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Case Study No. 0815: Staff of Berger Memorial Library

Felicity - Noel & Felicity In The Stacks.
Noel and Felic escape to the stacks during finals to get a lil' one-on-one time. Respect.
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Season 1, Episode 10 ("Finally"): Though finals and Christmas break are fast approaching, Felicity spends most of her study time in the library literally wrapped up in Noel, as well as helping Ben prepare for a poetry test. Meanwhile, Sean tries to sell fruit to students in the library.



Sean asks Ben for help lugging something into the loft. Sean explains that with finals going on, the library is open twenty-four hours a day. Sean asks Ben, "What is the one thing desperate college students need to stay alive?" Beer? Bad television shows? Candy? No-Doz? There are so many possible answers to that question. Ben looks at the boxes they just carried in, and ventures, "I'm gonna say, fruit." Sean explains that he's going to take a cooler filled with fruit into the library and sell fruit by the piece. Sean asks Ben how his studying is going; Ben says it's going "crappy," and that he's going to go find someone with whom to study. Sean tells Ben that he can't flunk out, because Sean relies on Ben's rent check. That Sean is so sensitive. Ben sarcastically thanks Sean for the additional pressure "from the fruit guy." On the way out, Ben grabs an apple, and Sean yells that Ben owes him a dollar. As Ben walks out, Sean reconsiders and mutters, "Two dollars." Heh.


A title screen appears which reads, "University of New York. Berger Memorial Library. 8:00:03 pm. 36 hours to finals." Various students study in the library. Knoll and Felicity sit at a study carrel. Felicity explains the themes of Great Expectations to Knoll, who is sniffing her. No, really. Knoll asks whether Felicity wears powder. Felicity asks whether Knoll is learning anything, and Knoll replies, "Honestly, the way you smell, I'm forgetting things that I learned in high school." Felicity realizes that maybe studying in the same cubicle isn't the best thing. Knoll asks all hornily whether Felicity has thought about their situation, and Felicity tries to deflect, but Knoll leans in and starts kissing her. He actually gets up and straddles her while kissing, knocking over Felicity's chair; other students to tell them to get a room. Felicity and Knoll are sprawled on the floor. Knoll asks whether anyone has the time, and some girl replies that it's almost nine. Felicity and Knoll get up.

Title Screen. "3rd Floor Reading Room. 10:34:38 pm. 33 hrs, 26 mins to finals." In a nice touch, the seconds on the title card keep counting up, to signify the feeling you get during finals week that time is just running out, and you will never get caught up. Felicity and Knoll sit across from each other at a table. Felicity continues to explain Great Expectations, but Knoll just stares at her with a moony look on his face. The explanation that Felicity is giving is probably relevant. She is saying that while everyone has great expectations -- crazy dreams for the future -- Dickens says that we can mature and grow out of them. Felicity notices Knoll's staring and shuts up. Knoll says, mock-serious, "We came here to study, okay, not to flirt. So cut it out." Felicity laughs and complains that she has her own work to do, and that Knoll isn't listening to her at all. Felicity asks whether Knoll remembers one thing from the book. Knoll replies, "Yeah, that, uh, sacrifice and passion, even if it's [sic] unappreciated, or taken for granted, um, in the end is meaningful and good." Felicity whispers, "Let's go up to the stacks." Knoll asks, "And make out until finals are over?" Felicity clarifies, "Just for, like, an hour." They quickly grab their books and run out.


Up in the stacks, Felicity and Knoll make out. Knoll is, like, talking while they are kissing, for some reason. Oh, he's still trying to define their relationship. Knoll notices Richard standing there staring at them. Knoll says hello. Richard says that Knoll is the RA, and that he's not supposed to be kissing a student. Knoll tries to claim that they weren't exactly kissing. Richard replies, "I'm going to report you! I'm going to report your ass!" and runs off. Knoll tosses Felicity aside and takes off after Richard.

Title Screen. "Card Catalog Junction. 11:15:06 pm. 32 hrs, 45 minutes to finals." Do college libraries still have card catalogs? Even when I was in college, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, card catalogs were being pushed aside in favor of computers. Anyway, Sean is walking around trying to shill his fresh fruit, with no luck. I still think he would have a better time of it selling candy and soda. Sean spies Elena, who says that she doesn't need any fruit. Sean asks her whether she knows what happens to a body when it's denied vitamin C. I'm assuming he doesn't mean the singer, because we've all been denied her services for about a year now, since she kind of faded into obscurity. Elena replies, "Do you know what happens to a man whose ass I kick?" Not yet, but Richard's going to find out in a few seasons. Sean points out that eating candy will give Elena a sugar crash soon. Felicity walks up and sits down, asking whether either Sean or Elena has seen Knoll. Sean shills some more, asking whether Felicity knows about the connection between vitamin C and infertility. Felicity says that she doesn't want to get pregnant; she just wants to pass her finals. Sean takes the hint and leaves.


