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Case Study No. 1000: Jocasta Nu

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith PS2 Walkthrough, The Hunt Begins
Level 11: The Hunt Begins.
The time for the Great Jedi Purge has come. The newly anointed Lord Vader marches to the Jedi Temple with the 501st Legion Clone Troopers.
Clearly one of the best levels in the game.
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[scene opens with Darth Sidious talking to the newly-christened Darth Vader]
SIDIOUS: Every single Jedi, including your friend Obi Wan Kenobi, is now an enemy of the Republic.
[cut to Vader entering the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant, flanked by Clone troopers]
SIDIOUS: [in voice over] Do what must be done, Lord Vader ... Do not hesitate. Show no mercy.
[cut to Jocasta Nu standing in the Archives section of the Temple, as she turns and sees Vader standing in the doorway]
ANAKIN: I want access to the Temple's signal beacon.
JOCASTA NU: On whose authority?
ANAKIN: By order of the supreme chancellor.
[he steps forward, as Jocasta draws her lightsaber]
JOCASTA NU: That is not within the chancellor's power. Only the Jedi Council can authorize access.
[she stands defiantly before him, but Vader uses the Force to lift her into the air, then draws her towards him and impales her through the chest with his lightsaber]
ANAKIN: The Council is no longer in control ...
[he uses the Force to toss her body aside, as three Jedi leap down from the upper level and surround him]
JEDI KNIGHT: You won't get away with this, Skywalker!
JEDI PADAWAN: You will pay for your actions!
["Press R2 to perform Force Lightning on enemies" appears on screen, as the Jedi attack]
ANAKIN: Your powers are no match for mine, Jedi traitor.
JEDI PADAWAN: Fight with honor!
ANAKIN: This ends now!
JEDI KNIGHT: The Dark Side has gripped him!
JEDI PADAWAN: Defend yourself!
[cut to another Jedi on the upper level, activating a machine that closes all of the surrounding doors, as "New Objective: disengage library force fields" appears on screen]
CLONE TROOPER: You Jedi traitor!
ANAKIN: Your power is insignificant compared to the Dark Side!
[Vader uses the Force to jump to the upper level of the Archives]
JEDI PADAWAN: I see him!
[he kills the padawan, then uses his lightsaber to cut a hole in the wall next to the room where the force field was activated]
JEDI KNIGHT: You can't escape!
ANAKIN: Wipe them out to the last ...
[he kills the Jedi, then continues cutting the hole (but is once again interrupted)]
JEDI KNIGHT: Don't make me destroy you!
[he kills the Jedi]
ANAKIN: One less Jedi ...
[he finishes cutting the hole (revealing the circuitry underneath) when another padawan attacks]
ANAKIN: Padawans? Don't make me laugh ...
[he dispatches the padawan, then uses his lightsaber to destroy the circuitry and open the door]
CLONE TROOPER: Protect Lord Vader!
[he deactivates the machine, as "Objective Achieved: Disengage library force fields" appears on screen]
JEDI PADAWAN: The clones are everywhere!
[Vader jumps back down to the lower level, and continues killing the Jedi forces]
ANAKIN: You'll never beat me ...
CLONE TROOPER: I need more men up here!
ANAKIN: You're nothing to me now!
[the last of the Jedi are defeated, as Vader uses the Force to blast open a door in the back of the room ... however, waiting there is a group of Jedi Snipers]
JEDI SNIPER: You brought this on yourself!
["New Objective: Use the Force to gain access to study hall" appears on screen, as Vader engages in battle with the snipers]
ANAKIN: Your best is not enough.
JEDI SNIPER: That's far enough, Dark Sider!
ANAKIN: The Force is telling me something here ... That statue must fall.
[Vader uses the Force to topple a large statue and crush the remaining snipers, then lifts a piece of the statue and hurls it through a giant doorway, as "Objective Achieved: Use the Force to gain access to study hall" appears on screen]
ANAKIN: Leave none alive.
[they enter the room and begin fighting more Jedi]
ANAKIN: Is this what passes for Jedi now?
["New Objective: shutdown study hall force fields" appears on screen]
ANAKIN: There has to be a shield control here!
[Vader defeats the remaining Jedi, then uses his lightsaber to stab a hole in the locked door at the back of the room and open it ... only to find another Jedi wielding a double-sided lightsaber]
ANAKIN: Keep fighting ... It'll do you no good.
JEDI BRUTE: I'll crush you!
[he defeats the brute, then enters a room with two turrets guarding the shield control ... destroying these defenses, he deactives the force fields, as "Objective Achieved: shutdown study hall force fields" appears on screen]
ANAKIN: That should get me by ... for awhile.
[Vader makes his way back and uses his lightsaber to slice through another locked door, then finds himself on a walkway outside of the Temple surrounded by more Jedi]
JEDI KNIGHT: You're no match for a Jedi!
ANAKIN: Stand aside or be struck down!
CLONE TROOPER: Use the statue to smash through the door!
JEDI SNIPER: You're beyond saving, Skywalker!
ANAKIN: Is that what passes for saber skills now?
JEDI SNIPER: That's far enough, traitor!
JEDI BRUTE: No escape!
[the Jedi are defeated, and one of the Clone troopers places a bomb on the door at the end of the walkway, detonating it to force the door open ... leading to a room with more Jedi brutes]
ANAKIN: You're only prolonging the inevitable ...
CLONE TROOPER: Bring that statue down!
[the Jedi are defeated]
CLONE TROOPER: Jedi down. Situation normal.
[suddenly, a turret lowers from the ceiling and begins firing, as more Jedi appear]
CLONE TROOPER: Go for the statue!
[the remaining enemies are defeated, as Vader enters the next room (a hangar full of ships) ... except there are more Jedi waiting]
JEDI KNIGHT: You'll never win!
ANAKIN: This has gone on far enough!
["New Objective: Use turret to destroy Jedi starfighters" appears on screen]
ANAKIN: This ends now ...
JEDI KNIGHT: If that statue falls, we're doomed!
ANAKIN: The Jedi must be purged!
[Vader approches the turret, as "Move L to aim the cannon" appears on screen]
JEDI KNIGHT: You can't escape!
[Vader fires the cannon at the remaining Jedi, as well as the ships that are trying to take off]
ANAKIN: My powers are beyond you now!
["Objective Achieved: Use turret to destroy Jedi starfighters" appears on screen, as a Clone trooper approaches Vader]
CLONE TROOPER: Sir, we've breached the beacon control room. We're awaiting your access code.
[cut to Vader in the control room, as he types the code into the computer]
ANAKIN: That will bring any surviving Jedi home, where I will be waiting for them.
CLONE TROOPER: Lord Vader, a Jedi has penetrated our upper level defenses.
ANAKIN: Yes, I sense ... Cin Drallig. I'll deal with him. You stay and protect the beacon. Guard it with your lives.


[Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda enter the destroyed Jedi Archives]
OBI WAN: I've never seen anything so cruel ... Why would the clones do this?
YODA: Responsible for this, the clones are not.
[surveying the damage, Obi Wan stops when he finds Jocasta Nu's lifeless body on the ground]
OBI WAN: No ...
YODA: An act of hatred this was. Strong is the Dark Side now.
[Clone troopers suddenly appear from the debris]
YODA: Attacking the clones are!
["New Objective: defeat library security protocol" appears on screen]
OBI WAN: Fight your programming!
CLONE TROOPER: Stay strong, boys!
YODA: Take caution, we must!
CLONE TROOPER: Hold your positions!
OBI WAN: Take this!
CLONE TROOPER: Kill the Jedi!
YODA: Stopped, the clones must be!
CLONE TROOPER: You Jedi traitor!
[the clones are defeated, so Obi Wan jumps up to the upper level of the Archives ... where more clone troopers await]
CLONE TROOPER: Lock and load!
YODA: Time for this, there is not!
[Obi Wan uses his lightsaber to open the control panel on the wall, then destroys the circuitry to disable the force fields keeping the doors closed]
CLONE TROOPER: You want some of this?
YODA: At peace with the Force, may you be!
CLONE TROOPER: Take those Jedi down!
OBI WAN: I'm getting too old for this ...
YODA: Let these clones stop us, we must not!
[Obi Wan runs over to the door, but cannot open it]
OBI WAN: They've activated the Temple's lock-down protocol!
[he uses his lightsaber to cut the door open, then they enter the walkway outside of the Temple, as "New Objective: defeat clone gunships" appears on screen]
CLONE TROOPER: Keep the Jedi in your sights!
[Obi Wan approaches the turret, and begins firing on the ships]
YODA: Get to the beacon room, we must!
[the ships are defeated, as "Objective Achieved: use clone turret to defeat clone gunships" appears on screen, and Obi Wan enters the beacon room ... only to find himself surrouned by clone assassins]
OBI WAN: I preferred it when the clones were our allies ...
["New Objective: defeat clone assassins" appears on screen]
CLONE ASSASSIN: Let me show you how it's done!
OBI WAN: You'll have to do better than that ...
CLONE ASSASSIN: I'm going to eviscerate you!
OBI WAN: You're no better than a droid!
CLONE ASSASSIN: Enemy incoming!
OBI WAN: Your armor won't protect you.
CLONE ASSASSIN: Give it up, you're dead!
OBI WAN: Fancy moves won't save you ...
[the clones are defeated, as Obi Wan and Yoda advance through the beacon room]
OBI WAN: Wait, master ... There is something I must know.
YODA: If in to the security recordings you go, only pain will you find.
OBI WAN: I must know the truth, master.
[he activates a hologram showing Darth Sidious and Vader together]
OBI WAN: It can't be ...
DARTH SIDIOUS: [via recording] You have done well, my new apprentice. Now, Lord Vader, go and bring peace to the Empire.
[he stops the hologram]
OBI WAN: I can't watch anymore.
YODA: Destroy the Sith, we must.



Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith is the official LucasArts video game based on the movie of the same name. It centers around Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as the Clone Wars come to an end. It was released on May 5, 2005, for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

In single player mode, the player controls Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, reliving various scenes from the film through the game's missions. There are 17 levels, interlaced with over 12 minutes of footage from the movie.

The game's combat system is heavily concentrated on lightsaber combat. Each of the playable characters (with the exception of the MagnaGuard) is equipped with at least one lightsaber. There are three basic attacks: fast attacks which do the least amount of damage, strong attacks which do more damage but are slower to execute, and the slowest but strongest critical attacks. These attacks can be mixed to create combination attacks. Attacks can also be charged up for greater strength. One feature of the game is called a Saber Lock - a sequence in which the player's character clashes swords with an opponent.

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive on board the Invisible Hand, the Seperatist flagship of General Grievous, who has kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine above Coruscant. After battling droids in the main hangar bay and the elevators, the duo arrive at the general's quarters, where Palpatine is being held. However, the two are then confronted by Count Dooku and in the ensuing duel, Obi-Wan is knocked out and Anakin kills Dooku by decapitating him with his lightsaber.

The pair then escape with Palpatine but are recaptured and brought before Grievous on the ship's bridge. They escape as the ship turns upside down and fight off Grievous' bodyguards while the general escapes and Anakin manages to save everyone during a crash landing on Coruscant.

Obi-Wan journeys to Utapau in search of General Grievous and confronts him after he dispatches the Seperatist coucil to the planet of Mustafar. Obi-Wan then duels Grievous as the clones invade and battle the droids. Grievous reaches the launch platform where his ship is situated, but Obi-Wan stabs him in the chest and kills him.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Anakin discovers Mace Windu preparing to execute Palptaine, who he has discovered is in fact the Sith lord Darth Sidious, in his office. Anakin intervenes and duels Windu, both of them jumping from the office to a platform below before Windu force pushes Anakin away and leaps back inside. However, Anakin follows and finally defeats the exhausted Jedi master by stabbing him and kicking him out of the window. Palpatine then takes Anakin under his wing; Anakin becomes the Sith lord Darth Vader and is ordered by Palptaine to wipe out all of the Jedi in the Jedi Temple.

Anakin and an army of clone troopers make their way to the Temple, where after he kills librarian Jocasta Nu, Anakin attacks the Jedi and the massacre begins. Anakin finds and engages Serra Keto in battle, and ultimately prevails when she is crushed by a falling statue. He is then confronted by Keto's master, Cin Drallig whom he also duels. The two wind up outside of the temple, where Anakin impales Drallig through the chest.

Across the galaxy, the clones turn on the Jedi and murder them. Obi-Wan evades them and escapes from Utapau after being relentlessly hunted by both clones and droids alike. Anakin, still following Palpatine's orders, goes to Mustafar with the intention to wipe out the Confederacy leaders. He is greeted on the landing platform by several Neimoidian aides and strikes them down, which is witnessed by the leaders in the main control room. Anakin advances through the facility, murdering the guards sent to terminate him after the leaders realize that Palpatine has betrayed them. Anakin cuts the door down and force pushes it away; crushing Poggle the Lesser to death. He then pursues the rest of the council into the conference room, where he kills Wat Tambor as Viceroy Nute Gunray flees and locks the door behind him. Gunray's second in command, Rune Haako, begs Anakin for mercy, but is mercilessly struck down. Anakin then follows Gunray outside, as the Viceroy is attempting to escape in his gunship. Anakin attacks the ship, causing it to crash into the molten lava below, killing Gunray.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Obi-Wan and Master Yoda raid the ruins of the Jedi Temple, clearing out as many clones as they can and are shocked when they discover security recordings of Anakin becoming a Sith lord. The recording also reveal Anakin's location, so Obi-Wan heads to Mustafar to confront him.

