of rocks and Sofia ends up losing her fan halfway along, causing her further distress. Mrs. Higgins once again offers to let her return to school, but Sofia stays to help, pointing out that her dress still looks good, which Amber said was the most important thing.

Amber and Jun forcibly drag Hildegard out onto the ballroom floor, with Amber telling her that she could do great on what remains of the test, but she has no chance to if she just gives up. The girls are tested on their posture and must keep books from falling off their heads, and to make things a little challenging, pillows are magically flung at them while they walk. With encouragement from Amber, Hildegard gets through this part of the test with no problems.

Mrs. Higgins's house is finally within view, but the path up ahead is covered with mud and Sofia does not want to ruin her dress. Mrs. Higgins gives her a third chance to go back to school so she can take the test, but Sofia again refuses and simply holds her skirt up a little to keep it from dragging through the mud. But just as they reach the end of the mud, they both slip and fall and Sofia's dress is ruined, which to her means she has no chance of passing the test now. In any case, they have arrived at their destination and Mrs. Higgins thanks Sofia for her help, and Sofia is glad that at least she helped her get home, even if it meant missing the test. Mrs. Higgins tells her she might still be able to make it to the test and ushers Sofia into her house. The house fades away and Sofia finds herself in the ballroom at school. To add to her confusion, a second Mrs. Higgins shows up, and the one that Sofia had helped reveals she is actually Fauna in disguise, and that it was all part of the test - one of the most important things about being a princess is kindness and a true princess always helps people in need, even if it means having to give up something important. So while the other girls all receive silver stars, Sofia is awarded a special trophy for passing with the highest marks.

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