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Case Study No. 0979: Akeel and the Guardian Cats

Book Trailer: Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria
In the wrong hands, some books can be dangerous—and some libraries can be positively deadly.

Until now, Marco has been perfectly happy as a small town library cat and newly appointed Guardian of an ancient mystical book. But when otherworldly creatures begin roaming the stacks after hours, and his mentor, the elder Guardian, is killed, Marco's innocent world is shattered.

The young tabby cat is on his own, ill-prepared for the daunting task of safekeeping the magical book of power—and the very heart and soul of the library.

Time and space are no barriers for Marco's shape shifting friends and enemies as he learns that the library is the most dangerous place worth saving.
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In the 3rd century A.D.
the Library of Alexandria
was a great center of learning.

Until ...

It was destroyed by
men seeking to
control knowledge.

But one mystical book
survived through the ages ...

Protected for centuries ...

By a succession of Guardian Cats.

Now, an evil professor ...

Who will do anything to gain its power
is closing in on the book.

The Professor
and his companions
grow stronger and darker each day ...

As the old
Guardian cat awaits
his successor.

Marco, a homeless
tabby seeking
adventure ...

Gets more than he
bargained for.

Travels to places and
encounters creatures
he never imagined ...

As he is forced to take
on the mantle of the
Guardian before he
is prepared.

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria

Now available in digital format for all e-readers



Author: Rahma Krambo
Book cover design & trailer: Jamila Diallo
Book cover image: Laurie Snidow
Music: Drullen



Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria
by Rahma Krambo
Publication Date: June 7, 2011

Cicero, the old library cat is more than he seems -- an elder Guardian charged with protecting an ancient book of power. Buried in a secret chamber, the book is a magnet for attracting the wrong kind of attention. Painfully aware his days are numbered, Cicero is troubled by the fact that he has found no successor.

Marco, a house cat alone in the world for the first time, finds refuge in the public library, a suitable home for an orange tabby gifted with the ability to read. But an unlimited amount of reading time is not young Marco's destiny.

You might think this is just a story about cats, but it's really a story about power. The attraction, addiction and abuse of power.

It's also about the power of words and ideas.

Conveying these serious themes is a loosely organized fellowship of cats, a magical book, an evil professor, angelic creatures, mythological demons, a hyperactive ferret, and three gangster raccoons.

With the burning of the legendary Library of Alexandria as the story's point of departure, Guardian Cats offers a fictionalized version of this tragic event. Escaping with a bagful of books and an armful of cats, the last librarian places each book in a safe haven... with a cat to guard it.

Both entertaining and thought provoking, the story deals with very human concerns about loyalty, courage, and the overwhelming odds against becoming a hero.

Historical fantasy. Ages 9 to adult.



Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria is a novel by Rahma Krambo, published through Smashwords. The novel is "a blend of magical realism and legendary historical events" and involves Marco, a young tabby cat who is "a small town library cat and newly appointed Guardian of an ancient mystical book".

Plot summary
Arsonists burned the books and murdered the librarians. All that survived were seven mystical books, one librarian... and the cats.

The magical books were smuggled out and concealed, not only for their protection, but to safeguard the world from their power being misused. Each book was then left under the watchful eye of a cat.

An evil Professor, bent on using its power for his own purposes, has tracked one of the books to a small town public library. He also discovers the cat who caused him to lose his eye after that incident in the London bookshop.

Cicero, the wise old library cat, knows his days are numbered even before the Professor shows up and has precious little time to find an apprentice--a cat who can fulfill the role of a noble Guardian.

Then one night Marco, a homeless young tabby with the unique ability to read, breaks into the library. He hardly settles into a good adventure story when a mysterious sound makes him wonder about what kind of books are on the second floor. His curiosity leads him through a door that will change his life forever.



Who are the Guardian Cats?
Guardian Cats are the heroes in my book of the same name to be released in the fall of 2010. Like me, they love the smell of old books, leather and ink. Like librarians, they are sentries of knowledge, wisdom and the historical record. Like true heroes, they must engage in battle with the dark forces eager to destroy all that we hold sacred.

"Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Iskandriyah" is for middle grade readers and all those who love cats, books and libraries.

It is a fictionalization of history when the great Library of Alexandria was destroyed in 3 A.D. Books were burned and librarians were murdered. Akeel, the only human survivor, risked everything to rescue seven rare magical books. The seven cats who survived were appointed by Akeel to become guardians of the books.

Within this trusted position, the cats not only had to protect their book, they also had to guard the lineage of the Guardians by choosing a true successor. This was not as easy as it sounds.

The story begins at night when Cicero, Angel Spring's library cat, discovers a homeless young tabby reading in the stacks. Cicero, who guards a powerful, magical book even the librarians don't know about, is cautious but hopeful that Marco is the cat he's been waiting for. His last appentice, who failed to meet the high standards of a Guardian, was plotting behind the scenes and not to be trusted. And then there was the undeniable feeling that something evil was approaching.

Marco's training has barely begun when he is faced with the greatest threat to the powerful book since the destruction of the Library of Iskandriyah.

Guardian Cats is a story packed with cat heroes and villains, gangster raccoons, an evil professor, time travel, mystical and mythological creatures.

By Rahma Krambo



The first thing that surprised Professor Chin about Alexandria was how modern it was. It was a bit disconcerting to be surrounded by foreigners - but what did he expect? He was pleased that everyone knew English, surprisingly well.

The second thing he learned was that, in this Mediterranean coastal city, he was overdressed in his tweed coat. He never went anywhere without his coat and umbrella. Reluctantly, he left both in his hotel room and joined the tour group, feeling slightly underdressed.

The third thing he discovered was that the new Library of Alexandria was jarring to his senses. He didn't bother to browse the stacks. His love for books wasn't like the love of a bibliophile. That was something he always had to be careful of at work, not letting on that books were only a means to an end.

The architectural lines of the ultramodern library were at odd angles, which threw him off balance. It's open, soaring lines made him small and insignificant. In London, he was always surrounded by a sense of the solidness of it. Here, he was out of his element, out of control.

He rubbed one hand over the other, massaging his fingers and wrist, something he'd done to relieve anxiety since he was a boy.

He was so distracted that he almost missed the next exhibit. The tour guide was talking about the historic burning of the original library. They were standing in front of a bronze statue of a young man in a tunic. There were bronze cats climbing all over him.

"Nothing remains of the ancient library," the girl said, "but legends. This is Akeel, the Guardian librarian who, it is said, saved seven powerful mystical books, which were sheltered in secret chambers under the main buildings. He escaped the fire with a handful of books and an armful of library cats. When he found new hiding places for the books, he put the cats in charge of guarding them.

"As Egyptians, who revere cats, this story holds special charm for us." She smiled at the group and there were murmurs of appreciation. "The books are shrouded in mystery, but the legend says that whoever finds them and unlocks their secrets will be able to rule the world."

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