The two former friends engage in a ferocious lightsaber duel across the Mustafar facility, which is slowly being destroyed by lava. The two end up on a platform floating down a lava river; Obi-Wan jumps off and warns Anakin not to follow. An enraged Anakin leaps over him, allowing Obi-Wan to slice his legs and arm off. Anakin slides towards the lava and catches fire; Obi-Wan leaves him for dead. Palpatine arrives and finds Anakin alive; he builds him a special suit due to his breathing having been damaged and the two oversee the construction of the Death Star.

Differences between the game and the movie
The game's plot largely mirrors the film upon which it is based. However, there are some key differences between the game and the film, and some scenes and battles from the film are extended in the game. For example, more Jedi are seen being killed during the execution of Order 66, as the player takes control of Darth Vader, exterminating the Jedi throughout the mission.

The game also differs from the film in other ways; for example, the Jedi Archives librarian, Jocasta Nu's death is seen in the game. Nu is killed when Vader orders her to provide access to the signal beacon, and she resists. She ignites her saber only to be lifted into the air by a Force Grip. Vader then ignites his lightsaber and pulls her towards it, impaling her and killing her instantly. Another significant difference between the film and the game concerns the character of Padmé Amidala. A major character in the film, she is omitted almost entirely from the game, mentioned only once. The game also excludes battles featured in the film, such as any scenes of space combat, Yoda's escape from Kashyyyk and Yoda's confrontation with Palpatine. Mace Windu's duel with Chancellor Palpatine was replaced with Mace Windu walking into the Chancellor's officer and cornering him.

The game utilized many of the cast members of the 2003 animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars. Additionally, stock footage of the actors from the films appeared in many of the game's cinematics. Alethea McGrath reprised her role as Jocasta Nu from Attack of the Clones, while Matthew Wood reprised his voice-role of General Grievous from Revenge of the Sith. James Earl Jones reprised his role as the original voice of Darth Vader for multiplayer mode.



Mission 11: The Hunt Begins

The beginning of the dark path lies ahead, as Anakin must duel against many Jedi in the opening room to Mission 11. These Jedi are merely Padawans and the like, which you can easily slice right through compared to some of those greater droids from the first mission. Use basic combos to eliminate them quickly. Use the Force Lightning attack to dig into the Jedi with the blue light sabers, and watch the cut-scene after a good while of fighting. You must now defeat the rest of the Jedi in this room and Force Jump up to the upper floor of the library. You will have to clear a few of the Jedi up here away before you can continue.

You will find a small indentation in the wall to the right of the blocked doorway that you will have to slice open with your light saber. Cut away at the power cords to disable the shield around the door frame. A Jedi will pop out to duel with you, so quickly dispose of him while a Storm Trooper tanks him as a meat shield. Afterwards, go inside and hit the control panel to disengage the library force fields. Use the Force Jump to reach the ground level, and begin beating up on the Jedi down below. Watch the cut-scene and get ready to fight many Jedi away.

Outside, fight as many Jedi as you can before using the Force on the white whirlpool to bring down the large statue in the courtyard. Watch the cut-scene and kill off the weaker Jedi before running over to the door and striking your light saber through the center. After the door crumbles, step inside and watch the cut-scene. This big brute has a dual-ended light saber that he wants to shove down your throat - permanently. Try springing into action and quickly taking him down without thinking too much, as pure brute force will win with this guy. After the fight, step inside the next room to activate the turrets and run away.

With the turrets activated, fight the second dual-ended light saber Jedi (hereby referred to as Strong Jedi) in the large room in the exact same manner that you fought the original one. After he is dead, dash into the room with the turrets and quickly touch the control panel, and hurry to backtrack out of the turret control room. Use Force Heal outside, and kill the few Jedi that wander outside of here. Collect the health power-up beyond the Storm Troopers in the back, and continue backtracking to reach more Jedi, including a Strong one. Eliminate all of them and collect the secret on the left.