Title Card. "Silent Reading Room. 3:17:50 am. 28 hrs. 43 mins. to finals." The music from the previous scene abruptly cuts off. Ben and Felicity study. This scene, like the previous one set in the Silent Reading Room, is subtitled, but Ben and Felicity are talking a little bit louder than Julie and Ben were, earning them dirty looks from other people in the room. Ben looks around goofily and then whispers, and it's still captioned.

Ben: The reason that I asked about you and Noel...
Felicity: Yeah?
Ben: Is that um...I saw you in the bathroom.
Felicity: [normal voice] Oh. Uh huh.
Everyone Else in the Room: Shhhh!
Some Guy: [normal voice] Come on, man. [Some students stand up and leave the room.]
Ben: Sorry. Sorry. [to Felicity] I was just...I was just, you know, wondering...
Felicity: Yeah?
Ben: I don't know. I'm just curious, I guess, of what you guys are? [off Felicity's look] I know it's none of my business.
Felicity: No, it's a...that's a good question. You saw us kissing?
Ben: Yeah, that was an accident.
Felicity: Oh.
Ben: I'm sorry.
Felicity: Um...

Cut to Knoll, pacing the library halls. The music is back, and it seems to get louder each time we return to Knoll, but maybe it just seems that way in contrast with the near total silence of the Ben/Felicity scenes. Knoll looks through a door and sees Ben and Felicity studying together. Knoll says (and it's captioned), "Arrgggh!"

Back in the reading room, Felicity tells Ben that Knoll is probably the greatest guy she knows. She lists Knoll's attributes. Ben agrees that Knoll seems cool. Felicity says that it's more than that; Knoll is her best friend.

Out in the hall, Knoll furiously runs his hands through his hair, and then checks back to see Ben and Felicity still whispering together. He furiously takes off.

In the reading room, Felicity is still telling Ben how great Knoll is (and it's still entirely subtitled.)

Felicity: And when you need help with anything, Knoll is one of the most level-headed guys I know.
Knoll: [bursting into the reading room and yelling at the top of his lungs, but it's still captioned] This is unacceptable! [Felicity and Ben look up.] You blow me off to come here with him? Do you think I'm going to let myself sit here and get jerked around like that? Well, guess what? No!
Ben: [normal voice] She is just helping me study.
Knoll: [still yelling] Well, that's funny, because she's supposed to be helping me! [Felicity puts her head in her hand in dismay.]
Ben: [now yelling too] Well, she owes me this!
Knoll: Well, she's supposed to be liking me!
Felicity: [fed up] Okay, you know what? You guys figure it out.
Knoll and Ben: Huh?
Felicity: I've been so busy helping both of you that I haven't spent any time doing any work for me, and that's just stupid.
Knoll: Where are you going?
Felicity: [gathering her things] To study. To have some personal space. Excuse me. [to the room] And I know. Shhhh! Sorry for the disruption.
[Felicity leaves and Knoll runs his hands through his hair in frustration.]
Richard: [who has been sitting there the whole time] You! [pointing at Knoll] Are definitely not fit to be an RA. [grabs coat and leaves]

Ben bursts out laughing. Knoll looks extremely frustrated and sweaty and at a loss for words, so he just walks out of the room.


Cut to Felicity making a tape for Sally, saying, "Noel is such a freak!" Felicity goes on to say that finals were starting the next day, and that she knew that she would be in hell for three days. Felicity is relieved that Elena finally taught her the studying system.

Ella Fitzgerald sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as Elena teaches the system to Felicity in the library. Felicity voice-overs that it was her first college finals experience, and she found it amazing that "in this one concentrated place for this one concentrated time, everyone -- people I knew, people I didn't know, everyone -- was working so hard." We see a long pan of the library, filled with people studying, concluding with Felicity and Elena doing the system. Some guy hangs up a sign that says, "During this time, absolute silence is required!!!" He turns and gives Felicity a pointed look.

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