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Case Study No. 0807: Unnamed Female Librarian (Oreo)

OREO - Whisper Fight
When grown men whisper-fight about OREO cookies in a library, everyone wins.
Join the fight on Instagram... We might just re-create your photo using your favorite part of the OREO. http://o
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[scene opens in a public library, as two male patrons are sitting at a table across from one another (one of whom is holding an Oreo cookie)]
PATRON 1: [whispers] I've always preferred the cream part of an Oreo.
PATRON 2: [whispers] That's crazy, the cookie's the best part.
PATRON 1: [whispers] Cream!
PATRON 2: [whispers] Cookie!
PATRON 1: [whispers] Cream!
[he loudly slams the book in front of him shut]
PATRON 2: [whispers] Cookie!
[he gets up and flips their table over, then a female patron walks up behind him holding a chair]
PATRON 3: [whispers] Cream!
[she smashes him in the back with the chair, then cut to another male patron standing in front of a bookshelf]
PATRON 4: [whispers] Cookie!
[he pushes the shelf down (as it loudly takes down the rest of the bookshelves dominoes-style), then cut to an older male patron holding an old-style PC monitor]
PATRON 5: [whispers] Cream!
[he throws the monitor across the room, then cut to another female patron holding a reading lamp (as she ducks and the monitor goes over her head and through a stained-glass window behind her)]
PATRON 6: [whispers] Cookie!
[she throws the lamp against a nearby brick wall, then cut to two other male patrons wrestling on the floor above them]
PATRON 7: [whispers] Cream!
PATRON 8: [whispers] Cookie!
[they end up smashing through the railing and falling on a table below them]
PATRON 7: [whispers] Creeeeeeamm!
[the table smashes loudly beneath them upon impact, then cut back to the broken lamp which burts into flame and sets a nearby drape on fire (causing the fire alarm to go off)]
[cut to the nearby exit, as two firemen break down the door and begin spraying the premises with a firehose]
FIREMAN: [whispers] Fire!
[the camera zooms out to show the ensuing carnage (bookshelves on fire, patrons hitting each other with furniture, books all over the floor) ... however, everyone is still whispering either "Cookie!" or "Cream!"]
[cut to the female librarian (red hair, eyeglasses around her neck, red and yellow caridgan sweater) at the information desk, as she picks up the telephone]
LIBRARIAN: [whispers] I'm calling the cops!
[cut to a police car smashing through the brick wall, as a male police officer steps out and speaks into his megaphone ... but he also whispers]
POLICEMAN: [whispers] You guys have to stop fighting! We're the cops!
[cut to an Oreo cookie, as "Something we can all disagree on" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: [whispers] Choose your side on Instagram, at Oreo.



The Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

1st Quarter
Oreo, Whisper Fight (34 sec)

The cookiemaker tries to make some noise by making very little, with a spot premised on an all-out but whispered cream-vs.-cookies brawl in a library. The idea's better than the execution, which could have been more spectacularly produced and visually funny for the Big Game. But I can give the concept at least quiet appreciation.

Grade: C



My, my look who is back? Oreos!

The old, classic cookie comes out with its own Superbowl commercial late in the first quarter. The setting is a library - remember what those are, kids?

Basically, two guys start arguing about the what is the best part of the Oreo cookie: Is it the cookie or is it the cream?

Everyone knows the answer to that, I mean, you cannot lick the cookie, sheesh.

What starts out as a whisper disagreement turns into a huge fight, with chair tossing and lamps breaking - and that's just the first 10 seconds.

Soon after the fire trucks show up, an old fashioned riot breaks out - without any looting, of course.

While hoses are blasting at rising fires, one woman whispers that she is going to call the cops.

Cops break through the library's brick wall and pull out the megaphone.

Which means all the whispers stop, right?

Of course not.

See, the cop whispers through the megaphone. These are fun times.

In the end you have to choose sides: Are you team cookie or team cream?

Then, go check its Instagram page for validation.

I personally love the commercial, but then again, I've lived in L.A., where folks riot just because it's Wednesday.

I'm pretty sure this one will trend, as it is definitely one of the winners.

What say you, folks? Are you team cream, team cookie?



Oreo: "Whisper Fight"
The idea of an argument over which part of an Oreo is better -- the cookie or the cream -- turning into a giant brawl is funny. But what really elevates this ad is the commitment to the setting, as all the participants honor the fact that they're inside a library and should keep quiet, even while kicking each other's asses. Plus, Oreos are delicious!

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