Thursday, February 7, 2013

Case Study No. 0776: Unnamed Female Librarian (Kit Kat)

Kit Kat - Library
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[scene opens in what appears to be an academic library, as the camera zooms in on a young female patron sitting at a table, where she rips open a Kit Kat wrapper and bites into it (the sounds of the wrapper ripping and the patron chewing combine to mimic the opening strains of the "Kit Kat" jingle)]
[cut to an elderly male professor sitting alone in the stacks, as he rips open his own Kit Kat and bites into it (which once again sounds like the "Kit Kat" jingle)]
[cut to another young female patron typing at a computer, as she takes a Kit Kat bar and snaps it in half while smiling]
[cut to a young male patron sitting at a desk, chewing on his Kit Kat bar]
[cut back to the professor pouring himself a cup of coffee (all of this ambient noise combining to form the "Kit Kat" jingle), then cut to a young female librarian looking over her glasses in the direction of the noise]
[cut to various shots of the patrons enjoying their Kit Kat bars while making various noises (tapping a pencil on the desk, chewing, etc.), then back to the librarian as (after looking around to make sure no one is watching) she rips open her Kit Kat wrapper and slyly bites into it]
[cut to the male patron slamming his book shut (punctuating the jingle), then a wide shot of the room as someone off camera says "Shh!", as "Break time. Anytime." appears on screen]

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