Slice through the door on the upper right-hand corner and you will be on a balcony, of sorts. Slice through the turret first and position yourself where you can knock your opponents off of the cliff rather than having to fight through all of them. In the next room, you must fight a couple of Strong Jedi. Use your light saber throwing technique to get through them painlessly, and take out the turret immediately. Two more Strong Jedi come into the room from behind, so swiftly kill them and you will reach a checkpoint.

In this room, you will need to clear away the few weaker Jedi that storm up to you for the kill, and in turn run towards the gigantic cannon at the back of the room. Mount it and destroy the Jedi fighter ships that appear to the left and right sides. Do not overheat your cannon too quickly by firing too many lost shots. Watch the cut-scene and complete the mission.




19 BBY (16:5:22), Jedi Temple, Coruscant



1.67 meters

Hair color

Eye color

Rise of the Empire era

Jedi Order
* Old Guard
* Jedi High Council
Galactic Republic

Known apprentices
Olee Starstone
Jin-Lo Rayce

"The Archives. The library. The first hall—history of the Republic, chronicles of the Jedi going back over thousands of years. Their protector—Master Jocasta Nu." -- Sha Koon

Jocasta Nu was a female Human who served as the Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives at the time of the Clone Wars with a penchant for being a bit overconfident in the completeness of her Archives. Her patterned robes bore the symbols of the Ansata, representing her devotion to knowledge and learning.

During her career, Nu trained many Padawans, including the future Emperor's Hand, Jerec, Olee Starstone, whom she tutored in the years prior to the Clone Wars, and Jin-Lo Rayce, founder of the Agents of Ossus. Jocasta Nu died when the 501st ransacked the Jedi Temple.

Brought into the Jedi Order during the final decades of the Galactic Republic, it is likely she was discovered by a recruiter of the Acquisition Division to be Force-sensitive around infancy before being brought to the Coruscant Jedi Temple for training. Raised in a youngling clan, Nu passed the trials of the Jedi academy and was eventually selected by a Master for one-on-one training. Passing the Jedi Trials, Nu pursued the path of the Consular and became a researcher specializing in the field of archaeology. Attaching herself to the Exploration Corps after consulting the Council of Reassignment, Nu traveled the galaxy gathering information for the Jedi Archives. During her journeys Nu discovered the Force-sensitive Miraluka, Jerec, and delivered him to the Temple for entrance into the academy there. Eventually Nu returned to the Temple and selected Jerec as her Padawan, passing along her own desires to learn all there was to know in the galaxy, which eventually drove him to Knighthood himself. Completing the training of a Padawan, Nu was made a Jedi Master and began to preform the duties of an archivist in the Archives. Eventually, Nu was appointed Chief Librarian of the Archives and Library and made a member of the Librarian's Assembly. Part of her responsibility as Chief Librarian was oversight of the Educational Corps; she reported directly to the Reassignment Council on all matters concerning this branch of the Jedi Service Corps.

During her tenure as Chief Librarian, Nu was appointed to the Jedi High Council, serving ten years on the august body before stepping down some time prior to 49 BBY. Foregoing the traditional brown robes of the Order, Nu began wearing a tunic and dress imprinted with ancient Ansata patterns, a type of dress worn by some of the most famed Jedi historians including the ancient Master Atris. Over the years, Nu came to know most of the Jedi in the Temple, becoming especially fond of Master Dooku; she personally mourned the loss of his great idealism when he left the Order shortly following the Invasion of Naboo. Using the extensive knowledge gained in the field with the ExplorCorps, Nu continued to gather a very precise and extensive knowledge of the galaxy. Working in cooperation with the Jedi Councils, Nu was always advised of upcoming missions so that she could help prep a report for all Jedi about to depart the Temple.

Nu took on her last Padawan, Jin-Lo Rayce sometime after the Stark Hyperspace War, teaching him all of the secret passage ways in and out of the Temple. Over the course of her time as director of the Archives, her confidence in the data stored in the Stacks was whole, claiming that if something was not in the Archives, then it did not exist. This statement was belied when Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was unable to find the aquatic world Kamino in the Archives. Discovering that the files had been purged from the Archives' data banks, the integrity of the Archives came into question much to Nu's embarrassment.

