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Case Study No. 0770: Steven Hoover, David Wilson, and Anne Jumonville

NSO 2010: Undead Library
Last year we had a little zombie situation at Coates Library. Now things are back to normal...or at least paranormal. NSO 2010 @ Coates Library, Trinity University. August 24-25, 2010. Unleash the knowledge.
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["Last year during NSO ... " appears on screen, then cut to two male librarians inside an office at the Coates Library, one of whom is fashioning a makeshift torch out of a swiffer mop]
STEVEN HOOVER: Yeah, well, we've got about seven hundred of 'em coming through that door any minute ...
DAVID WILSON: Students, not zombies ...
STEVEN HOOVER: Just get in here! Shut off the lights and close the door!
[" ... something happened at Coates Library" appears on screen, then cut to a zombie pressing his face up against the glass of the office]
["Or, did it?" appears on screen, then cut to a female librarian entering Dave's office]
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Hey Dave, do you have a second?
DAVID WILSON: Sure, what's up?
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Just a couple of things I was wondering about ...
DAVID WILSON: Yeah, what is it?
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Well, I was talking to Jason, and he said something about some zombies?
[cut to Anne and another male librarian looking at the construction work going on outside of the Coates Library]
JASON HARDIN: [shakes his head] "Construction," don't get me started! It's a "building project" ...
JASON HARDIN: That's the containment zone! Pinned 'em all in, right there, boom! No more zombies ...
[cut back to David's office]
DAVID WILSON: No, I don't know what that's all about. That's just, y'know, that's just Jason.
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Oh ... no zombies?
DAVID WILSON: No, we did athletes at NSO last time. Maybe that's what he's talking about.
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Well, then Amy said something about some ghosts?
DAVID WILSON: No, we don't have any of those either ... Don't, don't you have some weeding to do or something?
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Yeah, sorry ...
[she turns and leaves]
DAVID WILSON: Okay, then.
[cut to an exterior shot of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (Cambridge MA), then inside to Steven sitting in his office when his phone rings]
[he smiles]
STEVEN HOOVER: Man, we got 'em all! You saw 'em go out, you've got a zombie-free library!
[cut to David talking into his cellphone]
DAVID WILSON: No, but they're asking too many questions ...
[cut back to Steven's office]
STEVEN HOOVER: Deny everything, man ... Don't mention the zombie containment zone, you'll be fine!
[cut back to David standing in the stacks]
DAVID WILSON: But, uh ... our little visitors are back again.
[cut back to Steven's office]
STEVEN HOOVER: What, you mean the bats on the fourth floor?
[cut back to David standing in the stacks]
DAVID WILSON: No, the girls! The dead girls?
[cut back to Steven's office]
STEVEN HOOVER: What're you worried about? You've got the swiffer!
[cut back to David standing in the stacks]
DAVID WILSON: Okay sure, it's a torch, it's a spear, I know, whatever, I don't have it!
[cut back to Steven's office]
STEVEN HOOVER: Okay, well look, you're screwed ... I, I gotta go, man. Good luck with the zombies.
[he hangs up, then cut back to David standing in the stacks]
DAVID WILSON: Oh, thanks ...
[cut to Anne walking through the stacks, when she sees two little girls standing at the end of the corridor before disappearing]
DAVID WILSON: [walking up behind her] Okay, you got me.
DAVID WILSON: Uh, yeah, we had kind of a situation last year.
[they turn and see a group of zombies approaching, one of them carrying the swiffer mop]
DAVID WILSON: I guess we found the swiffer ...
ANNE JUMONVILLE: Are those annotated bibliographies?

NSO 2010
The Undead Library

Coates Library
Trinity University

Release the knowledge.


From trinity.edu:

Welcome new students! Here's a taste of what awaits you at the library during New Student Orientation (NSO).

Zombies, vampires, and other otherworldly types are taking over the library! You'll have the chance to assist in the removal of these creatures on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 24th and 25th as part of your New Student Orientation. What's in it for you, you ask? You can count on...

* Getting to know the library
* Having fun with your RM group
* Prizes for everyone
* The chance to win a $150 catered group study break

The Facts: Zombies, vampires, and other undead types are taking over the library. Not good.

The Plan: Make the library safe for humans again by working in your RM group to answer questions about different areas of the library.

Why it will work: Zombies and their friends are afraid of knowledge. Also, worksheets and new students. With all three, you can help us "release the knowledge" and reclaim the library!

And remember: The undead aren't the only challenge--you'll be competing against all the other RM groups for a grand prize.

1) Take the Online Quiz by Thursday, 8/26 @ Midnight to earn points for your RM group toward the grand prizes.

2) Come to the library during your scheduled time on Tuesday or Wednesday, August 24th or 25th, and a library staff member will get you started. You'll learn about the library while completing tasks, and earning more points for your RM group towards the grand prizes.

3) Winners will be drawn from the RM groups with the highest scores.

Although EVERYONE will get prizes, Resident Mentor groups with the most points have the chance to win the Grand Prize: A $150 catered study break for Midterms (or Finals). Your group picks where and when so you can study in style (i.e., with good food).

Being information literate is very important at Trinity, especially when it comes to zombies. After all, there's a lot of misinformation out there. Plus, zombies are not very information literate themselves. That is why they are called zombies.

In order to fend off an attack or avoid being called a zombie, you should ask yourself questions like,

* What do I really know about zombies?
* How could I find out more?
* How will I know if my information is credible?

If you do not think about these things before encountering a zombie, you will die and your brain will be eaten, possibly in reverse order. And who wants that?

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