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Case Study No. 0772: Stewart

Mabinogi G1 Quest Chapter 2-5
use the new keyword *3 Missing Warriors* to Stewart you don't have to speak to Lassar she going to tell you that to speak with Stewart in Dunbarton so you could skip her

Another you speak with Stewart you will get the Locket from him, use it on alby dungeon altar thanks for watching please rate or comment ^^
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[the player enters the Dunbarton Magic School ("A place for magic research"), and speaks with the young male librarian]
NARRATOR: He is a young man with nerdy spectacles and tangled hair. Beneath his glasses, his soft eyes are somewhat appealing, but his stained tunic and his hands which reek of herbs confirm that he is clumsy and unkempt.
STEWART: How can I help you?
[the player selects "Start a Conversation"]
STEWART: Excuse me, but have we met before?
[the player selects "Continue"]
PLAYER: Stewart is looking in my direction.
[the player selects "3 Missing Warriors"]
STEWART: The three missing Warriors? The ones who are said to have gone to Tir Na Nog?
["Received Tarlach's Locket from Stewart." appears on screen]
STEWART: I see ... There was a time when scholars debated back and forth regarding the validity of that legend. From what I remember, there were stories of Tir Na Nog circulating via word of mouth, but there weren't any written records of it. In the end, it was concluded that it was only a rumor.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: So it's just a legend.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: What do I think? I believe in the legend of three missing Warriors. Haha ... I'm no fool, though.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: I'm not sure if what I just gave you will be of any help. It's a locket. You know, an accessory that you put pictures in.
[a picture of Tarlach's Locket (which opens to reveal a photograph of a young woman and a little boy) appears on screen]
STEWART: Don't be surprised ... This is actually a memento that belonged to Tarlach, the mighty Wizard, one of the three missing Warriors.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: Yes, the picture of the boy in the locket is Tarlach. This was probably from when he was young. Judging from how old she is, the pretty girl next to him is probably his sister.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: That's not all, though. This locket ... it's a type of a Memorial Item that allows you to experience the life of the person who used to own it.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: Tarlach spent his entire life trying to rescue the goddess who holds the secrets of Tir Na Nog. His desires and memories remain in this locket.
[the player selects "Continue"]
STEWART: Try placing this on the altar inside Alby Dungeon. Beware that only a Party of three can enter the dungeon ...
[the player selects "End Conversation"]
PLAYER: Thank you, Stewart. I'll see you later!



Stewart is a Librarian and Magic Teacher in the Korean MMORPG "Mabinogi", developed by devCAT studio.

He is the magic teacher of Dunbarton, the easternmost city of the Uladh kingdom. His habits, his glasses, robes, for instance, are obviously those of a well-educated scholar.

He grew up nearby Walter's hardware shop, and began questioning fundamental principles that bind ordinary objects and events together. He may have never studied magic in a large city like Emain Macha, but his expertise in the field is beyond average mage's.

Stewart is a friend of Lassar of Tir Chonaill.

He has a part-time job at the Dunbarton Library, from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm.

Stewart's Quote
"Haha! Magic won't solve all your problems. However, it will help you to find the way to solve them."

Secret Shop
Stewart has a secret shop, which is accessed by raising the level of your intimacy with him. This is done by giving him gifts of Candlestick and Bread. His secret shop doesn't open unless he says "He doesn't really have a story" for "Personal Story", and talks about Kristell for "Nearby Rumors". You'll know you're getting there if he talks about Aeira being cute. It takes between 15 and 30 Candlesticks and/or Breads to gain access. It doesn't matter if the gifts given to Stewart are of only one type or if both are used, as long as a sufficient number are given then he will eventually give access to his secret shop.

Unlike some NPC's secret shops, in Stewart's case gaining access only adds two items to the "Spellbook" tab of his regular shop, rather than creating a new shop tab.

Stewart's Quests
* By talking to him about Skills with a lightning wand equipped, you will begin the quest to get the Thunder Spell.
* By talking to him about skills with the "Noob Elemental Master" title on, you will begin the quest to get the Fireball Spell.
* By talking to him about Skills with an Ice Wand equipped along with the "Noob Elemental Master" title, you'll start the quest to get the Ice Spear spell.

Stewart's Equipment
* Wood-rimmed Glasses
* Beginner Long Pants
* Leather Shoes (Type 1)
* Tricolor Robe

Scary Library
The Scary Library is a special version of Dunbarton's Library that appears at midnight. It's not a traditional dungeon; there is no altar needed to drop the pass onto. To enter, just go into the library between midnight and 1 AM Erinn time with the pass in your inventory.

The Scary Library Pass can be purchased from Stewart's Secret Shop (in the Spellbook section) for 4,444 gold. Stewart can be found in the Magic Classroom of Dunbarton's School.

Be aware that he only sells ten passes per in-game day.

Upon entering the Scary Library, you will receive a title, regardless whether you have defeated any of the monsters or not: "the One Who Saw the Library Ghost" (MaxMP +20, INT +10, MaxHP -20, Will -10, Luck -10)

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