Monday, February 4, 2013

Case Study No. 0767: "Librarian Grandmother"

librarian grandmother
Funny video of girl pretending to be an old librarian grandmother.
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From: tonoygaby
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[scene opens with a young woman wearing glasses, who is using the "pinch" effect on her webcam to make it look like she has a bulbous forehead, giant buck teeth and a humongous chin]
LIBRARIAN: Your library books are overdue! No renting out more books until ya pay your library fees ...
[she starts laughing, then re-positions her head so that her face appears quite small while her forehead is even bigger]
LIBRARIAN: Your library books are overdue! Please pay all the fees to check out more books! Thank you!
[she keeps moving her head to see the different effects it has on the webcam, then leans back so that it appears she has a shrunken head]

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