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Case Study No. 0965: Orson Stout-Thinker

Let's Play Stonekeep - 45 : The Evil Undead
Welcome to our Stonekeep gameplay let's play, follow us walkthrough the depths of Stonekeep. We are in an evil area of the Dwarven Fortress and find a sarcophagus and within is an evil dwarf killing undead mummy zombie poison spell casting nasty monster. Torin rewards us for slaying the beast and tells us the meaning of Uck-Togoth. We get the teleport or recall rune and a magic shield We also go into the dwarf hall of records with Orson the dwarf librarian and fill up on some stonekeep lore.
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Stonekeep is a 1995 role-playing video game for DOS by Interplay Entertainment. It is a first-person dungeon adventure with pre-rendered environments and live action cinematic sequences. The game would end up taking five years to make, being announced in 1991 and released in 1995.

Stonekeep's mythology revolves around a variety of gods associated with planets of the solar system. In order, they are Helion (Mercury), Aquila (Venus), Thera (Earth), Azrael (Mars), Marif (Jupiter), Afri (Saturn), Saffrini (Uranus), Yoth-Soggoth (Neptune) the Master of Magick, and Kor-Soggoth (Pluto) the Brother to Magick.

Stonekeep is centered on a hero, Drake. During the Devastation of the world by the insane god Khull-Khuum, the Shadowking, Drake the boy was saved from his castle by a mysterious figure. Years later, Drake returned to the ruins of Stonekeep and the goddess Thera sends his spirit out of his body into the ruins itself to explore, reclaim the land, and defeat Khull-Khuum.

Along the way, Drake makes many friends, including Farli, Karzak, and Dombur the dwarves; the great dragon Vermatrix; the elf Enigma; and the mysterious Wahooka, the King of goblin. Together, they also rid the world of Khull-Khuum's evil minions and allies, such as the witch Ice Queen.



Dwarven Fortress

- There are no secret doors, buttons, or panels on this level. There is one illusionary wall.
- All the dwarves will leave the party in here. One will join again.
- Get Karzak to join you (SE) before you talk to Grak (N).
- There is a fountain of Thera here (somewhere)
- In a hidden room are lots of rune scrolls
- Read all the scrolls in the library. Make note of the ones listing the orbs.
- Give Geldor a feather rather than money if you want something from his shop.
- Dombur is looking for three pieces to build the secret weapon.
- Sardin the blacksmith will repair the key if you retrieve a piece of magical flint for him. He gives you a magical chisel to break off a piece. The magical flint looks a lot like the big rock he's standing beside.
- The only thing of interest behind the locked door near the elder is a scroll with a bad joke.



When Farli says to go "Straight.", ignore him and turn right, entering the Dwarven library. Meet Orson Stout-thinker. The following conversation starts:

Orson: Greetings. I am Orson, librarian recorder of this clanhall. What can I do for you?

Drake: I'm looking for help.

Orson: Well, you've come to a good place. Wander these halls, and ask your questions. Feel free to peruse the scrolls in this humble library.

Read the scrolls in the scrollcase on the left.
The first one reads: Orvig helped Rathe to repair Thera's temple. Discussion with Mage Icarius has theorized that this can help Thera act in this world by restoring her energies.

The second one reads: Evidence suggests that the ancients of Atlantis and Ys were destroyed nearly 1,000 years ago. Research this more.

The third one reads: Research theory of countermagick to deflect capturing energies. Possible Devastation explanation.

The right-hand scroll case has three more scrolls.
The first one reads: A prophecy tells that one of Thera's line will come to the Keep of Stone. This foreseen One will bring a wave of darkness to his people and be cast away. In time, the One will rise up and bring light to where there is none.

The second one reads: The Youngest Gods. Helion, born of fire. Aquila, life daughter. Thera, mother of earth. Azrael, the red warrior. Khull-Khuum, dark brother.

The third one reads: Marif, strongest of all. Afri, vision seeker. Safrinni, natural flyer. Yoth-Soggoth, master of magick. Kor-Soggoth, brother to magick.

There is also a scroll next to Orson's feet. This one reads: Ever since the Devastation, no Faerie has been sighted. Even before this time, sightings were rare. Faeries seldom left their own realm, and the Way to their Realm was often disguised with Magick. This Magick often took a natural form and pattern.

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