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Case Study No. 0984: "Librarians in Love"

Librarians in Love (Part 1)
An Avent and Monie sketch.
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[scene opens with a "female" librarian (a man wearing glasses, a white blouse, lipstick and a blonde wig) standing in front of a bookshelf (with "her" back to the camera), when a male librarian (brown hair, glasses, brown sweater, yellow bowtie) walks up and begins running his fingers suggestively along the spines of each book]
MALE LIBRARIAN: Hardy, Swift ...
[he turns and looks at her]
[cut to a closeup of the female librarian, as she runs her hands up and down the book spines]
[cut back to the male librarian]
[cut back to the female librarian]
[cut back to the male librarian, who forces out the authors' names in a throaty whisper]
MALE LIBRARIAN: Rushdie ... Oh, Euripedes!
[cut back to the female librarian, who slams her hands against the shelf and speaks in a strained voice, as her eyes nearly roll back into her head]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: The complete Dickens!
[someone off camera shushes them, as they turn and calmly walk in opposite directions]
["AventandMonie dot com" appears on screen]



As long time readers of this blog will know, from time to time I like to post bits and pieces here about other writers. Usually they're novelists or comic strip writers but today I'd like to plug a couple of comedy sketch writers who just happen to perform their own work.

I went to school with Graham Avent and Jon Monie back in the Eighties. They were known for their comedy sketches even then. I remember one classic spoof of Anneka Rice's Treasure Hunt where Jon (in his sixth former suit and a long blonde wig) tried to find any sign of greenery after several years of building work at the school.

'At King Edward's School at Bath,
Try to find a blade of grass.'

The two of them even performed a sketch show at the Theatre Royal Bath and went on to win This Morning's Young Comedy Writer and Performer Award in 1993 whilst both of them were studying at University.

Fast forward eighteen years and Avent and Monie a back, thanks to the wonders of YouTube. They've recorded a number of 15 seconds sketches for BBC 3's search for new(!) comedy talent - appropriately named Funny in 15. Their sketch 'The Drop' is up on the BBC 3 website but there are a host of others that you can review via their website or YouTube channel.

The one I really can't stop laughing at is their newest sketch 'Librarians in Love' - which probably says a lot more about me and my puerile sense of humour than I would like.

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