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Case Study No. 0974: Unnamed Female Librarian (Gettin' Famous)

Gettin' Famous: Episode 3 - The Elderly Librarian
I wanted some good Canadian music to be a part of this, and there aren't too many as good as Trooper.

"3 Dressed up as a 9" is off of their 1979 album "Flying Colors" which I presume to be readily available at any music selling location
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Gettin' Famous
Justin DeMerchant

[scene opens with a "female" librarian (i.e. a guy wearing a grey-haired wig, glasses, and a grey cardigan sweater) sitting at a table, when she looks up at the sound of someone whispering off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Quiet in the library! Get on outta the library if you're gonna be makin' noise! This is my library, and you're not makin' noise in my library!
[she waves her hand towards the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Get out! Get outta my library!
[she goes back to writing, then looks up at the camera with a smile on her face]
LIBRARIAN: Unless you got a library card ...
[cut to another shot of the librarian writing something down in a book, when she looks up at something off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Oh no you don't! Oh ho ho, not on my watch!
[she wags her finger at someone off camera]
LIBRARIAN: I know what happens when young people get all ... horny in the library!
[she waves her hand at someone off camera]
LIBRARIAN: You get away from each other, you get outta my library! No erections in my library, get out!
[she goes back to writing]
LIBRARIAN: Unless you got a library card ...
[cut to the librarian shelving some books, when she turns and points at the camera]
LIBRARIAN: Hey you! You! You can't be in here without a library card! Get outta my library if you don't got a card!
[cut to the librarian sitting at her desk, with her face buried in a book, when a male patron approaches]
MALE PATRON: Excuse me, are these the applications for library cards?
[she puts the book down and smiles]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, why Mister DeMerchant! Of course they are! Take whatever you want! Take whatever you want! You're looking ... so mighty handsome today! So handsome indeed!
[she points at the papers on her desk]
LIBRARIAN: Take what you want! Take what you want ... Do you have a library card?


Written by
Justin DeMerchant

Justin DeMerchant

Opening Song Written and Performed by

The views expressed in this video
are for humor purposes only

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