Clone Wars
With the Clone Wars underway in 22 BBY, the High Council became increasingly concerned with protecting the Archives as more and more Jedi were called away from Coruscant to fight on the front lines. As reprimand for failing to follow orders during the First Battle of Felucia, the High Council assigned Padawan Ahsoka Tano to guard duty within the Archives. Meeting Tano in the Archives' Rotunda, Nu familiarized the Togruta with security protocols in the Archives and around the Holocron Vaults. Putting Tano to the test, bounty hunter Cad Bane had sent Cato Parasitti into the Temple to assist in his infiltration mission. As a Clawdite, Parasitti was able to slip pass both Tano and Nu under the guise of the recently deceased Master Ord Enisence. Suspicious of Enisence's oddly curt behavior, Nu offered the Skrilling a gentle hand, only to be struck by the bounty hunter and rendered unconscious. Stealing Nu's identity, Parasitti broke through Temple security and allowed Bane to enter the Temple without much trouble. While distracting the Jedi monitoring Temple security, Parasitti was discovered by Tano to be an impostor. After a brief scuffle, Parasitti was defeated and placed under arrest, yet Bane had already successfully completed his mission to infiltrate the Vaults and escape unnoticed. Nu recovered shortly after and returned immediately to her work.

Order 66 and Death
Nu remained at the Temple throughout the conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, one of the highest ranking Masters to remain constantly on Coruscant. At the end of the war, she was diligently at work in the Archives when Operation: Knightfall was initiated in 19 BBY. Shortly prior, she finally expressed doubt to Knight Sha Koon in the completeness of her Archives. As fighting erupted in the Temple's lower levels, Nu summoned her former Padawan, Knight Rayce to the Archives and handed him several datachips with information from the Stacks uploaded to them. Ordering him to flee, she watched as Rayce departed the Temple through the secret passageways she had detailed to him over his apprenticeship.

Remaining behind, she waited in the Archives until Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader marched through the great wooden doors flanked by several clone assassins. Vader demanded that Nu unlock the secured Temple beacon, a demand she denied by igniting her blue lightsaber. Casually, Vader lifted the esteemed Jedi with the Force and impaled her through the chest with his own saber, killing her instantly. Ironically, during her conversation with Koon earlier that day, Nu had praised Skywalker as a hero. Flinging her body carelessly amongst the Stacks, the Sith continued to ransack the Archives while Nu's loyal librarians attempted to destroy all of the knowledge stored there so that it would not fall into the hands of their mortal enemies. After the fighting died down, Nu's body was discovered by Grand Master Yoda and Master Kenobi as they made their ways through the halls of the Temple. Her body would eventually be gathered up and her name checked off against Archives records of all active Jedi. After she was confirmed dead, her body was most likely dragged out onto the steps of the public entrance of the Temple and thrown on the makeshift pyre with all of her fallen comrades.

When the Galactic Empire emerged from the ashes of the Republic, Sate Pestage compiled a statement that was to be issued to the citizens of the Empire as proof of the Jedi's crimes. In his fabricated report, Pestage stated that Jocasta Nu was executed for harboring information that threatened the Empire and its citizens.

Personality and Traits
If Jocasta Nu had allowed herself to have an attachment it would have been to her library. She had a trait for being a little overconfident about the amount of information in the Archives and often got affronted if someone suggested that the Stacks were incomplete. This trait was shown when Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi noted the supposed disappearance of the planet Kamino. To this she indignantly replied that if something didn't appear in her records it didn't exist. By the end of the Clone Wars, however, Jocasta Nu came to accept the fact that her Archives did not contain everything.

Although a little too proud of the Archives, Nu was friendly and helpful, but most people knew better than to get on the wrong side of her. She would become quite severe if she thought a student was trying to get her to do all of their research for them.

Powers and Abilities
Achieving all of the basic Force skills at the academy during her younger years, Nu had pursued the studies of the Consular, perfecting her researching skills through her studies an archaeologist of the ExplorCorps. While retired from combat missions in her later years, she still wore her lightsaber proudly as a reminder of her active years, during which she had received a thin vertical scar along her cheek. When ignited her saber would emit a shimmering blue blade, used sparingly but with skill.

Behind the scenes
The character of Jocasta Nu was created for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, where she was played by Alethea McGrath, an actress who also voiced her in the Revenge of the Sith video game, in which she is killed in a cut-scene by Darth Vader.

Jocasta Nu is voiced by Flo DiRe in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. Among Flo Di Re's other roles was the voice of the Elder in Fallout 2's opening CGI sequence.

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